Thursday, January 07, 2010

Praise GOD for Rep Stupak, PROLIFER! & protest killing

I read an article in the NY Times today that was also in the Google news last evening and it gives me hope! Rep Stupak, prolifer, is prepared to stop the train barralling down the rails in Congress because of the words in it that include abortion as 'health care'. I say thank GOD for Rep Stupak and may the Hand of GOD hold him up, embolden him, give him courage and strength to withstand the evil onslaught from the baby-killing industry, for the sake of millions of unborn/preborn humans; and may GOD use him in a mighty way! That is my prayer for him, that he stops the bad bill steamrolling over the Constitution, and over the unborn, and over the elderly, and over the handicapped, by stopping that bill being discussed as health care when it is everything but health care! It does violate the constitution in many ways. It does create new unfunded mandates on the citizens. It does provide for killing off the population. It does protect BIG INSURANCE scams, and it does implement socialism but it does NOT deliver health care to anyone.

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(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri;
Update at 10:41 am after reading another article in the NY Times today that was touting as a role model that ungodly plan of Massachusetts. I tell you I was in the Massachusetts so-called health care system for a few hours [ER] and it is awful! It is the worst system I ever endured. They are careless, indifferent, unconcerned about patients. They treated me as if were garbage to be gotten rid of quickly. They cared nothing whatsoever about me as a patient.I would not take my dog there. And apparently there are others who felt the same since the now dead Ted Kennedy who ought to know since he had much input into the development of that awful system, did NOT go to it for his surgery or his treatment. Oh no--he wanted a hospital in the South that was more likely to dispense LIFE-giving approach when he needed health care. I think that says it all. Kennedy totally rejected Massachusetts ' health care system. Enough said. I hated Kennedy because he helped annihilate millions of innocents in the womb and he deserved the death GOD sent his way, but the fact that he knew the ropes of Massachusetts socialized medicine and opted out of it, says a whole lot politically. It is not an improvement on health care and the Massachusetts' system is awful.
Update at 8:52 PM after reading article in CNN about the human organ trafficking of the Dept of Health and Human Svcs of the U S.
"- the private, nonprofit organization that contracts with the Department of Health and Human Services to allocate donated organs -- "
This quote is from an article about human organ transplants. Well, I did not know how closely connected the many deaths in many places is to the Dept of Health and Human Services, until I read an article in CNN.
In the article you'll notice that it mentions nations that traffic in human organs while at the same time pretending that DHHS doesn't do that. It's the same grim evil whether it is in the U S it happens or abroad. Using human body parts to negotiate anything is macabre and disgusting and it is a violation of GOD's prohibition against touching a dead body.
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