Sunday, February 28, 2010

My comments in reply to N Kristof in NY Times' today

I take exception with N Kristof on several issues including health care. This topic of how Christianity impacts the world is very relevant. It is Christians who helped save some of he Jews from annihilation during Nazi Germany's annihilation efforts. It is Christians who
care enough and who believe that there is a hell,
and don't want anyone to go there. Christians don't want total strangers to go to hell and suffer
torment for eternity. Secular atheists on the other hand try to cause as many as possible to be dispatched into eternity without GOD. And Christians are motivated by the Word of GOD that
there is a heaven and there is a hell, heaven for believers and hell for those who reject GOD.
As for the use of Kristof's column to promote homosexuality, I am opposed to the legaliization
of homosexuality for these reasons: 1) GOD said it is abomination in Leviticus 18:22 and in
Romans chapter one [I read the King James Holy Bible], 2) it is medically devastating causing
AIDS and rectal tears and incompetent sphincters and a sequaelae of medical events for years,
3) it is perverse, unnatural, ungodly. It involves men putting their male member into the
backsides of other men and that spot on them has a different natural function not designed
to receive that; and by doing that they acquire fecal matter and bacteria that swims upstream
into blood supply. 4) If the nation legalized it and as so-called legal it became more
acceptable the nation would cease to exist because it would depopulate, and because GOD would
destroy it.
Christians and I speak for myself, as Christian since age of seven, feel a duty to 'evangelize'
to tell others what GOD has told us either through the Bible or directly via prayer.
We believe that JESUS is the way, the truth and the life and that no one gets to heaven
except by accepting JESUS as the promised Messiah, Redeemer. Because JESUS Himself said to go
and teach all nations what I have commanded you [paraphrase of Matthew 28 :18-20] we consider
it a direct commandmet from GOD to teach the Scriptures. Therefore no matter how long the NY
Times or any other government controlled entity tries to prevent us, we true believers will not
forsake the teaching of the Bible, nor the obedience to the Words/ Commandments of GOD.
Persecution and harassment is as old as time itself, and even JESUS HIMSELF was crucified
for challenging the Roman empire that was smashing in the heads of infants to save Caesar's
place in history [they thought]. Persecution does not stop Christians. It empowers them
because then they have to seek GOD's help and GOD's plan to go forward and when they do that,
and when they are obedient to the words of GOD, the world is turned upside down.
With only 12 disciples JESUS changed history. He even changed the recording of time to BC
and AD. He changed the eternal perspective by saying it is what is in one's heart that determines
if that one goes to heaven or to hell. He changed the expectations to love your enemy, care
whether or not your enemy goes to heaven or to hell, and to 'feed my sheep', and to 'raise
the dead'.
In the US particularly, the present health care debate is not about raising the dead at all
but dispatching them to hell early on in their disease. It is about deliberately murdering
innocent humans in the womb [abortion]. It is about giving massive doses of legally recognized

by US FDA and NIH, and Medicare/caid agencies drugs, to cause one to cease breathing and have
what is then labeled spontanous cardiac arrest, but of course was drug-induced death. The
so-called Obama plan of death delivery must be defeated, and that is one of my goals as a
Christian. This nation must NEVER legalize abortion in any way, with any sleight of hand tricks,
or with any trick wording. Obams'a fake reform is trying to redefine medical killing as the
duty of the nation and as such, it is totally unacceptable to any true Christian.
This discussion is about Christians, what they believe and why they believe it and I write for
myself. I am Christian and I will never apologize for the words of JESUS or of GOD the FATHER
as spoken in the Old Testament, and I will NEVER apologize for doing what GOD commanded of
teaching the scriptures and commandments or of adhering to the Commandments or of publishing
the WORD of GOD [Bible.]
When the NY Times and other liberal rags start apologizing to the Christians for illegal
censorship, trying to discredit them publicly, making fun of their beliefs, labeling them as
nuts or their many efforts to stifle, prevent, hinder Christians from communicating with the
readers of NY and elsewhere, then this nation might have a future.
Christianity will not go away. The Christians who truly believe will go to heaven and those
who mock and defy GOD will go to hell. That it is the Bible. And homosexuals will also go to
hell because they mock and defy GOD's words in Genesis 1:26-28. They are wrong. Gloria Poole, R.N.
11:18 AM 2/28/2010
These are my comments that I added to the so-called public forum on the NY Times that was censored by the NY Times for not being 'politically correct" [in their opinion]. But I am more concerned with pleasing GOD than pleasing them, so I am posting these comments of mine in several places to make sure the world knows I oppose sodomy and I especially oppose thinly disguised attempts by paid staffers to write op-ed pieces promoting sin. I wrote these comments and I added them in several places including


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