Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Liars, Thieves, & Reprobates in Congress;elsewhere

Update Thursday :
This quote is from the online Wall Street Journal today:
"President Obama has a habit of making false statements"..
and this one, "By respectfully refuting the president, Republicans
can help establish themselves as reasonable advocates of common-sense
politics and even restore a healthier give-and-take between
the executive and legislative branches."
10:26 AM 2/25/2010
Read entire article at:
Update again at 11:11 AM 25th:
I forgot to mention this but do NOT view ABC news videos IF you are prolife and or opposed to sodomy or homosexuality. That TV station will try to fry your ocmputer if you click on a video from them. They are the perverts' political action committee. Just avoid their programming--it is not worth it because they don't have anything to tell you that other stations don't and the other stations or news sources don't try to scramble your harddrive with Pentagon radaremissions 'courtesy of" Obama,H Clinton,John Kerry and Barney [sodomite[Frank.

Yesterday morning I began my morning by reading the online news and I read this article:

Government spying in the US is pervasive. I know that personally since
they have hacked into my computer often and at times tried to fry it
for my opposition to the killing of innocent baby humans. And Newsweek
knows it too in this article:
@ 7:04 AM 2/23/2010
And I tried again to get control of the domain that ALWAYS belonged to me was begun by me in about 2003 and added too for years that opposed those evils in Congress of John Kerry, H Clinton, and Obama for their lack of soul or conscience and for their deeds of voting against human life over and over again. And that domain is http://lifemedia-publishing.com. It is rightfully mine but I am beginning to think I will have to file a $10 million dollar lawsuit against 1and1.com and their evil accomplices in Denver who tried to steal it, to get it back again.

And then I tried again to get control of my website/domain of words-that-work.info that criminals tried to steal for three consecutive years. In the process of that, I created a page on several different locations to make sure it appears somewhere because I am NOT giving words that WORK LLP to criminals. Not now not ever.
You may see my pages for this domain at:

The reason I titled this Liars thieves and reprobates is obvious to me. Liars and thieves are in the same category of wanting something,coveting something that does not belong to them and they lie, cheat,steal, swindle to get it. Sort of like that political victory Obama covets so much of overthrowing the US Constitution to define killing of innocents as a 'right' . And reprobates? They are those perverted individuals who sodomize and call it s-e-x and who do abominable disgusting things with members of their same sex. That Romans chapter one warns so vehemently against and that the last verse in that chapter aays those who do those things are 'worthy of death." It also says they have reprobate minds. Sodomites, lesbians,perverts, abominations are the root cause of all the problems in this nation according to Romans chapter one King James Holy Bible.
Gloria Poole, Missouri; 23-Feb-2010 @ 2:13PM


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