Sunday, September 20, 2009

Is the Christian Science Monitor CHRISTIAN??

I read an article in the CSM about a recent poll asking Republicans who'd they vote for next election and Former Governor Mike Huckabee won. That is good news for me, a Christian since he is also Christian and Baptist. But the way the Christian Science Monitor wrote up that article is shameful. They stuck in totally unrelated news about some sport team no one ever heard of, and they downplayed the meaning of the poll. If any polls have meaning,it is as indicators of the mood on the day the poll was taken. How who won what sport/game figures into the equation of the next election in the seemingly secular so-called Christian Science Monitor is anyone's guess. But my guess would be that they were trying to negate the results of the poll, belittle it, to try to knock down the positive effect it would have on most real Christians to know a Christian born again believer was first in the poll.Hey, that is GOOD news to me!
Thank GOD for the news that Former Gov Mike Huckabee who as far as I know has never denied or negated his Christian views, or born again status.
Christian Science Monitor how do you define the word "Christian". ? IS it just a secular word you stuck on your ngo to get non-profit status? or what?
/s/ Gloria Poole, RN and artist in oils, photographer, writer; at home Denver Co 80203/80206; @ 11:19 AM, 20-Sept-2009;
update at 11:38 AM after reading this article:
written by Mark Hamister of the Buffalo {NY} News Opinion,and the article is entitled "Flawed Prescription'. It is the best analysis of the health care FUNDING bill I have read so far. It is funding of health they are discussing in mincing words, and obscure terms, and avoided subjects-- the who pays and how much and what penalties for those too poor to pay, and/ or for doctors who actually treat patients will be? When insurance companies' usually unskilled in medicine staffers start second-guessing every decision of medical doctors, that is not good. If you have ever asked a clerk at the courthouse a question about procedure and been told 'we cannot give you legal advice' then you know what I mean. But there are 535 Congress-people. How many of them are medical doctors who will be directly affected by the Baucus-Obama restructuring of who pays, what to whom, resolution? Does not knowing anything about medicine influence the Congress? NO it seems. Those lawyers have no qualms whatsoever at giving medical advice! What is wrong with that picture??


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