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Nat Tea Party 1st Convention; MDs & Pres who kill

The cuppa tea photo is to show my support for the National
Tea Party convening in Tennessee this evening. Now to the serious subject:
I read in the NY Times today two articles that present news that does not often make the NY Times' front page: 1) article opposing the imperial Presidency of Obama, and 2) article about the billboards in Atlanta declaring humans as "endangered species" because of abortionists targeting human race. Here are my comments on those articles, and I am reposting the previous entry also to keep it current.
The article by Tobin Harshaw entitled "Assassinating Americans; Killing the Constitution" references news in the Daily Times of Washington DC that Obama has the unrestrained [but it is unauthorized power] to order the assassination of U S citizens he considers a 'threat ' to America [or to himself?} and the article begins by quoting Matthew Yglesias who summed up, said that did not surprise him at all. It does not surprise me at all either and I do not think for a nano-second that Obama would hesitate to use that abuse of power. But here's the thing: there is a mechanism in the U S Constitution to deal with situations in which American citizens deliberately and intentionally aid and abet the enemies of the United States including those political so-called leaders who do that, and the mechanism is arresting them and charging them with treason and trying them in a Court of Law. The punishment of treason is death according to the U S Constitution. To completely ignore the due process of that and allow Obama to be prosecutor, Judge and jury totally defeats the protections of the US Constitution to not punish the innocent and to make sure that there is enough evidence before a person is killed for his crimes. If Obama is ordering the assassination of US citizens abroad he is violating the U S Constitution since the US President is NOT a King with unlimited powers. A President that knowingly, willingly ignores the US Constitution should be impeached.
And the second article about humans being declared 'endangered species ' by a series of billboards in Atlanta does not go far enough. ALL HUMANS are endangered as a race by the war on the unborn/preborn and not only black babies. The billboards should also include the white babies, and the Asian babies and the Muslim babies and the Tibetan, and the Arabic and the Jewish babies and all other 'races' of humans being targeted if they don't want to be racist, claiming concern only for the black babies aborted and not the other babies aborted. Yes, as a prolifer it is clear to me for 2 decades now that the war on the unborn has to be stopped by the righteous, prolifers and that because abortion is as entrenched as a [false] right as was slavery, it is probably going to take another war to end it.
And about the articles about the 'doctor' of Michael Jackson's whose prescriptions killed him, why are they giving him time to flee the country? Why are they hesitating to charge him with crimes? Is it because of that Obama interference into the Massachusetts case in which a black professor was arrested for obstruction of law enforcement infuriating the black President who apparently thinks black people should not be charged with crimes? For what reason are the Police hesitating to arrest the man who killed Michael Jackson?

Today's date is 6_Feb-2010 and time is 7:06 AM, central time. Written by Gloria Poole.
Update at 8:23 PM after watching the very excellent youtube video by Al-Jazeera news agency,reporting from Tennessee, reporting on the first national Tea Party Convention. I stood up for Al-Jazeera news when I lived in Denver and they were trying to cover the democratic convention [though I am republican and did not go to the demoncrat convention it was in the news] and the mainstream media was trying to shut out the journalists from Al-Jazeera and there was a public response to that, and I commented to please allow journalists from all agencies [and not just those in the pocket of the democrats]. I wanted to read/see/hear what Al-Jazeera thought of those shenanigans of Colorado using millions of taxpayer money that was allocated for the poor to 'honor' the rich Kennedys, and Clintons,etc,etc,etc-a million dollar party at the expense of the poorest in Colorado. I think that was the beginning of the Tea Party for me! Now I am glad to see /hear the very good reporting of Al_Jazeera on the Tea Party Convention where Sarah Palin is speaking this evening. Watch that youtube video--it interviews and includes clips of the actual speech by Tom Tancredo, and highlights some points of the agenda.

+Reposting this to keep it current:I read in the news that a so-called high officer [Adm Mike Mullen] in some branch of service thinks sodomites and lesbians should be allowed to serve in uniform while flagrantly flaunting the laws of GOD. The US Military is already the honey pot for the killing establishment of Planned (un)Parenthood and its Rico violating ngo's that have an agenda of depopulating the world. And it is already the equivalent of the Guards that guard Buckingham Palace though without those wonderful red and black uniforms and bear skin hats. Except the US Military guards the Palaces of Arab Kings and Sheiks. And it is already paid with play money i.e. credit cards with no limit on the U S military budget /Dept of 'Defense" though they have never yet defended the US soil.
Now another BAD Obama idea to put perverts in the military. And yes, I put that word on purpose. GOD calls them abomination and so do I. GOD spoke the words to Moses to speak to the men, and some of those instructions were, "thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind; it is abomination." [Leviticus 18:22].
A better idea would be to fire the closet sodomite who thinks it is time to put abominations into the U S Military.
What's wrong with America?
In the US Congress and the White House are people who do not acknowledge The Word of GOD in the Holy Bible and who do not honor GOD and who do not fear GOD. But I am sure that there will come a time when they fear GOD very much! When GOD punishes the wicked in Washington DC in HIS methods and ways, and timing, there probably won't be 10 men in that city who GOD would spare [read the Biblical record of Abraham pleading for GOD to spare the righteous and GOD saying that IF HE could find 10 righteous men in Sodom and Gomorrha, HE would spare the city. GOD couldn't find 10 righteous men in that wicked sodomite cities and HE destroyed them both completely--with fire from heaven the Bible says.
GOD is not mocked. It is written' be not deceived. GOD is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap. " Galatians 6:7. The man Mike Mullen who is championing sodomy and abomination should be fired from the US Military.
The US does not need an army made up of sodomites trying to get federal benefits for their boy-friends and patting other men's behinds,and making straight men have to always be on the lookout for pervert attack instead of doing their assigned roles, etc. Do I have to draw you a picture of why that idea of perverts in military is such a bad idea?
Gloria Poole, Missouri; The time is 12:33 PM, 2-Feb-2010.
Updated today to keep the above in the post:
And in BBC news today the doctor who gave Micheal Jackson a drug that should have been administered in an operating room only with constant monitoring and the ability to resusitate him were available, is to be charged with 'involuntary
manslaughter." Was it 'involuntary' what he did? Did he actively seek out a drug with warnings on it, that is normally used only by anesthesiologists in a hospital setting and administer it to a man in his home, with no cardiac or respiratory monitoring of his vital signs? I would say it was premeditated not involuntary. If as a
medical doctor he did not know the risks of administering general anesthesia without the monitoring of vital signs and the administration of oxygen, and the stand-by staff to resusitate in case something went wrong, then I would
question his medical training AND I would say he is not fit to have a medical license anywhere. If he is not charged with crimes, it sends the message to the public that absolute malpractice that kills patients is acceptable to the medical licensing boards, and that message will result in people abandoning trained doctors in search of people who would help them live not kill them.
7:52 AM 2/3/2010
Update Monday 8-Feb-2010 @11:29 to make these points:
1) did the 'MD' Murray who killed Micheal Jackson flee the country or what? LA Times's article today said he had his passport when prosecutors saw him last. But of course, wasn't that the trick of waiting 3 days to charge him?
2) Does the NY Times think that China has taken over the country or what? Their article today asking if we [as a nation] will learn Chinese, makes me think they do think China has gotten control of America.
3) Public Notice to criminals in Colorado who are trying to steal/slam/spoof my cell phones: I have notified T-Mobile; and if and when you try to steal/slam/spoof my phones [2 cell phones] your info is going to be sent to the FBI for them to prosecute you for identity theft and theft. And if T-Mobile does not do that then I will. And T-Mobile will lose their paying customer [me] for allowing theft of my minutes and account via their fraudulent retail centers in Colorado. But I am keeping my numbers and IF T-Mobile thinks criminals will pay them for the services they have been stealing for years, they are fooling themselves. Criminals steal --they don't pay for services. A company that does wrong by its paying customers doesn't have paying customers for very long because word of mouth gets around. And yes, I do have landline phone in Missouri and I do have google permanent numbers in Missouri but I also have my same cell phones I have had since 2007 when single again. Consider this the last warning you are getting about MY cell phones, because I am tired of your theft and scam. I have the phones in Missouri where I LIVE; and I pay for them every month and you are NOT stealing them ! (s) Gloria Poole of Missouri.
Gloria Poole, Missouri;


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