Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Killing Plan B approved by Senate Killers;House oppose

In the Washington Post article shown here there is the news that the Senate rejected any restrictions on abortion funding if there is a government option or if the U S gets to regulate who gets health care in their fake reform bill. The article is no surprise since most of the Senators are the most wicked group in America, who hold onto their offices through unlimited franking privilege and RICO-violation sorts of ties with ngo's and lobbyist ['you scratch my back and I'll scratch you' is their methods]; and with buying votes and influence with things like the TARP Obama-enriching-plan-for-criminals-and-thugs, and other big schemes, and big money-laundering.

Of course you know I am opposed to abortion for any reason. Of course you know I am opposed to corrupt politicians. Of course you know I am opposed to the premeditated slaughter of innocents! I must have written those words or similar a million times of more since 1991,and in a variety of methods and formats.

If you do some historical research you will see how arrogant ungodly corrupt and wicked the senate of the ancient civilization of Greece became before the nation imploded. When GOD punished Greece, HE did that so effectively that those people would be one of the most impoverished as a nation without funding from the U S in the form of international buying power of millions of dollars of money from taxpayers { US AID] .

The only hope for this nation is for the nation to turn back to GOD. And hopefully, the U S House that is closer to the people and has more often changes of people will not agree with the U S Senate and deadlock the Congress/and resolution/ bill to 'reform' health care into killing plan B. Article at:

Oppose killing in all forms but especially when the victims are the tiniest most defenseless in the womb humans and especially when the Congress is trying to redefine them as not humans for the sake of commercialization of their bodies in order to get bribes and kickbacks from Big BIOTECH scams and BIG ABORTIONIST-Industry.

What appalls me is that some of those same infamous Jews who have the motto "never again' of a holocaust are the same Jews driving the Abortion Holocaust, and some of the biggest profiteers of the blood, tissues and cells of human beings. Where is that motto when discussing the tiniest Jews in the womb? Where is that motto when discussing the plan to kill off as many Jews in the womb as possible? Where is that motto when the Congress is laying a plan of evil to annihilate Jews in the womb? Where is that motto today 30-Sept-2009 in the United States when killing factories like gas ovens are in all big cities and running at full capacity? Where is that motto when the blood of Jews mingles with the blood of Christians and the blood of Muslims in the collection containers to be sent to be fractionated and 'studied'on glass slides violating every principle of the Nuremberg Germany laws that became internationally accepted after the trial of Hitler and his cronies? Where are those loud-mouthed Jews who should be protesting abortion in the halls of Congress and where are they when they should be hiring lawyers to stop abominable 'research' that kills and maims humans? Where are they?
/s/ Gloria Poole,R.N. and artist in oils, Denver Co 80203 @ 12:11 PM 3--Sept-2009
Update at 2:47PM same day after reading another article:
Sen Orrin Hatch tried to amend the bill to kill by protecting the conscience clause*, but the senate committee in the pocket of Planned Unparenthood rejected that amendment too, according to another article in Yahoo news today at: 2:40 PM 9/30/2009.

I quote from that article:

"The committee also rejected 13-10 a second Hatch amendment that would have strengthened current legal protections for health care professionals who refuse to perform abortions or other procedures on grounds of moral or religious objections."
Article at:

This shows how radical that Obama-killing-plan is. They want to overturn the conscience clause enacted by Pres Bush administration that allows Registered Nurses and medical doctors to refuse to participate in medical killing. The only outcome of that stupid and evil plan is that those doctors and nurses with a conscience will leave their professions, and by doing that, leave the wicked who kill for pay in the jobs. Where does that leave the sick ?

I thought once that Obama was only an educated fool, but now I think he is evil. With an evil heart trying to force a bill that pays to kill the vulnerable and that has no consumer protections from evil whatsoever. Those of you nurses and doctors who love THE GOD cannot participate in their plans to kill the innocents in womb, or the sick, handicapped or elderly. There is a very bad omen that the U S Senate committee owned by Planned Unparenthood is trying to undo the Hatch Amendments that have for a long time provided some protection to innocents. I am wondering what sort of thing GOD will have to do to undo that wicked Senate? What did it take to undo Hitler's evil plan to annihilate?
Update at 4:16 Pm after adding to my blog at: entitled "Gloria's Topics' and adding medical photos of tiny human there to remind Senators, and everyone, what health care is supposed to be about. Also I read some of the news of the Jerusalem Post via Google and I saw an ad that interested me. It is a PROLIFE ad and it is what Christians call 'pregnancy centers' I think if I understood it correctly. It is designed to help pregnant Jewish women deliver live babies,and thank GOD! All people should deliver live babies. When a woman is pregnant the only 'choices' at that time is a live baby or a dead one.Choose a LIVE baby! Choose LIFE! All people please choose life--always in every situation. Their website to help pregnant women is at:;
Update again @ 4:28 PM after reading about this:
I think he was talking about the abortion Holocaust?? correct? This quote by Democrat Alan Grayson and delivered on the U S House floor today:

“I would like to apologize,” he said. “I apologize to the dead and their families that we haven't voted sooner to end this holocaust in America.”

But those who believe in killing tried to tamp down the words by accusing him of becoming 'unhinged'. But I think he is on to something. There is an abortion holocaust and millions of tiny citizens have died because of it. If he is becoming more bold for life, then thank GOD!

Read article at:

4:25 PM 9/30/2009
Remember I am Republican and I say shame on the Republicans if they cannot see that what he said is the truth. How does a nation 'apologize' for nearly 100 MILLION dead innocents in the womb? What words could possibly make that evil acceptable? None really, it is merely an acknowledgement of the evil that exists in America, but for a Democrat to say it is somewhat miraculous.
Update at 5:25 after some research. There is an article written by Leonard Peikoff, entitled "Health Care is not a right' that makes a lot of sense to me. You could read his arguments against socialized medicine [plan of Obama's] at this :


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