Tuesday, January 05, 2010

No Secretive Gov't in US; NO KGB. Open GOVT

"C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb wrote to leaders in the House and Senate Dec. 30 urging them to open "all important negotiations, including any conference committee meetings," to televised coverage on his network.
"The C-SPAN networks will commit the necessary resources to covering all of the sessions LIVE and in their entirety," he wrote. " This quote is from an article in the Fox News today about C-SPAN the TV network that covers the activities of Congress.
Also that article makes the point that Obama said one thing in his campaign but does another behaving exactly as all Presidents for the past 40 yrs have done and that is secretive, sneaky negotiations away from the Press and the public eye.
Tuesday, January 05, 2010 @9:55:03 AM
And the NY Times has published the same plea from Brian Lamb to allow the people of the US to see and hear the discussions on 'health care' that are efforts to radically rewrite the US Constitution including the right to life. This quote from the NY Times today:"In a letter to House and Senate leaders Tuesday, C-SPAN chief executive Brian Lamb asked for negotiations on a compromise bill to be opened up for public viewing." and this quote:
"Instead the most critical negotiations on Obama's health plan have taken place behind closed doors, as Republicans repeatedly point out."

Those secretive deals have turned out bad every time. The amendment to legalize taxes on income was blank as history recorded and the Congress was bamboozled with tricks, pressure, subterfuge, fake promises to 'just trust me' used-car-salesman-approach. The U S cannot afford such government and neither could any nation. The decisions that won't bear up under repeated and full debate are not good decisions, and that is why they fail. Some resolutions
--> bills are so bad they shuuld be defeated absolutely, and the health care refinancing scheme is one of those. It does not affect health care delivery in a positive way but instead shifts money from the sick to the well, and from those in the waning years of life to those in the young, able-bodied able to work set of people, and it also is attempting to provide, even though against all citizens' protests, the money from the federal treasury to pay for abortions in an effort to codify into public law what is not law now, and that is the so-called but false right to abortion. There is NO right to abortion. A new right has to be called a constitutional amendment and the discussions are along those lines AND the Congress must vote in session, AND the people [citizens who are registered to vote] must also vote on it AND 2/3 of the states have to ratify it before it becomes an Amendment. That has not ever happened and there is no such right as the right to an abortion, nor is there any such right as the 'right to health care promises". Either of those would require a Constitutional Amendment and that has not happened and the bill being discussed it not approached as a Constitutional Amendment and therefore it has NO constitutional basis or authority. There is also NO such right as the right of Congress to tell citizens how to spend their money or what to buy. The bill being discussed is a RADICAL rewrite of the laws of this nation and it is aimed at implementing socialism not providing health care. It is about regulating every industry that has any contact with health care: hospitals, doctors, nurses, insurers, contractors who build those places, schools that teach doctors and nurses, etc,etc,etc. It is an effort to codify the evil of abortion. It is an effort to codify the 'duty' to die when one gets old instead of using 'resources' to stay alive. It is an effort to pump massive amounts of drugs into the U S citizenry one by one. It is evil. It does not provide for better care or more care but less by taking money from Medicare and Medicaid and giving it to lawyers and insurers and Peer Review boards to decide who gets any sort of health care and by what method and where, and from whom?
Congress just vote NO. Ignore the pressure of Obama bobble head BIG EGO. Don't talk to insurers--they are not in the health care delivery business at all. Don't talk to anyone on the subject of delivery of health care but bona-fide doctors and nurses. Ignore the other special interests who are out to get government mandated incomes for themselves like that touchy feely massage therapy intimate sex-enticing 'massages' that are often lately touted as 'health care' and those emotional psycho-babble shops that sell drugs by the ton, as the 'cure'.
Just vote NO. It's a deal with the devil to vote for that plnn that is intended to rewrite health care to killing methods.
(s) Gloria Poole, RN, licensed in Colorado still though I live now in Missouri.
Update at 2:53 PM after reading about Casey Johnson's death and seeing that horrible disgusting abominable video she made with her lesbian friend. I think Casey Johnson died because she mocked GOD. To read more on that topic, read my blog for today at:


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