Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cybercriminal Terrorist Pro-deathers at it again.

The prodeathers in the US Congress have tried all day long to hack into /break into my computer. They should all be in prison,and GOD willing they will be. Eventually the good people of the US will win and the bad people will be hung for crimes of treason against the nation and their plan to depopulate the nation to reduce it to a third world nation behind the Arabic nations and the Latino nations in population and power.
They have stolen passwords,hacked into /broke into my computer by stealing passwords and using stolen identifying info about me by abusing their powers of Congress to break into steal my medical records. Remember this when you are tempted to think that the evil Obamites and his band of socialists are doing anything good. They are not. They have used every trick in the book including secretive spying, stealing info, and remember this too; your same SSN that is ON your medical records is on your bank accounts. The feds have every detail of your life if born in the US and or in or attended U S public schools. Those schemes of the wicked to steal, plunder, loot for the purpose of 'legalizing' what GOD has named as sin and abomintion is going to send all the wicked to hell, and or prison.
So don't be deceived by the wicked schemers in Congress. Those sodomites and baby-killers there are going to be judged by GOD and weighed in GOD's scales and found lacking. They have enough time to repent. The Bible says in Revelation that women that teach killing to get what they want, go to hell, and are destroyed on this earth, [it actually says the dogs will lick their blood off the streets.]
It is 6:39 PM 27-Feb-2010 and since this am I had to call my isp because acct hacked into AGAIN, and reset some of my safety measures and run the anti-virus scanner and put up with much aggravation from criminals from the Denver Police hacking into my acct to try to force me to take down my criticism of them on my blog at:
But they didn't win yet! Denver Colorado is the most corrupt place on earth,I think.
The Governor is corrupt, the Police dept is corrupt, the US PS is corrupt, the catholic church is corrupt and most of the citizens there are prodeathers. Think how many people in the news have died there. I was almost one of them since they unleash the devil they keep on a leash there on prolifers. BUT for GOD, I'd be dead, but
GOD saved me!
Gloria Poole, Missouri


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