Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Censorship of NY Times & Dept of Education

These are my comments that the NY Times blocked from

being added to their public comments today on the

problems in American Education, and that they blocked by
illegally spying on me as a citizen and by hacking into my
computer and by adding a 'sniffer' file to my computer when I booted up; and they added that through
illegal maneuvers of the Obamaites. The NY Times has secretive interactive files that spy on either Christians, republicans, or prolifers or all of the above that signal their system to try to block your words. And they have lately begun to hack into blogs and private internet accounts of law-abiding citizens to attempt to censor and suppress speech they don't like or that opposes Obama or those vile Kennedys or those vile Clintons. I adding these here because I am mad, and because I document every time I am made to endure prior restraint of my First Amendment rights:

When I lobbied as a citizen at the Georgia State General

Assembly, the State Senator gave me a copy of the Dept of

Education standards for the state of Georgia. That was

some time ago, I admit. But the fact of the matter, in

the list of standards was NOT one standard about teaching

anything as a teacher.There were words like how well was

the teacher a 'facilitator", and 'a community resource",

and how well did the teacher play with other teachers?

HOOEY,. as far as teaching students is concerned. A

teacher that is not given raises or praises for TEACHING

subject matter, does not teach subject matter but instead

strives to be a facilitator--blah, blah,blah. Subject

matter has to be taught specifically not alluded too, or

casually mentioned especially in the primary grades,

where the building blocks of all learning take place.
My own and youngest daughter was in middle school at the

time I had those standards and she confirmed what I

suspected. She said her teacher polished her fingernails

in the classroom while telling the students to 'work

together on their projects" in group settings. One

student would do all the work, usually the brightest

student and the others in the group would get the same

grade--group grading. If the project got an A the entire

group got an A whether or not some of the students even

showed up for class! And in that same year a classmate of

hers went to class less than 20 times in the year and

passed the grade.
The problem with American education is not money. The

Dept of Education gets something like 75% of state

budgets in some states and yet it does not teach basics

like math, reading, comprehension, writing, critical

thinking. It teaches social attitude-change like women's

rights, [those are important but they are not subject

matters for schools] and black history [also important

but not THE issue to be taught in primary schools]. It

teaches socialism not a republic. It indoctrinates

students instead of teaching them to think for

themselves. That is why Americans are falling way behind

the world in leadership and respect.
/s/ Gloria Poole, Denver Colorado 80203
7:13 AM 9/23/2009
Update at 11:05 AM same day after more obvious censorship efforts by the government and or the NY Times:
In order to be able to write on your blogspot blog now you have to totally allow any cookie of any evil group including the federal government. That is one thing the fake Dept of Justice anti-fraud effort against Google accomplished. You cannot cause cookies to be restricted in order to sign into blogspot. BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT spy-machinery wants to put spy cookies on what you write.
And here is what I wanted to add but was blocked from adding until I allowed all third party cookies which I don't like on my computer:
Despot Obama is showing his obvious discrimination against NY Governor for his blindness--his handicap, and it is a sign of the times. Obama is not in favor of any handicapped person succeeding at anything in any way, and abuses his power to try to defeat them. I am an example. I have a mobility handicap now because of eleven pieces of metals [nails and screws and metal plate] in my ankle and fibula from domestic violence against me. And because of that the federal government and the State of Colorado government discriminates against me routinely. They denied me due process repeatedly, they denied me the victim's comp funds saying I did not report my injuries to the Police but I reported them to the Univ of Colorado ER and six Aurora EMT's and surgeons, ambulatory surgery center, and two of my then-husband's probation officers. Who had a duty to report domestic violence according to the laws of Colorado. My point is that the Obama discimination against the handicapped is the issue. Obama does not want to give any funding to handicapped people and he does not want them to be a success at anything or even voice their opinions. The proof of that is in his policies and his attitudes toward the current NY governor.
Also about censorship, what do you think is the motive for the federal government trying to prevent Humana a private corporation from notifying its customers of how changes in the so-called insurance reform will affect them? I call that prior restraint of free speech! Keeping the citizens in the dark about the evil schemes is always the plan of the wicked. Just vote no to Obama's plan to discriminate against handicapped, elderly, sick, disadvantaged. His plan is to redirect all the money of the world to his million dollar expense accounts and his perqs and the Clinton's travel-the-world on the taxpayers' dimes schemes.
/s/ Gloria Poole,


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