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Article Denver Post Today & Canada Free Press links Obama to ACORN

There is an article in the Canada Free Press [available to anyone who registers to recieve it into inbox] and I am including a link to the article here:

This article written by Sher Zieve says Obama was the lawyer for ACORN in Chicago and that he used them to get elected with their tactics. They have a vote often motto, [my words] and I saw some of that attitude in Colorado when I moved my voter registration only to discover that someone had tried to hijack not just my name my entire name but also my identity. When I challenged that saying to Colorado Secretary of State's election staffer that the person using my exact name that supposedly lived on a street I never lived on or ever had any sort of contact with in any fashion, could not be registered to vote there using my name, and their reply was 'so what? " She told me not to worry about it that it did not matter what name they use. My reply was that it matters a whole lot to me who uses MY NAME and how!
I don't know anything about the ACORN that has caused the furor in the news but I do know that there is a professional organization of Operating Room Nurses [the ORN ] that has the same acronym of ACORN and that they have existed for decades, and they are a professional journal for Operating Room Nurses. Why they have not challenged the use of their name by a bad organization, I do not know. I saw the professional magazine when I first worked in the Operating Room of a big hospital in Atlanta GA and as far as I know it exists still and is also a professional organization representing Operating Room Nurses much like the A.M.A is for doctors. But the ACORN of the news lately is apparently a very different sort of non-profit doing bad things and that is why it is in the news.
I don't think much of Obama for many reasons. One of them is his ties to the same man he tried to crucify {Gov Blagojevich [?spelling] } who knew too much about Obama, and recently another man tied to Obama supposedly committed "suicide" for knowing too much. Knowing what he knew politically IF I were the coroner I'd be asking a whole lot of questions and sending the investigators into that case. I am sure corrupt politicians should not be allowed and I am not arguing in favor of corrupt politicians for certain. But what I am saying is the Blaogjevich,and the two financiers of the democrats in office who died this week seem to be two peas in the same pod with Obama and that is probably why was run out of office when most of Chicago politics is corrupt for at least 100 hundreds, and two are dead in the past week. They knew how Obama manipulated the banks and system and they died because of that. See who visited them ??
Body count= 3 people who were familiar with Obama's rise to office are dead now and 2 of them very suddenly.
I am opposed to organized killing! And I am also opposed to organized crime and to organized d-r-ug smuggling and for that matter individual killing or d-r-ug- smuggling also! I am opposed to Obama and always was because he voted for infanticide when he was in the State Senate and because he gave millions of U S taxpayer dollars to the evil scheme of killing innocents abroad. I will never change my mind about him because of those two events, and I would not trust him to make any decision any more than I would trust the devil.JESUS said, 'the thief [the usurper of GOD's glory who is the devil] cometh not but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy; I AM come that they might HAVE LIFE and have it more abundantly." John 10:10 King James Holy Bible. And JESUS said, 'even so it is not the will of your FATHER [GOD] who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish." Matthew 18:14 same authorized Bible.
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203; tel 3038371261#2707 @ 8:23AM-17-Sept-2009;
Update at 12:47 PM same day after reading CNN article by Ed Rollins. I am opposed to Obama because of his politics and agenda not because of his skin color. I love the colors of red and also of purple but if Obama were a bright flaming red or a gorgeous amethyst purple I'd still oppose his politics and agenda. And there are many reasons from a Constitutional standpoint to oppose him. Read Rollins' article that I
q uote:"Government-ordered mandates for individuals to have insurance and business owners to provide it -- or pay a severe fine -- is setting new precedent. Who knows what gets mandated next? Just ask the nation's governors what federal mandated unfunded programs have done to their financial status."
[end quote]
Ed Rollins for CNN in article:
"Commentary: Carter is wrong on Obama's Opposition"
Read entire article at:
12:44 PM 9/17/2009
/s/ gloriapoole
Update at 8:22pm after reading some of evening news about John Rockefeller IV opposing Obama's plan because of the effect it would have on the lower-middle class 'working poor' classes. That is exactly one of my questions also. What happens to the family with children who have income but not enough income to pay $14000 a year for insurance but too much income to qualify for things like CHIP or Medicaid? What happens to those families since that is probably MOST of AMERICA at present? Are they to be repeatedly fined every time they need health care and present somewhere without a government issued "health care funding' card? And is so,how long do you think it would be before this nation experienced a crisis as never before in the economic realm, when citizens were forced to emigrate to avoid breaking the law by becoming sick without health care? What happens then? Yea, people get sick without care now but they have the option of their church helping them or cake sales [as I read about in the news recently] but they are not fined whopping fines on top of the problems of sickness and debt! How does the plan of Obama really help anyone except Planned Unparenthood and homosexuals? How does it help families? How does it help families where the wife is the homemaker and not earning a second income who is already accustomed to squeezing dollars and "making-do" as my grandmother said often to me when I was a child? What happens to the entire middle class of those too poor to pay $14,000 annually for any sort of insurance and too 'rich' to be on welfare where it is paid for them? What happens to them? Do we just jettison most of the U S population so Obama could gloat about his manuevering and campaigning skills to persuade people in the U S to accept huge debts to finance a plan that is going to ruin most of America? What happens to West Virginia where Mr Rockefeller represents where Applachia is,and mining coal is the most often livelihood and so is the 'black lung' etc that goes along with it.? What happens to those people? What happens to the people in the state of Georgia in the counties where jobs have been scarce since the civil war changed the way of life there and impoverished whole entire families who lost farms, land, livelihoods and generations have not recovered? What happens to the poor and the handicapped and the 'unwanted' and the sick and the elderly in Obama's plan? And please do not dare tell me that they will be better off because you know that is a lie. There is no way to reasonably expect that a government that could not adequately manage Medicare for a percentage of the population could manage a program that covered all of the population. It is unreasonable to think it could. Even insurance companies privately managed went belly up in the past few years from acts of GOD that wiped out all their money and they 'managed' their risks by not accepting the sick or high risk. So how does the government think it could do better if they allowed the sick,handicapped, elderly, into the program knowing they cannot contribute to it? And how does the government plan of Obama plan for this? No mention. Obama is a fool but not a stupid one, he knows that IF he tells the plan itself not only will it not be acceptable to anyone, neither he nor any other democrat will get reelected.
I am qualified to speak on the subject of having injuries serious injuries and needing health care and being dumped by a State University hospital because that happened to me, but I prayed and GOD provided a most wonderful orthopedic surgeon who helped me from the goodness of his heart and who gave me the courage to survive. I know what it feels like to be in that situation in other words. However, I do not think my feelings are what should compel this nation to radically rewrite the Constitution and put the government into the insurance business. The governments cannot do everything and the things they should do are the sort of things that a man could not do for his household [or a single mother] and that is protect the nation from invasion, deliver the U S mail, build roads, float a navy, maintain a military. A man could provide for his family's needs with the help of GOD easier than a government could except that for too long men have been made to feel as if they had no responsibility for their families,and the "let government do it" attitude became prevalent even among churches.
Having said that, I want to thank a democrat --Mr Rockefeller, something I never thought I'd ever do, for saying that he could not vote yea on Pres Obama's plan as it is and why. I read Titan the story of the elder Mr Rockefeller some years ago and I was impressed by his committment to the Baptist church and to THE LORD.Anybody who loves GOD is a friend of mine!
I do have a health care plan now and it is government and it is one I paid into 'the system' to have for 25 or 26 years. I am talking about events that happened after I came to Colorado when I was married the second time, but now divorced a second time and before I 'qualified' because of serious and permanent injuries to me in some ways. I think there is a huge difference in a nation providing for its sick, handicapped, tiny, elderly, and in writing plans to provide for able-bodied young capable men. And plans that would make everyone too poor to buy the proposed plan as presented by Obama instantly criminals! I am opposed to declaring most of the population as criminal for not having the means to pay $14,000 in premiums annually for a plan that they may not need for decades!
/s/gloriapoole ®
Update at 8:45 AM 18-Sept-2009 after someone tried to hijack my isp account for the second time this week requiring three reboots and resetting some things. Obama's hackers on the job last night, hey? IF you read the above words you will see I called Obama a fool. And then he abused his Patriot Act powers to try to destroy my paid for internet isp service! Not the first time as you know if you read my words. Obama and Clinton hackers have tried to destroy most of my Christian websites that oppose their evil plan for the world of killing all the unborn.
Here is the message I wanted to add that has taken 2 hrs of 'clawing back' my isp service that is paid up for weeks yet, but that which comrade Obama thinks belongs to him because he is his own god, it seems.
There is an article in the Denver Post today written by Darrell Harsanyi { I think I remember his first name but not sure] at:
and it is entitled "civility is overrated". And I liked it. Especially that sentence about that Taiwainese behaviour in their government. But here's the thing. It ignored the 'uncivil' remarks of Obama who called someone a 'jack---" . There is no doubt the man was a jack--- but to say it over an open microphone is a different thing. To be labeled as such by the President for behaviour fairly common in America* publicly is more shocking to me that a tennis player getting mad playing a GAME for heaven's sake. And I was not shocked at all about Congressman Joe saying the President is a liar, because the President is a liar. And I say "well, thank GOD for Congressman Joe Wilson-- a man with a mouth and courage at the same time'. Congressman Joe Wilson spoke for a lot of us who know that what Obama has promised in his Pied-Piper-lead-them-astray-plan-to-destroy-America, will destroy America and we citizens are NOT happy. It is morally wrong for Congress to set up a system for anyone to be labeled a criminal and fined for not being able to afford an annual premium of $14,400 [typical premiums for family 'coverage'] to pay a legalized scam which is all that insurance really is. If they pay out claims they don't make money--they figured that out a long time ago. It is a direct violation of the principle that one should not be jailed for poverty--a principle of Constitutional law, that America has always adhered too.
My question of Harsanyi is why didn't he mention the uncivilized word uttered on public microphone by Pres Obama in his listing of uncivilized behaviours? Courtesy to the President or cover-up, spinning the news?

[Footnote at *: stealing someone else's glory is what they teach in schools as a so-called right though I do not think it is a right. If you doubt it how do you explain the Wall Street fiasco of million dollar bonuses paid to men and women who totally destroyed their companies? And the celebration parties afterwards when they walked away with Billions of US taxpayers' money, or worst-- money borrowed by Congress with abuse of the authority of the US taxpayers to pay those criminals who raided their corporate accounts and stockholder's dividends, etc?? ]


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