Sunday, January 31, 2010

I want the 'choice' to kill exhusband please Court

I read the headlines only of that PR propaganda piece of inflammatory rhetoric by the demoncrats saying that republicans are 'pro-choice". Well that's a lie from the devil. But if that were true,i.e the 'choice to kill " then the 'right" I want is the right to kill my second exhusband for his crimes of violence against me, and his theft of my name and his theft of my belongings, and his attempt to steal my inheritance, and his evil, vile ways.
If there is a such a right as the choice to kill when do I get to kill him? Should I shoot him or what? I am not very familiar with killing 'unwanted' people so how to go about it? Should I pay an assassin the way evil women pay abortionists to murder? Should I get someone to drag him into the abortuary killing center and dismember and decapitate him the way abortionists kill innocents in the womb? How does a person kill a grown up UNWANTED scourge on humanity as my second exhusband?
Any ideas? Because you see, the wicked Pres of the US says there is a 'right' to kill unwanted humans. SO the human I want to kill is my second exhusband. IS that also a 'right" then that's the 'choice' I want but keep the innocents and wanted babies in the womb of women everywhere. Let's kill all the lawyers, and all the wicked on Supreme Court,and in Congress, and all the wicked abortionists, and all the mass murderers and be done with it. What say ye?
Gloria Poole, Missouri


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