Friday, September 25, 2009

The Biggest Kennedy Scam Yet-Success/executor!

I hope the good people if there are any there in Massachusetts realize before it is too late the enormous conflict of interest in having the executor of the dead man's will and estate [who gets paid millions in that case] succeed to the places where the dead man raked in millions from illegal activities --bribes and kickbacks from BIG PHARMACEUTICAL and BIG ABORTION and BIG KILLEd-BABY_Processing_plants [euphemistically called 'research'] . How easy would it be to INCREASE the size of the Kennedy estate through continuity of that fraud, scheme, kickbacks, bribes and by so doing also increase the size of the executor's on-going payments from Kennedy's?. I call it organized crime. And in fact of these circumstances that Kennedy tried to arrange before he died, I think it calls some suspicion onto the sudden death of Kennedy who did not die of cancer, but of drugs delivered via prescription [medical killing aka euthansia]. In a way it is was a fitting death for a man who killed millions with his votes but to put the man who has a very clear motive to kill him, into his spot of BIG MONEY, BIG PERQS, BIG million dollar office and staffers that spend millions ? That makes no sense to me.
I know socialism is the form of government in Massachesetts that tried to mandate insurance payments for all three years ago and is now trying to wiggle out from under those ? And that tries to "equalize" the wicked with the righteous, when GOD said not to call the wicked righteous nor the righteous wicked?
In the news this am, it said there is a judge there with some sense and that Judge is considering blocking that Kennedy successor appointment. Well, what are you waiting for? Get it done! For the sake of the nation and the state of Massachusetts, and especially for the sake of the unborn children. Kennedy was complicent in the deaths of probably 100 MILLION citizens since that infamous and illegal Roe decision by his voting against human life for 50 years. Someone cut from his cloth is ne'er do well and it will not bode well for the nation to have a Kennedy clone in office.
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ 9:22 AM, 25-Sept-2009; Also Registered Nurse, @ Denver CO 80203


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