Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Washington Post doesn't get it: Congressman Joe= Hero

I read the Google news this am the article in the Washington Post attempting to belittle the Congressman from S C who publicly denounced the President's lies, and their article infuriates me. Congressmen are sent to Congress to represent their states and their constitutents, not to be a ready made audience for a despot. In the Constitution, the Congress is more powerful than the President. In the Constitution, the Congress all 535 of them have duties to the nation that are supposed to consist of all Senators and all Representatives being equal; none having more power than any other. In the Constitution, the duties of Congress [read entry before this one for those duties] are the stabilizing force of the nation and when it is incompetent as it is and that is so since the Socialists got control of it in 2006, then the nation has no rudder. The President is not king and he is not more powerful than the Congress. There are three branches of government to the federal government,not one, not 250, but THREE: Executive, Judicial {Supreme Court] and Congress. The Congress has the power to agree to write new public law or not to agree. Not agreeing with bad policy is as important or more so than going along for the sake of 'civility' as the Washington Post wrote this am. The Washington Post by the way, in case you forgot is the newspaper that planned to sell access to their journalist and pretend it was a comrade supper.This is definitely the time for civil disobedience to bad public policy [laws] being created,and for civil disobedience in order to stop the funding of abortion and to end abortion as a right, and civil disbodience to government perqs to perverts to end the US government backing of perverts in high places and elsewhere. *
I think Congressman Joe Wilson served this nation better than anyone else had in the past several years by openly publicly denouncing lies! And publicly so that the nation is not deceived by the smooth talking con-man Obama.
The Washington Post doesn't get it that the political climate has changed in America. The nation, the towns and countries of it, do not want killing of innocents as an evil 'right' but want to legally declare it a wrong. The good people don't want a 'celebrity' or talking head pop star for President but a serious person who has the ability to think and who knows the Constitution as it is written not the Planned Unparenthood /Socialist version of it, reworded to elasticize evil.
The good people of this nation don't want the U S to borrow trillions of dollars from countries that do not even give their own citizens the right to own a Bible or to debate the politics of their own nations. The good citizens of this nation don't want canned propaganda spouted into our homes over the Nazi media airwaves of government controlled content on TV. { I am talking about political and religious speech and I believe all good governments should censor smut= p-o-r-n, s-e-x for sale profany, blasphemy over the airwaves.} But when the government decides the air waves cannot be accessed by political opponents or that the Supreme Court is under the thumb of the Democratic Socialist , or that ordinary citizens cannot protest anything they like in any way that is not violent or destructive, then the government is moving toward socialism at a galloping rate. I am certain that when the newspapers try to suppress the job duties of Congressman {Joe Wilson in this case] by ostracizing him, in order to try to pump up a failing President,then the newspapers have stopped doing their job of reporting the news and starting trying to rewrite the nation's history. I think all Congressman and Congresswomen had better be opening their mouths and opposing the plans of the socialists to hijack the nation. And yea if the opportunity presents itself then seize the moment, because IF Obama does not like to be heckled then he should stay in the White House and do what the President is supposed to do, and that is veto or sign the bills presented to him and it is not to lobby the Congress or pressurize them, or negate them.
I object to the beer drinking display of chummy chummy President with his cronies at Harvard. I object to the fact that Obama has given $100 MILLION dollars to the premeditated slaughters of innocents in the womb. I object to the goals of Obama to take over banks, production of automobiles [a failing industry in America repeatedly pumped up with taxpayers' monies because they refuse to make cars that most of the populatiion could afford], and takeover of health care, and housing, and real estate. I OBJECT to the idea of government as GOD. I OBJECT to the idea that any insurance gives any one health. Good health is from GOD and only from GOD. While some good doctors do the things that are conducive to health they could do the very same things for two people and the one whose time was set by GOD to die, would and the other whose time was not set by GOD to die yet would not die. I had serious pneumonia for months!I was coughing up blood for eight days. Serious enough to cause the air sacs in my left lung to deflate and not fill with air because of exudate and damage to the tissue In most people that would have killed them but it is not time for me to die yet, I have much work to do for THE LIVING LORD GOD. GOD will heal me if I get healed since I have had four different medicines [antibiotics] to treat it. My point is I am alive in spite of the lack of medical care in some situations and in spite of wrong diagnosis in some and in spite of a deliberate effort by my then-husband [second one] to kill me. {Not to worry I am divorced from that devil now.]
I OBJECT to the idea that an insurance company whether run by the government with their dismal rate of success at running businesses or government, or run by private enterprise free market endeavours, is able to do more than GOD. The insurance companies are all broke, because they insured New Orleans and GOD destroyed it three times. They insured the gulf coast of Alabama and Mississippi and GOD destroyed those beaches several times with hurricanes. They insured places in Indonesia and GOD destroyed them with tsunamis. They insured Ted Kennedy and he died. And he had had the best 'health care' money and bribes** and /or abuse of his position could buy and he still died. Do not put your faith in any form of insurance--it mocks GOD and it says plainly they do not insure against acts of GOD and acts of GOD are the only ones that could destroy you. PUT YOUR FAITH in GOD ALMIGHTY and seek HIS face and follow HIS plan for your life, and stop worshipping at the altar of insurance or Obama!
/s/ Gloria Poole R N. and artist, Denver Colorado @ home, zip code 80203, @ 8:00 AM 16-Sept-2009
* Footnote, I intend to use that word and it is descriptive since GOD calls those men who have s-ex with men abominations and it is perverted sinful behaviour and neither Congress not this nation will mock GOD and get away with it. Galatians 6: 7 is written, 'be not deceived. GOD is not mocked. For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." And Leviticus 18:22 is the scripture where GOD said that homosexuality is abomination to GOD.
** Footnote 2: there is no medical insurance company that pays to hire a private jet to fly someone from his home state where health care is offered to a state in the South just because the person does not like his home state's hospital, but I bet the corrupt insurance companies paid that for the devil Ted Kennedy. And that is precisely what is wrong with health care--million dollars perqs for the wicked, none for the righteous,and that mocks GOD. And did I mention that Massachusetts the state so lauded by the socialists as having forced and penalized their citizens to have government provided socialist medicine, was not good enough for Kennedy. He rejected his own state's socialized medicine and flew by private jet to a PRIVATE hospital [Duke University] and a PRIVATE surgeon and a private health care system. So all you liars and con-men holding up socialised medicine and Ted Kennedy evil man as the role model, remember he went the PRIVATE route when he needed health care. He rejected the NIH, and the Bethesda Naval Hospital and the Massachusettes pie in the sky General Hospital and flew south to PRIVATE Health care. So when you are talking about his leadership remember that deeds are more important than words and he put his life on the line in a PRIVATE, and NOT a socialised medicine system.
Update at 12:21 PM, after two events this am :
at about 10 am when I went to take out my trash from my aprt someone broke into my tiny apt and disconnected my internet by disconnecting the cables, but I plugged it back and signed back in and got it back. Breaking and entering to destroy is a crime in most states but in Colorado it is how they pay the Governor. Plundering and looting to "save money" so criminals could buy more cocaine and more government. And then when I got it back and signed into this blog of mine to add content to it about the problems government has already created by passing mandatory insurance legalized scams my computer froze as intruders tried to destroy my blog. Hillary's hackers at work again or maybe the ungodly catholics who recieve RENTS for this building, who bow to idols, and no god but their wooden head idols.
What I was trying to add as my computer-security [I have a good isp when cybercriminals are not breaking into my emails and my aprt to tamper with it] is the fact that there is an article in the Business news a few minutes ago that mandatory insurance plans for employees cost employers $10000 [rounded up by $ 20] and their employees nearly $4000 annually. That is the reason American businesses are not competitive. In India they don't have to pay $10000 per employee before they ever get a cent of profit. That is why there are not jobs in America--they are going overseas so fast it makes your head swim! Think on it. Five employees at $10000 each =$50,000 outlay for expenses whether or not you make a profit. That is very destructive to small businesses and to big UNIONIZED businesses also who spend probably $100,000 per employee on their package of perqs. When you are lamenting the problems in America, send Congress a thank you note for sending American jobs overseas by the millions and causing need to emigrate; and then emigrate to those countries because it is not going to get better in America. When Congress does it next deed to mandate insurance payments of $4000/ yr for a healthy family poverty is going to increase, destitution is going to increase because small businesses everywhere will almost have to fire their employees unless they are so prosperous that a $10,000 employee committment regardless of profits is not a problem to them.
And incidentally I am neither an employee or an employer but a missionary for the cause of human life. And I was never a p-r-o-st-i-tu-te and have no association with ACORN whatever that is. I know that is in the news because they had the audacity to protest Congress and organize a protest if the news is true. But whatever decision Congress makes about ACORN should not affect me--I have NEVER had any sort of connection or association with them and have no idea who they are, except that there is a nursing organization of Operating Room nurses with that acronym but if they are not protesting the hijacking of their name and acronym I am not protesting it for them. The ACORN that is in the news is some sort of scam apparently and I bet it has something to do with that ungodly pervert association of PFLAG and perverts in billing office of internet hosting companies.


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