Friday, January 29, 2010

Scott Roeder: HERO of the unborn/preborn

From this article in the BBC news for the Americas today, is this quote:
""I did what I thought was needed to be done to protect the children," Scott Roeder told the court in Wichita, Kansas. "I shot him."
Now here's the thing. Years ago when my oldest daughter was tiny and my youngest daughter was not born yet, I worked as a Peer Review Nurse for a Medical Peer Review Foundation, and that involved traveling across one of the 50 states to review nursing homes of both the skilled and intermediate care varieties and the delivery of health care practices to see if they were compliant with the then-existing "rules and regs' of Medicare and or Medicaid. During that time, on one of the visits away from my hometown about 4-5 hours from my home, I was at a working lunch with other Peer Reviewers, and I expressed my anxiety about my daughter Jennifer who was not yet four at home with her daddy at night but at a in-home day-care during his work day. I was having that terrible anxiety mothers get when they leave their children for any length of time. On that particular job-related trip I had left home on a Monday am, traveled across the state, and was still there on the job 4 days later because of the size of the facility to be reviewed. Ok, I wrote that background so you'd know the scenario. In the course of the conversation, I said something like I really worried because who would protect my daughter from harm? If in the unlikely event someone broke into our surburban home and tried to harm her. The social worker who was male said to me, "so what if you were there, what could you do if that happened?" I said, 'I'd shoot the intruder on the spot." He said "you would not. It's not in you." I said 'believe me, I would. I would not think twice about it. If someone broke into my home and it was obvious he intended to harm my daughter, I'd shoot him dead." Everyone at the table paused. They said, 'none of us believe you could or would do that." I said, 'you're wrong. I would. I would not let anyone harm my daughter, I'd shoot to kill, if I even thought that he intended harm to my daughter."
Now Scott Roeder has done that. He shot a mass murderer of innocents and he admitted it. He said he did it to save the lives of the innocent. I see no difference in what he did and what the Columbine Colorado Police Officers did at Columbine that day when they shot those boys who shot other students to death. Because one shooter of a mass murderer was wearing a police uniform and a badge, and one was not, and one was trained by the city and one was self-trained, the motives were exactly the same--to save the lives of others who were truly innocent. It is public record that what Scott Roeder did, shut down that horrible abortion killing center. It is public record that he said he did it to save the lives of innocent human babies. I think the man's a hero. And I suspect if this were a TV drama instead of real life situation, and the man who did the shooting shot and killed someone breaking into a big NY bank for instance, the viewing audience would think the shooter was a hero. I think Scott Roeder is a hero for the unborn/preborn humans.
(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri; Friday, January 29, 2010 @07:47:39 AM
PS: Also please see the medical photos of the unborn children as they look in the amniotic sac at
and also please see for the Bible scriptures about human life; and please see for reasons why abortion is destroying the nation and how it violates the Amendments of the U S Constitution which is the true law of the land.


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