Monday, September 07, 2009

"The perfect death' is the one that is entrance to heaven.

I read the article by Mr Douthat in the NY Times today about what he labeled 'the perfect death' quest of Americans, and I have these comments :
The perfect death is the one that is the entrance into eternal life in heaven with GOD ALMIGHTY.
If you are not right with GOD and hell is looming at you, every event is terrifying and tormenting.
If you don't know JESUS and HE does not know you, regardless of what sort of 'health care' you get or don't get, won't make your death a celebration into a better life. Hell is described in the Bible as the burning pit for all eternity, separation from GOD for eternity, 'damnation of your soul" and no earthly event will take that away once GOD has appointed it to you.
My other points are:
1) 'voluntary euthanasia" as the prodeathers like to label that act of killing does not need the involvement of medical doctors or nurses. It is commonly called suicide and does not need to involve the federal government, the taxpayers, the wealth of the nation, or the medical/nursing professions. It is available in a plethora of means and ways. It is sold in every pharmacy, every hardware store, every general type store that sells aspirin, wire, rope, scissors, knives, guns, potassium supplements [prescriptions], liquor stores [it is fairly easy for a person to drink alcohol to induce death and it not uncommon in the U S], and probably other methods not often discussed by the mainstream media. There is no reason to drag the entire nation and the medical professionals to the depths of hell to satisfy the radical extremist killers of the nation.
2) America already went slam-bang to the bottom of that so-called 'slippery slope" when killing of innocents on demand of wicked women,[abortion] was permitted by usurpation of power of the U S Supreme Court; and then killing of sick, elderly, handicapped was an add-on for that organization from hell named hospice. A nation that kills innocent human beings in the womb, has no higher moral ground. It is already at the doorway of hell.
3) "Physician-assisted-suicide' that propaganda slogan is what happened to Michael Jackson who was not even 50 or 51 years old at the time, and who had plans for a future [no terminal diseases known to public] in his right mind legally even if people questioned that after he massacred his own face, and planning to entertain the world. So all the arguments about how Nazi slogan 'physician-assisted-suicide' would not harm anyone are hooey piled high and deep.
4) The terms 'absolute freedom" and "law and order and civilization" are mutually exclusive terms. That means a nation that allows 300 million people to do their own thing without regard to the laws of GOD or society will have anarchy, terrorism, many homicides, plundering, looting, corruption in politics and government, not 'law and order and civilization'.The presence of one negates the other. "Absolute freedom" given to a nation where the majority rejects GOD and the Commandments of GOD is terror to the believers of GOD,and it is hell-on-earth to live in. When the wicked persecute, maim, break in and loot or destroy every good thing you buy
then you become impoverished not because of your own lack of ambition or lack of efforts but because of lawlessness, and having to constantly rebuy the same items you bought 1-2-3-10 times over. When the law-enforcement is corrupt the nation becomes like the ancient Roman civilization where the Roman soldiers were destruction to even children 2 years old and younger when the Ceasar ordered the destruction of all children 2 and under to try to prevent a competitor from being born. You create an uncivilized society where you have to constantly look around at every thing and every person with suspicion, and of every medicine prescribed by a doctor, or pill administered in a hospital.
5)When the death of the nation one by one is the topic of debate labeled 'health care' __LOOK-LISTEN_WAKE UP!
6) The U S is depopulating and that should be the most important issue discussed in the Congress but is it? Blood of human beings pours into canisters to be fractionated by the Red Cross repackaged and sole or distributed to hospitals to share those germs around and to violate the word of GOD about precautions of not handling blood. Human beings in the womb are killed, decapitated, shredded all without any form of anesthesia and then their tiny bodies are shipped to killed-baby-processing-plants called euphemistically 'research labs" and then they are shredded,and chopped and mashed and smeared on agar plates. If that does not make you sick to your stomach, your conscience is seared or non-existent and you are on your way to hell and damnation as the Bible describes it.
7) To suggest that Americans as a class are somehow 'superior' to Europeans or British or Arabic or Jews as classes, is not merely ridiculous but dangerous propaganda. The human condition is the same for all humans, and all humans who will not adhere too, or obey the words, Commandments, and laws of GOD will become the same depravity and that is well described in Romans chapter one that details the progression of those who make idols of anything or themselves while rejecting GOD and how that progression leads to physical death and spiritual death [the second death=damnation to hell by GOD HIMSELF] . I encourage you to read that entire chapter because it will open your eyes and it was the warnings of Paul the apostle to Rome but they ignored them and suffered the wrath of GOD and humiliating defeat by several other civilizations.
The only topic that I see worth the enormous amount of money the US Taxpayers spend keeping up with the criminal element in Congress and the Presidency and the U S Supreme Court providing them SS troops, and million dollar offices, and huge staffs and private jets, and vacations every few months and world-wide travels, blah, blah, blah-- the perqs are endless and undocumented anywhere except with 'generally acceptable accounting ' for politicians,-- is when, and how to end the killing of innocent humans in the womb.
I think the 'perfect' solution is for Congress and each state to pass public law declaring the innocents in the womb to be legal "persons' entitled to the equal protection of all laws in the U S and states, and entitled to the 'full faith and credit clause" of the United States. Otherwise, I think the U S will become as ancient Rome-a non-powerful nation that is only one among the many with little of no power to decide anything in the world.
/s/ Gloria Poole,R.N. artist in oils, writer, photographer, prolife activist "missionary' @ Denver Colorado 80203 @ 10:08 AM, 7-Sept-2009


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