Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Professional Comments to NY Times that they Censored

These comments are my comments to an article in the NY Times today about health care debate that allowed public comment, but put about 10 scripts in front of the 'submit' button when I tried to add my professional opinion to them. And though I clicked each of them 'ok' over and over again it would not submit my comments. I document when I am censored and for what. Prior restraint of free speech in a public forum is unconstitutional on the face of it. So I am posting my comments here so you could read them and see for yourself how far to the left liberal the NY Times and how they have an agenda of propagandizing for socialised medicine:

I have given this thought for years. Years ago I was hired to work in a medical doctor's office and that is when I got my eyes opened to the effects of Medicare. Medicare has some good points and it has some bad points. The medical doctor said he was doing so well on guaranteed payments from Medicare that he only had to take 5 patients a day and could take the afternoon off every day. As a woman who has Medicare early because of injuries I sustained from domestic violence against me, and then developed pneumonia and had to go to about four doctors to finally get a presecription for it, I know that the problems with health care are built into the Medicare_Medicaid requirements. If the first doctor had listened to my lungs instead of telling me I 'was too young to be having a heart attack" it would have been diagnosed then. All medical doctors know the symptoms and signs of pneumonia. But Medicare sorts doctor's visits into categories and if you are there for one category [like not 'time' for your inittial physical exam they provide' then you don't get a physical exam at other times. I suffered for months until the pnuemonia got worst.
Insurance is not GOD. Insurance is not health care. It is a way of paying for it. The companies that make the rules of what they will pay for or won't pay for, tend to cause dishonest people to flourish in the one category and deny the other; and also tend to make good honest people have to do without any attention if their particular problem does not fit the one size fits all rule of the time. One size fits all is not a good plan even for something as simple as clothes.
How could it work for something that involves complicated and high-level decision making by well educated and medically trained people when each person is different. Each ethnic group has its own set of genetic risks. Each gender has another set of problems particular to that gender. We are not carbon copies of any one else.
Health care decisions have to be made one on one. One medical doctor and one patient. Interjecting government panels and government rule books and government bureaucrats into the equation is not workeable in any other industry. Why would it work well for health care?
The plan of Obama -Baucus is to usurp the taxpayers money to recapitalize insurers, and it is wrong. There is no Constitutional authority for government to pump up one industry and ruin others.
Also in the isp news this am is a link that says "Obama will give you $2500 to go back to school". Oh really? From his own personal bank account he will give anyone and everyone $2500 to go back to school? How about some 'truth in lending' rules about President's promisess?
/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N. and artist, Denver Colorado 80203/80206 @ 8:51 AM,
Update at 9:31 AM after having to change my browser to sign in. I am becoming the Solhenitzyn of America as the demoncrats are using every trick in their devil's book to try to prevent me from opposing comrade Obama and comrade Clinton.
When you have to get a man like Bill Clinton who ordered the murders of about 3 people to vouch for you, you are on the bottom of the barrell of respectability. And when you have to hire NY Times so-called journalists to write op-ed pieces propagandising for your plan you are like Goebbels of Nazi Germany. And when you hire a team of computer hackers to hack into and destroy the private computers of those who oppose you, you have already lost the bigger battle. And when you have to take away the same so-called "government benefits' rightfully due because of circumstances because the person who is supposed to get them opposes socialism then you have already moved from the socialist realm to the communist regime realm. Obama is a the 'package' of government programs, big government. He never did an honest day's work in his life. He lies. He pays liars to lie for him, and he abuses his power, and oversteps his lawful authority nearly every day.
And my other comments are:
1) a question: was the Yale reseacher doing human research on human embryoes, because if so, the promises of GOD were fulfilled about those who kill will be killed. [read Genesis 9:6, KJV]
2) a question: what did B Clinton do when he was in office except allow bombing of the USS Cole and prevent prolife nurses from being employable, and give millions to the premeditated murders of innocents in the womb--all evil. What GOOD did he do the nation and why is a man who is morally complicent in the murders of millions of innocents in the womb, held up by the mainstream press, pumped up by the mainstream presses, as somehow deserving of honor or respect? Where in integrity in this nation? And in the 'news"?? I think the NY Times would have willingly praised the deeds of Hitler and would have said his plan to annihilate the Jews was 'necessary' [in their words, not mine] to accomplish his goals of socialising German.
Update at 12:33 PM same day after reading this article with link here:
This link to article written by Ann Sanner for the AP news is entitled " A look at Members of the Senate Finance Committee" and it helps you understand why the financial institutions went belly up this past year. It says that the Baucus-Obama plan would spend $856 BILLION to ensure 29 MILLION people. A billion has nine zeroes after it and a million has six zeroes after it so if you divide $856 BILLON / 29 Million the result is $29,555 premium for every one of those 29 Million. Now you know that when /if the fed government decrees that citizens NOT covered by their giveaway program has to match that figure of $29,550 annual premium for insurance this nation is going to be impoverished like never before. The premium at present for a single individual for health care are not $29,555 annually so you see that the fed gov't is already planning to inflate the money that insurers get, not decrease it.
I am sure that has been the tradition for at least 20 years that there are a whole lot of what is called "creative financing" in accounting lingo that is called embezzlement by ordinary people -- schemes to divert money in that figure-- a few billion for Obama and family,a few billion for the Kennedys, a few billion for the Clintons and how much for the Senate Finance Committee of legalized scam? The entire Senate is supposed to debate and discuss and vote on EVERY bill that is presented and every bill is supposed to be presented to the entire Senate. And a bill is supposed to contain one element of change not 453 [453 amendments already to obfuscate the 1000+ page redefining of a republic to a socialist nation resolution].
If you ran your company the way the fed government does like a Ponzi scheme of money from this year's taxes to pay the pensions and Medicare, Medicaid bills the feds would arrest you for breaking the law. But the U S government itself is a Ponzi scheme. There is NO money set aside in any of the federal coffers to pay those already promised 'benefits' to the people who paid into the system for decades; and the government is borrowing enormous, mind-boggling amounts of money from the Chinese, Russians, Arabs, and about 8 other countries.
Also this morning when I added that update about the Clintons someone tried to fry my computer again. The only entity that has the power to do that is the U S Pentagon according to computer repair people. When the power of the Pentagon to hack private computers, spy on citizens,and send radaremissions to try to scramble the code of privately owned computers of citizens who oppose Obama happens,then you know the goals of the Administration are to suppress citizens' speech, press and religious and political viewpoints.


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