Saturday, February 13, 2010

Harvard Trained killer, kills 3 Professors at U of Ala

The news this morning is that a Harvard trained killer, killed 3 Professors and wounded 3 more at the University of Alabama faculty meeting, and apparently for the reason that they did not want her sort of 'research' there that consisted of killing embryoes for false research. Does this surprise you? It does not surprise me. Once upon a time, Harvard was a CHRISTIAN University and then it went secular, and started persecuting Christians to get more money from atheists, and worldly governments. Then they began the radical ungodly false doctrine of 'choice' to kill the unwanted. Well, their trained killer killed those she did not want.
Does it really surprise you that someone entrenched in the killing of innocents philosophy for how many years [I'd guess 16 in 'higher education' to become socialist recognized 'scientist' ] killed those who did not want her killing methods in the University?
It is the same underlying cause as the Columbine, and Virginia Tech shootings. Those places that teach killing as a 'right' reap the 'fruit' of that and in this case, 3 Professors are dead because of bad teaching at Harvard University. The University of Alabama went astray when they allowed that woman from Harvard Killing Philosophy on their faculty in the first place. WHY would they accept for a teaching position someone whose field was killing?
How long does it take a nation to connect the dots and see the bigger picture that is dotted like a landscape scene across nation, of shootings in several states now, that the U S Dept of Education is not teaching the truth of GOD and is in fact, teaching alienation from GOD as the correct [in their secular minds] but false doctrine of hate GOD and disobey GOD's commandments?
Alabama prosecute that killer to the nth degree! For the sake of the nation and for the sake of Alabama and for the justice for those killed and wounded.
(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri. Time is 9:12 AM, 13-Feb-2010.
Update at 9:24 because I meant to add this in :
Consider this a public notice to not sign up for an account with Topix. It will steal your information and give it to criminals. I signed up for an account with them to post the prolife messages on it. And they promptly allowed criminals to steal my login credentials, my password and my files on it, and they also 'facilitated' the theft of an internet hosting acct of mine since I had signed up with the email that belongs rightfully to me [gloria at] that the criminals stole and then used to steal my internet hosting account that had that email as the 'contact' email for many of my domains. The site that was hijacked by topix is at:
If you read it, and see my photo on it, you will recognize my words and photo of me. What is wrong on it, is that I moved from Denver Colorado 80203 to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009, and I am correcting all websites to reflect that. I have notified Topix TWICE that the password and the email that I signed up with that acct, were stolen by someone using the Topic site I created to do that. Topix did nothing to restore my site to me or to stop the criminals from using my name, my photo and my words of that site, or from stealing my email addess of gloria at . My exhusband is not a Poole family member and probably also not a Pappas family member either but probably stole the Pappas name as he tried to steal the Poole name. Evil lurks everywhere in Colorado. If you do any sort of business in Colorado, you are getting scammed. Retail kiosks for cell phones sell your confidential info to criminals for $20 slipped over counter to them. "Persons of trust' steal your postal mail, and your sources of income. The US Postal service steals mail and the Denver Post wrote about that but it did not stop them because their postal inspector is part of the racket. And Topix based in Boulder Colorado is a scam to steal your info for their purposes. Just avoid those scams. Oh yea, I also notified the FBI and the criminal division of the U S Dept of Justice about Topix stealing my name, my photo and my words and probably some of my original photos I uploaded to begin with.
Update again;
Also don't sign up for free storage as they allow theft of whatever you stored in their 'free' storage.
And what do you think about the news this morning that THREE apparently armed security guards stood and watched as a 15 yr was beaten in the 'tunnel' for public transportation? I think it makes the city of Seattle liable. And I think the reported response that the officers had to what sounds obvious in the news, to tell the 15 yr girl of some minority* to flee the area into the night of a more risky situation for her instead of actually stopping the attack on her, shows the absolute incompetence of those security guards. What are they 'guarding' ? Their paychecks? Because it seems obvious that they were not making the area safe if in their presence a 15 yr girl was beaten by 3 other teenagers! Don't you think it is time for all governments to put the protection of the innocents ahead of the protection of the lawmakers?
* Footnote: she is not blond and blue eyes as article said which always means a minority of some sort when spoken/written by journalists.]


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