Sunday, September 06, 2009

Why Prolifers are Upset that Obama makes schools photo-op

I thought on this for several days and I decided that 'conservatives' which is the word that the radical left assigns to Republicans who believe in the Constitution, are right to be concerned about Obama going to a school to make the children there a photo-op for himself. Of course prolifers are not deceived by his motives. He is not prolife and that fact is becoming very clear to the world but he thinks it seems in his ignorant-of-human-life-Harvard-mindset that if he only is photographed with children that somehow the world will forget that he is complicent in crimes against children in the womb and newly born [he voted for infanticide when he was in the state senate]. And pray tell me how in the world a man who openly advocated with another photo-op the consumption of alcohol as 'social lubricant' and 'problem-solver' and who smokes could be considered as a positive role model for an impressionable child? He is not a role model I would ever put in front of my PROLIFE children [when they were little they are grown daughters x 2 ]; or grandchildren or any body for that matter since I have opposed drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco [or anything else for that matter] for decades. Obama's attitude that children are adornments [he took his out of school to go to Russia so obviously school is not that important to him] and or photo-ops is another reason to complain. The same man who said he did not want his two daughters to be made the subject of photo-ops wants the children of OTHER people to serve that purpose for him. He wants to put other children at risk when he is in the same room at a school since school shootings have become 'common events' in America and there are a whole lot of people in America that really hate Obama.

I oppose killing, and I have opposed it my entire life to this point and will continue to do that wherever I live or whatever else I might do. I am not advocating killing, and never have. I am what the government labels a "radical prolifer' because I believe that GOD's words are true and that it is a sin to kill innocent humans, [from Commandment of GOD "Thou shalt not kill" Exodus 20:13]. But the facts are that school children are at risk already because the federal government itself has allowed the inclusion into school books the false concept that the premeditated killing of innocents is a 'right' when it is always a wrong. So when the federalized schools teach killing of the tiniest most defenseless humans as a 'right' why should they then be surprised when a student takes up a weapon and mows down everyone in sight with it? So my point is, should Obama increase the chances of that happening to other people's children by his appearing in their classroom and publicly advertising that fact ahead of time? Giving notice that he will be at such and such a school with a roomful of very vulnerable small children? And the other question is, what is the purpose of the public [federal] schools--to educate how to read, write, think, or provide photo-ops for democrats and walls to hang their photos on?

And my other reason for protesting this is that I remember when the 911 events happened, wasn't President Bush at that time in a public school reading to the children? And didn't the "mainstream
media' have a field day with that and didn't they write articles about how casual he was about the nation and derelict in his duties as they implied by being in a school reading to children when the enemies of GOD decided to attack? Why does the 'mainstream media' have a double standard on the issues always? Why is supposely all right for Obama to appear in a public school but not a republican President? Could it possibly be that the democrats think the federal schools are only for their use--to co-opt incomes through oppressive student loans to the poor, and to teach killing and socialism, and to provide ready-made and government controlled captive audiences for them?

I object to the commercialization of human beings. I object to the premeditated murders of them in the womb. I object to infanticide. I object to selling human flesh and blood. I object to abominable research that kills or maims humans. I object to violence as solution. I object to the teaching of killing as a "right" and I object to sodomy and lesbianism since GOD HIMSELF called those abominations {Leviticus 18:22] and because they depopulate the world.
/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N. and artist in oils, Denver Colorado 80203, @ 7:44AM, 6-Sept-2009;
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And please see the humans in the womb photos at:
and also see to read about the 16,000 medical doctors filing suit against the "National Institute of Health' [or "NIH" and which is surely misnamed since they pay for the killing of humans in the womb and elsewhere], and the medical doctors are trying to stop that killing of human embryoes. For those of you who believe there is a GOD and HE knows all, and that HE has a heaven and a hell, and sends believers to heaven, and reprobates to hell, pray that the good medical doctors prevail and that there is an end to the premeditated killing of human beings in the womb or elsewhere and that the public schools are not allowed to teach killing as a false "right.'!


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