Friday, March 12, 2010

Journalists' Myths in response to article by Krugman

I read the NY Times article this morning that was written by Paul Krugman and this is my reply. I am titling it Journalists' Myths because I want to state plainly what I perceive those to be and reply to them in an effort to defeat them.
Journalist Myth #1: that a man who smokes cigarettes and has for decades knows anything about health care. Well, that is a lie not a myth.
Journalist Myth # 2 : That a woman {Kathleen Sebelius] who never worked so much as an hour in health care hands-on delivery of it knows anything about health care. That is also a lie.
Journalist Myth # 3 is that insurance from any company including the government provides good health. I have Medicare early because I had massive injuries when married to my second husband who had been arrested twice before for violence against me. But because he gave intimate massages to some men in high places they didn't want to make him responsible for his crimes and his punishment consisted of going to a weekly class where he sat around a table and talked about himself. So then what to do about me? They decided I qualified for disability [and I do] because of those injuries and if they shifted that expense to the fed government Colorados' Gov Ritter and the House of Representatives man could continue their intimate massages. I wrote all of that to make this point. When I had several fractures and was taken by ambulance to the Univ of Colorado ER they xrayed me, told me of the fractures and that I needed surgery to repair them. But political intervention from high up because I am prolife, republican and opposed to sin and sodomy, prevented me from getting state mandated insurance through Univ of Colorado funded by state taxpayers. So I absolutely know for certain that health care via insurance is a government dispensed perq to some people and not to others and it has more to do with how you vote and what or who you oppose than your situation does. I found a private good Medical doctor and not a student or resident doctor as I would have had at univ of Colorado so GOD turned that in my favor because I prayed for 8 days before needed surgery.I am divorced from that evil man now and thank GOD for that, and I moved from that hell of Colorado last October. Colorado believes killing of innocents is a 'right' and has no qualm about killing Registered Nurses either if they oppose evil there.
I loggeed back in because I realized I forgot to tell you some essential info on this topic. My then-husband said in court when the injuries were discussed that he had a million dollars of liability insurance [which is supposed to cover injuries to the person he harms] and yet though there was proof ,and though people in my apartment building heard me screaming that day he injured me ,and though I had xrays and medical records, his mandatory insurance never paid me a cent and as far as I know they never paid the Medical Doctor who surgically repaired my fractures. The corrupt Colorado state allowed him to file bankruptcy to bankrupt out of a plea bargain he made to stay out of prison in exchange for paying to me a paltry sum of money. The courts knows he does not pay it and they know the state does not pay me the victim's comp mandatory fund that is funded by felons who injure people and they know his insurance did not pay me, and they know the dept of ed is withholding from my meager funds my student loans from 25 yrs ago to make sure they have impoverished me and rendered me destitute because then they think I won't have the means to protest their killing plan. But they are wrong. I eat peanut butter and saltines many meals to continue the missions work of my life. But I want you to fully understand that insurance is a scam, a legal scam but a scam nevertheless. After I was 'awarded' Medicare after a two year wait I had to wait another year before I could get effective treatment of pneumonia because I was classified as not important to the state and a political enemy of the democrats because I am prolife so four medical doctors would not write a RX for effective antibiotic to treat the pneumonia I had that dragged on for nearly a year until my entire left lung had atelectasis on xray. That is the so-called health care that I got while on Medicare, me being NOT a murderous democrat and all.
Journalist Myth 4: that socialism called health care reform is good for nation. A lie is all that is. Socialiam is bad and it has failed in every nation that tried it.
Journalist Myth 5: that health care is 'broken'. It is expensive but so are cars, and houses, and food and anything you buy in the US unless imported from China. If the US allows its citizens to get health care abroad where the US government is not inflating the bills, prices would be reasonable. It is telling that a man or woman who would spend nearly a million on an average house in NYC or LA considers spending nearly a million to be healthy, as too expensive.
Journalists' Myth # 6: that a 2000+ page redefinition of who how and where a person gets health care and what qualifies as 'health care' won't harm the nation or the people. It will. It redefines killing as a 'medical procedure' but so did Hitler's team of medical doctors who triaged to death some of the Jews considered not worthy of life. It's a lie too.
Journalists Myth # 7 that journalists paid handsomely to write op-ed pieces for expensive newspapers that provide everything [a microcosm of socialism as are most corporate jobs] knows anything at all about hardship or endurance except and unless they report from a war zone.
This is my reply to the op-ed piece by Krugman today and my intention is to defeat the Obama killing plan at every step of the way.
Gloria Poole, Missouri; time is 8:53 AM, 12-March-2010
And I am readding this post from last evening that I wrote to keep it on top also:
I read an article this afternoon about the push-pull propaganda that Congress will overturn the will of the people and force every grown adult over age 18 to buy mandatory insurance to enrich insurance companies.And when you crunch the numbers of their 'estimated' cost of $950 BILLION to enroll an additional 30 MILLION into some government mandatory plan, you get the cost to taxpayers for each newly "insured" person [not necessarily a citizen of this country either] of $ 31666666.66. Do you think that will be a HUGE pot of gold for insurance companies or what?
The people in Congress especially that heathen Pelosi and that more heathen President should be tarred and feathered and sent into exile!
Gloria Poole, Missouri. Time is 5:25 PM, 11-march 2010
PS I trust you know that is a figure of speech, and I don't suggest you do that literally, but figuratively, vote them out of office by a landslide.
I logged back in again at 10:00 am because I forgot this : since I have moved to Missouri, my cell phone has been illegally wiretapped, my payment to my telephone company was redirected to Louisiana instead of Missouri, and though it cleared the bank 15 days early and I have proof of that from bank the stamp on bank as to who deposited the money was stamped over twice to make it difficult to read who actually deposited the payment i sent into their bank in Louisiana, and the January payment supposedly to the US Dept of Education for student loan was stolen, since I received no notice from it being applied to my student loan for that month but it was deducted from money; and before I moved to Colorado for the months of Dec 2007 until Jan 2009 someone stole my US mail in order to steal state benefits intended for me. The stolen payments amounted to more than 9,000 and the Housing authority of Denver was the agency that informed me of that. I tell you I am impoverished because of mandatory taxes paid into a system for 25 years to pay for social security and then was told social security disability automatically reduces the payments to injured person by $400 then they withheld Medicare premium to pay for that insurance I paid for for 25 yrs with taxes and that premium is $96 every month on top of the tens of thousands I already paid for it, and then they withhold student loan money, so in all the federal governement takes back from me $400 every month + $150 for student loan every month, + $98 every month for Medicare premium for insurance that could not find a medical doctor that cared enough whether me a woman who was in her fifties when those injuries happened to me, lived or died. But GOD found me a good doctor because I prayed without ceasing for eight days before I could have the necessary surgery. But if I had been a murderous democrat I would have had surgery same day at taxpayer expense at the Univ of Colorado . With nurses around the clock to help me. Instead I had it at ambulatory surgery with surgeon who knew he was not going to get paid, and went home to empty aprt with not food or help, or telephone, and then-husband filled my pain prescription for himself but when I gave it back to my doctor because harmful to me, and I did not want it there since then husband is a drug addict, he filled it a second time and left with it. And I suffered so much I nearly went out of my mind. So the federal government because I need the "benefits' I paid mandatory taxes into an 'insurance' to get for 25 + years as a Registered Nurse, immediately reduced my payments by $650 every month. That is the plan you journalists are wanting. I want to make sure you understand how it works.
Updated this Sunday morning 14th-March to add this info about a news article today:
in an article in the Yahoo news online from the Associated Press is an article that the US government owes the Social Security fund 2.5 TRILLION dollars because they raided the money citizens paid into Soc Security for years, to pay for giveaway programs, and Obama's trips to other countries and vacations, and 'delorean' health care plans for Congress etc. I put delorean because that is the most expensive car i could think of, but Congress puts 'cadillac' in their expensive description. A cadillac health plan is what school teachers get not what the public gets. The general public gets more like Ford truck health care and the disabled get more like a yugo health care plan. Read the article because it also says the US congress and spend-crazy democrats have caused debts for government programs equal to $42000 for every man, woman and child in America. The US is 12.5 TRILLION dollars in debt to countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and that is precisely why the President of the US has to go calling on them because they are the powers of the world. The US President and his so-called secretary of state are like used car saleman and sales-woman, peddling America's debts to foreign countries. It is shameful and it is unconstitutional to beggar the US as a nation. The new but old plan of the devil to destroy the world is the root cause of these problems. Obama and his ilk are trying to lay a plan to depopulate the world, and because of that it is my sincerest prayer that GOD HIMSELF defeats them totally, absolutely, every time.
Gloria Poole, Reg Nurse still, yes officially still; Missouri; time is 10:21 AM 14-March-2010 for this addendum.
Update at 8:41 PM after reading CNN news. According to CNN 's political Editor Robert Preston, is behind the push toward socialized medicine that is being packaged as 'health care reform' that also includes killing by medical doctors. Well, if you know anything at all about you know it is a very left organization backed by George Soros to accomplish his agenda for America. Well why does he or his communist organization get to lobby at the US Capitol?


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