Thursday, September 10, 2009

Republicans opposing a bad plan is a two party system

Hey Thomas Friedman of NY Times:
your idea that if the Republicans oppose the bad plan of Obama it is creating a 'one party democracy " is a deliberate lie on your part. If the Republicans represent the cause of liberty, justice, and First Amendment liberties and the liberty to spend one's money the want best suits them, then they must oppose the President's plan to hijack the nations' delivery of health care. Opposing is involvement and it is what they should do instead of a go-along-to-get-along with despots.
There is a time for civil disobedience and it is upon us as a nation. When I was little my daddy had no qualms whatsoever about saying NO to me. If I asked if could go to spend the night party, he'd ask, whose her daddy? And depending upon what I answered, and if he knew the daddy, he'd ask, who will be there? And then depending upon how I answered, he'd say yea or nay. He had no guilt whatsoever at saying no to me and his no meant no. There was no waffling on it. The only tactic the liberal-spend-other-folks-money-socialists have is to create a lot of talk about how 'bad' the health care system is, and then try to take advantage of those fears as Obama did when his Public Relations team stirred up a lot of campaign speech about how Obama was going to be 'saviour' of banking, Wall Street, and auto industry and then when national panic fanned the flames, he got caught in his own mess. Now no one trusts him but those that get paychecks from the TARP funds that are huge windfalls [bought confidence, bought votes, what??] to them, and 'bailing' them from the messes they created by terrible and or absent leadership. Obama has already demonstrated to the public that he makes his decisions while drinking beer, and he has already sided with the BIG Pharmaceutical and the BIG ABORTION and the BIG BABY_KILLING_PROCESSING_PHONY_RESEARCH plants, and he has already lost the nation's confidence when he went seeking to control the Masssachusetts' legislature's duty to the people of Massachusetts to authorize a special election, and when he interfered into Officer Crowley's attempts at law and order. Obama has already demonstated that he has no sense of his job description [he is still campaigning ] and he has no sense of his limits.
Since I have had the occasion to meet some of those Harvard and Princeton alums in the past and hear the dogma they spout out, like Pavlov's dogs, I have no trust in them whatsoever to think independently, or to even have read the U S Constitution. Most of them think the words 'separation of church and state' are the words of the First Amendment when in fact that phrase is not in the U S Constitution nor the Declaration of Independence anywhere.
It ic fiscally responsible to oppose Obama and it is a duty to do that if his plans would be ruinous to the nation, and they will. They 'reformed" Medicare by adding killing hospice plan to it about 10-15 years ago and massive numbers have died in the 'care" of hospice since. They 'reformed' it again to pay for all kidney dialysis to keep alive those whose system [overall health] is so destructive as to destroy their own kidneys] and then kidney dialysis centers sprung up everywhere billing millions to Medicare. Then they 'reformed' it again to shift most of the medicare funds to the Pharmacy industry, and bankrupting the nation totally and giving to all the 'option' to have as many drugs as they want at $2 a pop. I am opposed to most drugs and that is no news but I was shocked to learn that a third generation antibiotic for antibiotic-resistant pneumonia is not covered by Medicare at all and cost $80-90. Pneumonia is a very common event among certain populations and antibiotic-resistant infections are fairly common [unfortunately] in the past 10 years as they became super-infections in hospitals, so for Medicare to not cover those drugs for living [killing the BAD BACTERIA so the lungs clear and heal] while covering en masse a whole lot of mind-altering drugs,really did sort of shock me. I have Medicare early because of SSDI from domestic violence injuries against me and permanent injuries and a lot of metal hardware in my fibula and ankle. I have not a lot of experience with it as a patient but some as a Registered Nurse. I have to pay $98 in premiums and then was billed more than would have been the bill if the government had not been involved in setting prices. When doctors are paid $200 for a 5 minutes visit that does not include any sort of physical exam, you see the problem or one of them with government fixing prices at a level bureacrats consider reasonable for their limosine health care plan but that main street considers outrageous. And then to allow the same doctor that already got paid $200 for a five minute visit, to bill the patient for more money is even more outrageous. I figure the doctor in my case got paid $45 per minute. Maybe that seems reasonable to you, but it does not to me and I am a Registered Nurse who did not ever earn $45 an hour. I am generally on the side of good medical doctors and opposed to licensed people who kill.
Reforming health care needs to include the government stopping the fixing of prices by government, and it needs to include life-saving meds and physical exams for the sick, not a wave of the hands dismissal of every complaint about physical symptoms. If I had not insisted on a chest xray since I had no physcial auscultation or listening to my lungs by medical doctor I'd have been in a lot of trouble because that xray showed atelectasis of my left lung! I had complained and complained when it was 'only' in the lower left quadrant of my lung, but the doctors said, 'you're too young to be having a heart attack' and they did not want to treat my pneumonia. If I myself had not been 'fashioned out of cast iron' as one person said I'd probably be dead now.
The point is, reform has to include reforming the government's price fixing at exorbitant levels that do not include physical exams of patients and do not require thinking, but do require a check list of tasks on the part of medical doctors and staff, and that require four doctors seen and paid to get a prescription for an antibiotic, when pneumonia is sort of easy to detect in modern medical knowledge.
And the government could solve the problems of the uninsured I think with these two sentences:
1) let head of household deduct directly from taxes paid into the IRS the full cost of all premiums and health care for the family;
2) let government pay the premiums for those uninsured and let the uninsured put the premiums on the private plan they want and that is best for their family.
That helps the issue of the uninsured that Obama harks on, and it keeps the family decision making power in the family.
/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N. and artist @Denver Colorado @ 8:06 AM, 10-Sept-2009
Update at 9:07 AM again, after U S government of Obama tried to fry my computer and I had to reboot:
Congressman Joe from S.C. is right. Obama is a liar and I am so glad that Congressman Joe said that publicly. Thank GOD for bold leaders!
Obama is a liar because Colorado for certain gives medicaid and all levels of government benefits to illegal aliens, and they take them away from prolifer US Citizens to exert control, domination, and try to obliterate any method of citizen protest, and to attempt denial of civil liberties to protest the governments [First Amendment liberty]. I had many more benefits when I had the Pappas [confusion as to whether it is Greek origin or hispanic since everyone in Colorado thought it was hispanic] name on my name. When I removed that name from my name by Court order after second divorce, and they asked at federal building on Federal blvd in Denver, are you a U S citizen and I said yes,they immediately took away about $1000 a month in State of Colorado and federal government benefits to me as Colorado TANF [commonly called AND funds] and food stamps and SSI saying they I was 'not entitled to them ' any longer.
I know as a nurse that pregnant illegal aliens get immediately signed up for Medicaid at Denver Health and I know for certain that Denver Health does not care if you are a citizen or not but signs up anyone with any name and no credentials of any meaning on Medicaid. I had to go in person to protest to get my name removed from their list of illegal aliens [when my then husband in his efforts to shirk any responsibility for his crimes against me, enrolled me and I received a notice of it, and was not happy to be branded either hispanic or illegal alien!] and to protest the fact that it seemed that they enrolled me in spite of the fact that he makes $8000 a month according to the testimony of the man he lives with. So please Obama just stop the lies! I am certain Harvard U is not big on the truth; and that propaganda is their entire industry but you cannot fool all the people all the time. And thank GOD you did not fool Congressman Joe of S.C. nor me either .
Update again, I forgot to write that the situation of permanent injuries to my leg, ankle, gait, and abilities did not change--they persist, but what changed was where the money due to me went. I think the ssi money went to the catholic charities where I was living temporarily from May 07-June 07,when signed up [putting their address since it was the only address I had as displaced by cruel exhusband who injured me]; and the day after the person there asked me if I had signed up, she also told me I had to move to different location. The food stamps most likely are going to deadbeat exhusband's whose $8000 made by dealing drugs is not enough for his habit and who is always stealing, looting,breaking into someone else's place to take what "he can" since the laws of Colorado don't seem to punish thefts in any way since I reported thefts repeatedly and their attitude was oh well, who cares. And the TANF funds may be going to the DHA --not sure what happened to those benefits due to me. Or to the Victim's comp funds due to me that I suspect is going into the Governor of Colorado's slush fund for buying votes.
Update at 11:01 AM after my isp tried to put my emails I am sending from my very expensive isp service into the trash --which seems to be the new trick of the Obama administration via their catholic connections of Biden, Sotomayer, Roberts, Scalia, and Pelosi and the dead Kennedys. This is the message they are trying desperately to censor through prior restraint of free speech citizens' First Amendments rights to protest government, publish religious content and beliefs and oppose evil:
>Pastors,Ministers, and lay leaders of churchs in Colorado:
>I am writing to you to ask you to remember that right to life people are gathering signatures to put a referendum on the State ballot of Colorado to declare humans in the womb as legal persons in order to get for them the equal protections of the laws of the nation due to humans/ persons according to the 14th Amemdment clause of the U S Constitution; in order to stop the premeditated murders of them in the womb. This is the work of GOD since GOD wrote in stone the commandment "thou shalt not kill ' and that is recorded in Exodus 20:13, and Deuteronomy 5:17 and in Genesis 9:6, it is written, "whoso sheddeth man's blood by man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of GOD, made HE man." Other prolife scriptures are:
>Jeremiah 1:5,
>Matthew 18:14
>Genesis 9:7
>Genesis 1:27-28
>Psalms 139:13-16.
>Also I created a website with most of the prolife scriptures I found in the Bible and I put them at:
>and I put medical photos of humans in the womb at:
>I am asking you to preach from your pulpit the fact that GOD HIMSELF is prolife and that HE does not condone the sins of abortion or homosexuality [relevant to this discussion because that group of people do not reproduce humans and therefore contribute to depopulation of the nation; read Leviticus 18:22, King James Holy Bible all scriptures listed here.]
> I am asking you to do what GOD expects you to do and that is to lead the people toward heaven and away from hell. If you are not in the "business" of soul-saving and leading to eternal life, then you are not serving GOD. I am asking you to preach every sermon from now to November on these scriptures and to encourage your congregation to sign the petition about the referendum because it has to have so many signatures of qualified voters to get approved by the Secretary of State of Colorado voter registrations to be on the ballot. And I am asking you to pray as a a congregation that GOD will clean up the Colorado Secretary of State's office that I know for certain is corrupt and is trying to do underhanded sneaky things to sabatage that referendum. And I am also asking you to encourage your congregation to always vote prolife. Here are more websites I own and created by me, that may help you:
> Thank you for reading this. I am praying for you.
>Signed Gloria Poole, Registered Nurse licensed in Colorado and artist in oils, and photographer [I photographed the medical photos of babies in womb for that website.]


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