Wednesday, September 09, 2009

You Limousine Liberals are being Obtuse deliberately!

I read some of the news quickly and I have these comments to make:
1) When the 'mainstream news media' publishes P R statements from the White House that is propaganda not news. News is what happens spontaneously that a reporter covers and writes about so others know about it also. The White House Team of Propaganda are public relations people not journalists, and they get huge salaries, and perqs and fine and fancy offices in the U S Capitol and free telephones etc for pumping up the President [whoever is President] and they put a political slant on it. Democrats do that extensively and without shame. Republicans don't seem to think of it as being honest and it is not. It is paid campaign ads nothing more and nothing less.

2) The article that provoked me to write this morning is the Public Relations "CYA" idea that Obama does not have a plan for health care that was in one of the articles. He has a wicked evil plan and he knows that the majority of Americans do not want his plan! So like all evil people he seeks to hide his agenda behind flowery speeches and $10 million dollar [money spent when he travels to politick] speeches with his entourage. Here is his evil agenda for the nation:
a) get as much of the money of U S citizens into the hands of government as possible.
1. by making it illegal not to buy impoverishing 'insurance' to benefit big insurance companies, and creating new taxes [money paid in for fake 'health care' and new fines in Courts [if a $200 penalty is common for driving without car insurance or card of it, then what will be the fine for living without insurance card or insurance phony plan?
2. He plans to force all citizens to be taxed to pay for the killing of other citizens in the womb euphemistically called 'reproductive health care' hooey and evil. Killing of innocents is homicide and those who do that should be prosecuted and put away.
3. He is setting the stage to extend automatic citizenship to all illegal aliens . If you doubt that ask yourself how Sonia Sotomayer got on the U S Supreme Court having been born in Puerto Rico that is NOT a state in the U.S.?
4. He is advocating taking away the meager 'old age pensions' that people paid into for decades so he and his cronies could have more million dollar vacations every few months.
5. He is setting the stage to legalize cocaine since his P R staff has been putting a few articles writing about how cocaine and marijuana are treated differently in the law. Those of you who don't know "liberals" [the Bible says not to call the wicked 'liberal'] if they change those laws it will be to legalize cocaine not set the same sentences for them. Cocaine is a drug that kills people. It is addictive and it is from hell.It is the devil's method of capturing some souls to drag them down to hell.
6. He is planning to impoverish every family in America to get money, by forcing insurance premiums for plans that will probably pay nothing.
I am a Registered Nurse and that is true since 1971. I knew the symptoms of pneumonia and I knew I had because I had it in nursing school in about 1968. The productive cough, malaise, pain in left lower chest, debilitating shortness of breath were classic symptoms but I had to practically beg for an effective antibiotic because medical doctors have been told by the U S government to 'cut back ' on dispensing health care to the poor, the needy, the Republicans who aren't in the Congress and, the prolifers.
Don't be stupid and don't be morally blind! Obama has a calculating plan but if he tells the nation the details of it not only will he not be reelected there would be some who would want to lynch him!

I oppose killing, and am not advocating that! I am saying it is a reality as it was when President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Act and was assassinated for it. Evil lurks in the hearts of evil people and Obama has an evil plan and GOD is not mocked. Galatians 6:7 is written ' be not deceived. GOD is not mocked. For whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap." Hitler reaped the death he imposed on others. And those who kill millions or are complicent in killing millions are punished in GOD's way and time.
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203 [home] @ 8:17AM, 9-Sept-2009
Also please see my entry I put last night on my blog at
with my newest painting on it entitled "midwife" and read my entry for yesterday.
Update at 10:46 AM after thinking on this some more:
The big spenders in the Obama administration do not know how to prioritize or if they do they are doing it wrong. If your household was in a trillion dollars of debt would you borrow more? NO, common sense tells you that is not the answer and if you have no common sense then you have to realize that IF you are in debt you are living beyond your means, and if you have a pattern of living beyond your means, then borrowing to pay off one debt with money from another debt is not so-called reform of anything just shifting, hiding the debt. The U S government has handled badly nearly every program that is not the duty of the government badly. Think of Fannie Mae, Freddie mac,and the looting and selling off of military bases, equipment and assets when B Clinton was the so-called leader of the so-called free world. He was talked about in the press as if he had done something great but he failed to protect the nation and the first bombing of America on that USS naval ship was ignored by Clinton as if it did not happen--do nothing Bill but sleight of hand tricks and pull the rabbit out of the hat chicanery. It is right and good to pay the benefits that people paid taxes to get [Social Security, Medicare] , but remember this : any government program so far depends upon the whims of the next session of Congress. What this Congress does in session could be undone by the next congress in session and that is the way it is supposed to be to prevent a tyrant in power and a communist takeover of the country. This is NOT a democracy of rule by mob as the French Revolution was, [at least not yet] but it is a republic and that means the citizens vote on the people that they want to represent them, but there is a whole lot of doubt about computerized voting since manipulating it as as easy as saying Bill Gates. And remember that the nation that does not take care of the sick, needy, handicapped, those in the womb,is not civilized at all but sort of like India where they once put widows on the funeral pyres of their husbands since no one would care for them after he died. IS that your vision for America, because it is certainly not mine! Giving real health care as in that intended to produce life is different from merely shifting, hiding the debt and borrowing massively from foreign nations to pay for it. And if you have ever had to 'fight' the insurance company to get them to pay what you paid premiums to get, you know what i mean.


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