Saturday, September 26, 2009

Obamites having a hissy fit-trying to fry my computer

I started about an hour ago trying to update this blog today and tell the world that Jay Sekulow attorney for American Center for Law and Justice sent emails telling all that the Obama plan intends to try to force churches and religious organizations to have to provide insurance that kills innocents. The spy ware that appears on my computer through fraud of Microsoft every time I boot up my computer, that is put there to spy for the government to spy on me AS I TYPE the words into my blog, is named "sniffpoll.dll" and it appears every boot up in the Windows/help folder. So first thing to do every am is search for that file and delete it from your computer--help defeat government spying on its citizens. And it unsets the instructions to enable TLS security. The U S government is becoming like the former KGB. Then after the unset an important part of computer security they 'sniff' the words I am writing, so if they contain the names of Obama or Clintons they try to use the Pentagon powers illegally [abuse of power] to shut down my computer and prevent first amendment liberties to me because I am not deceived by evil Obama. Then after they 'sniff' what I am writing they tried to fry my computer again requiring 2 reboots to get control of my signal on my isp account back from the pentagon. The Pentagon sends what is called radaremissions to fry computer harddrives or they try too. They also do that to aircraft that is carrying the enemies of the Clintons or the Obamas, or the politically incorrect who oppose socialism. That is why there are sudden air plane crashes every time Obama makes a speech somewhere--they try to prevent his opponents from discussing his illegal manuevers.
The point is the Obama plan is evil. Sarah Palin said so and so do a lot of thinking people. The groups that kill for pay and profit from blood and tissues of innocents have a lot of illegal power in the U S as they did once upon a time in Nazi Germany, and in the USSR when it existed. The nations that implement socialism do it by force. They make the people think they voted it in through tricks and fraud, but they manipulate the votes and who gets on the ballot. Today they are setting up the NY Governor who got to that position honestly as far as I could tell, to fail so they could put in someone more to the liking of Obama who seems to hate handicapped persons altogether. Obama does not like the NY Governor because he is blind. And he does not like any handicapped person or baby in the womb. Obama is an evil man, and a smooth-talking con-man like Made-off with millions of other folks' money Madoff is, and like most evil despots are. If you remember the warnings in the Bible,the serpent that represented the devil in the Garden of Eden did not tell the truth; but he did not tell the truth by presenting Eve with a piece of fruit--a bribe --to forsake GOD. And subtle innuendo, and not revealing the plan of the devil to introduce death into the world through Adam and Eve. No, the devil promised that stupid Eve that she would be like GOD if she only would disobey GOD. And is not the same evil promise of Obama, IF only the US would kill all its offspring, and IF only the U S would forsake the commandments of GOD not to kill, then Obama would be like GOD. Is that not evil?
I think so. I oppose Obama. GOD will defeat the Pentagon if they continue to try to fry my computer every time I try to publish the commandments in any form. GOD is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7 'be not deceived. GOD is not mocked. For whatsoever a man soweth,that shall he also reap." [KJV]
Congress: don't follow the devil. Follow GOD and vote NO to all forms of legalized killing which is what the so-called 'reform' of health care payments is intended to accomplish. It is a trick to attempt to create public policy legalizing abortion and that is the only intent of it. Congress has not been able to legalize abortion and the U S Supreme Court never had any authority to write law. There is no such right as the right to kill innocents. GOD is not mocked. And if that foolish and wicked Congress follows the devil-Obama's lies and con-words,the nation will suffer and be defeated by GOD. The Bible says that GOD is not mocked. And it says that the nation that will not obey GOD will be destroyed [Psalms but paraphrased here]. The enticements of Obama of something for nothing or a piece of fruit --in this case a piece of government mandated paper called 'insurance' to those in Congress who will sell out GOD is not worth the price of eternal damnation of your soul and the nation.
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203;26-Sept-2009@ 10:21AM;
Update at 11: 26 after reading an article in the Denver Post today.
If you put in the word America where you see Czech in the following quote from the man-leader of a religious organization you have a good summary of the events in America for the past 40 years when the atheist Supreme Court ruled against the Commandments of GOD being taught, and tried to force removal of them from all public forums, and when public schools taught a contempt for the name of GOD in a revential way. The schools allow and encourage blasphemy of the Name of GOD but they do not allow respect for the name of GOD! America has also persecuted christians for decades. I attest to that after the atheist communist in America ruined my career as a Registered Nurse and tried to kill me in various and sundry methods,and after the atheist-communist-attempt-to-takeover-America took down through their fraud and identity theft and stolen credentials, 153 websites of mine of Christian content that published the Bible scriptures. And they did that because I published the scriptures calling sodomy an abomination. {Leviticus 18:22, and the Commandments of GOD including "thou shalt not kill". Here's the quote:

"Nevertheless, the cost of 40 years of political repression is not to be underestimated," the pope said. "A particular tragedy for this land was the ruthless attempt by the government of that time to silence the voice of the church."
Quote from article in the Denver Post today entitled "Pople decries Czech communist-era persecution" by
William J Kole of the Associated Press.
11:21 AM 9/26/2009


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