Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A $750 per person penalty for NOT buying product?

This quote from the Wall St Journal today: "However, the penalty for those between 100%-300% of the poverty level remains unchanged from Baucus' earlier proposal at $750 per individual, with a maximum of $1500 per family."
This quote is from article in the http://online.wsj.com today at:
12:28 PM 9/22/2009

This infuriates me since neither the U S Congress nor despot Obama have any lawful authority in the U S constitution to mandate what citizens buy or do not buy. A penalty of $750 per person for those considered in poverty is a steep penalty. It seems to me the object of Obama's is capturing the wealth of the nation in as many ways as possible. Just vote NO to his fake reform bill!

And this is sort of good news:
Yea, ban on cigarettes and any product with tobacco and flavored with anything other than menthol? Using fruit or cinnamon or spice to entice kids to smoke is illegal now! Per news article in Google news and online.wsj.com. Also it bans any 'little cigar' or flavored cigarette. This is good news-
now if they would ban ALL cigarettes, that would be great. Why exclude menthol cigarettes? Don't they also have tobacco? BAN all cigarettes!
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ 12:39 pm, 22-Sept-2009 @ Denver Colorado 80203
Update at 1:31 PM, same day after reading the news:
It seems the nation's worst most socialist state is Massachusetts. Their rush to make sure that Massachusettes gets in on the pork laden in that phony reform bill is their reason to bypass the voters and jump right to the socialist's plan of appointing so-called senators. Of course no one is blind-sided by it.Everyone knows the idea is to put into office another socialist like the dead Kennedy and give that person a supposed advantage come January. I predict fifty years from now that dead Kennedy will be remembered if at all as the person who broke America shoveling money from families into Big PHARMA.
Update at 2:32 pm after reading some of my emails and finding this news bit:
This quote from Fierce HealthCare newsletter sent to me dated 21-Aug-2009:

" MA immigrants to lose state-subsidized coverage

By Dan Bowman

Last week, 30,000 legal immigrants in Massachusetts were told they would be losing their state-subsidized health coverage at the end of this month, and would receive "patchwork" replacement coverage, according to the Boston Globe. The replacement coverage the immigrants will receive only includes emergency care in hospitals, and community center service as portioned out by the Health Safety Net and MassHealth Limited, two state programs.

Gov. Deval Patrick (D) had fought to get full care for the immigrants--considered "special status" because they have been in the United States for five years, but still are not considered citizens--but the state's legislature only approved $40 million for that care (Patrick had asked for more than double that amount). Patrick's administration, as well as Brian Rosman, research director for consumer group Health Care for All, both agree that $40 million is simply not enough money to provide "meaningful coverage."

Regardless, the state's legislature wants state officials to come up with a plan for using the money; if an agreement cannot be reached, the money is likely to be given to the Health Safety Net program, instead."
[end quote]
2:24 PM 9/22/2009
It seems the much touted hooey of Massachusetts socialized medicine has already failed in how many years ? Two? Well, well, maybe that is why Kennedy took that hospice-killer drug-cocktail to avoid being discovered as having forced a plan that does NOT work??


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