Thursday, March 11, 2010

31666666.66 USD per person insured, Congress plans

I read an article this afternoon about the push-pull propaganda that Congress will overturn the will of the people and force every grown adult over age 18 to buy mandatory insurance to enrich insurance companies.And when you crunch the numbers of their 'estimated' cost of $950 BILLION to enroll an additional 30 MILLION into some government mandatory plan, you get the cost to taxpayers for each newly "insured" person [not necessarily a citizen of this country either] of $ 31666666.66. Do you think that will be a HUGE pot of gold for insurance companies or what?
The people in Congress especially that heathen Pelosi and that more heathen President should be tarred and feathered and sent into exile!
Gloria Poole, Missouri. Time is 5:25 PM, 11-march 2010
PS I trust you know that is a figure of speech, and I don't suggest you do that literally, but figuratively, vote them out of office by a landslide.


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