Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Watch out Google, PUSH-News is a trick.;DNC Fraud exposed

I am writing an open letter to Google CEOS and staffers for their news section:
Watch for the latest Obama trick of floating fake news article on your article in an effort to 'push' the public to an idea that it not true. Don't let the propaganda trick you. The op-ed pieces and propaganda fake news often writes what real newspapers would call paid opinion pieces and/or Public Relations info, and sends it to the news in an effort to disguise propaganda as news.

Also, I have this question for the public:
did you connect the dots between Obama's sudden burning desire to visit Cape Cod with the absence of the health care industry puppet = Ted Kennedy from the Senate, and the public's protest against the Kennedy-Clinton-Obama socialism of America plan? Do you smell a skunk? Because I do! That skunk Obama and that skunk Kennedy are trying to railroad Massachusetts into appointing someone Obama wants. Obama meddling in local politics again like the Gates fiasco. And don't forget the connection between Fox news and the catholic church and the Joe Bidens, and the Nancy Pelosi's and the Ted Kennedy's .

What I am calling PUSH-news is what the aftermath of Hitler's Goebbels called propaganda and I am calling it push-news because it is 'pushed' to phones, twitter, google news, yahoo news, i.m., etc by the propaganda team of the White House with help from Microsoft and the democrat Carla Fioni of previous hewlett-packard spy network.

/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N. and artist in oils; Denver Colorado 80203 @ 11:28AM, 25-Aug-2009.
Also see http://sites.google.com/site/tapestriesflowers/ for my latest website.

Update at 12:14 PM, same day after reading Bloomberg news article about the fraud of DNC fundraiser Nemazee, who is to appear in Court in NYC. The article says he defrauded Citibank of $$$$ 74 Million while funding Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Now we see the hot hurry of Obama to 'reform' health care since Nemazee has ties to 'health care industry, media, oil, and natural gas, and other industries' per Bloomberg writer, and Nemazee is a Democratic Party Fundraiser. Read the article at:
Also remember that Ted Kennedy has made fortunes with his underhanded and illegal connections to the drug industry and the killed-baby-processing-plants-falsely-named-biotech. If you don't know why the so called reform plan of Obama is 1000+ pages it is to obscure the intention to redirect taxpayer money to bail Nemazee, and pay off H Clintons' campaign debts, and cover the tracks of all the crooked DNC fund-raisers who used the internet to siphon money out of US Banks by the billions. I knew the Clintons, Obamas and Kennedys were involved in the plan to rig health care to redirect the health care dollars to fraudulent schemes. I knew it!
Update at 3:37 PM, same day:
about an hour after I complained about the illegal connection between SENATOR Kennedy [taking bribes and kickbacks in exchange for votes, is illegal}, my telephone rang and it was the catholic woman who runs the building I live in,for the city of Denver Housing; where I live because of injuries I suffered in the state of Colorado that the state does not want to pay to me the rightful victim's comp money for. This was the so-called consolation prize. The catholic manager of the building had asked me to give her a copy of my bank statement about a month ago, but I refused, saying it is none of her business how I spend my money, that is lawfully obtained. I went in person to DHA and they told me that they did not send me a request for a copy of my bank statement and that there was no log entry on the computer that anyone from DHA sent any such request to me. So I did not worry about it, as I am sure of my rights as a citizen. I do not have to disclose my bank statement to any aprt manager. Or to Denver Housing or the catholic church for that matter. I am not catholic and never was. Now here's the thing, today after writing this entry the catholic manager called me on the telephone and told me that DHA was throwing me out for what reason, she did not say. She threatened to put my stuff on the street, though my rent is paid up and though such tactics would surely be illegal in America. For some reason, she thinks she makes the rules for HUD and for DHA . Now I know she doesn't . Colorado has a catholic governor and he may be in on the scheme,but there are laws about such things. So I am posting this here to defy her. She is not my boss and she is a paid employee of Denver Housing it seems. She does not know the Constitution or the laws of the state. I know she is behind all of this because she told me the first year I moved here that "if I'd let her copy all my financial documents she would make my life easy'. I said no way. She then refused to allow me to use the elevator to go to the floor that has the washer and dryer on it, until I complied with her request to give her copies of my bank info. I did not comply and so I have to have to wash my clothes in the tub and hang them in my tiny aprt. I am not giving her copies of my bank statement, not now, not ever. I have the same liberties though poor as the rich people do. I am not giving her control of my income or of how I spend it or of my internet accounts, or of my life. I pay rent her that has always exceeded the 30% of my income as allowed by HUD,and it is for a dwelling not a prison cell. I am living here for a reason, and if Colorado paid me the adequate victim's comp that I am entitled too, because they refused to enforce the laws, and I was injured by a felon on cocaine who is known to be violent, I could live anywhere in the US since they would have to pay me what I earned as a Registered Nurse. But they through the catholic connections stole my ssi income, my food stamps, my AND funds, and now they want to steal the money I have left. The democratic-controlled court system of Colorado knows my exhusband does not pay me what they ordered him to pay and yet they do nothing to enforce that either. So writing on the internet is my only way of fighting back. And for certain, I am not giving any catholic that info knowingly or willingly since I am not willing to be in the catholic controlled database! I forgot to add that the same catholic manager forged my name to a document for DHA by using cut and paste then photocopying it,and DHA Manager at the
DHA office showed it to me. She is also the same person who told me I had to leave my aprt so the electrician could rewire it and insisted though the electrician did not insist. I did leave for a few hours and when I came back two of my containers that I store my things in,was sitting in the hallway emptied by thieves. I am defying her and DHA to try to take away my First Amendment liberties to criticize the catholics if I want too,and to criticize the government, if I want too [First Amendment liberty] and to retain possession of my possessions and my identity including my bank account. I also suspect she was somehow involved in that etrade fiasco in which a bank checking account was stolen from me since they mailed paperwork to me here. I also know for certain that a family services paper check mailed to me in the beginning did not come to me, but was intercepted by someone working in the office on first floor.
I did stop payment on it, but after that is when the money from the state of Colorado quit coming to me and started going to ??????
Update at 4:16 PM after remembering more of this two-year long event:
The same woman with the name of Nancy R intercepted a fax sent to me after she told me I had to move my car from the lot,that I was not allowed to keep a car on the lot. The federal judge gave me that car again after the District Court Judge had given it to me 18 months before that. I did sell that car for $150 because Nancy R insisted that I had to be able to stay here. The fax that was supposedly sent to me was sent to me by a catholic supposedly in California that just happens to tow away cars but the fax did not come to me but was intercepted by the office on first floor. They have intermittently turned off my water in my aprt, and send 'maintenance" here with no warning whatsoever . I am not their "beck and call girl"! Or anyone else's for that matter. I know the laws regarding tenancy and they have to abide by them the same as everyone else. Other people are allowed to have cars in the parking lot here but for some reason she was determined I was not going too and told me if I did not sell it, she'd tow it to her ??? .The battery in it was removed and the front tire was flattened after it was brought here on a flat bed truck. IF the government hired people who actually knew the laws of the U S what a relief that would be for everyone.
I had to sign back in again because I forgot this to tell: When I went to DHA at 777 Grant St to ask about Nancy R's demand for my bank statement, the woman working at DHA said I was 'recertified' in May of this year and that is 'good until next May'. Nancy told me on the phone today that since I did not give her the 'recertification' info [my bank statement was what was on the form she asked for] for July and that is why she said, "DHA would throw me out onto the street." I figure I have suffered a great deal of humiliation, injury, loss, deprivation since coming to Colorado and her threats don't intimidate me and I told her I 'd push it to a hearing since all people living here [I think about 170 people] might all be better off without a person in charge like Nancy R. that is a despot and does not go by the laws of either HUD, or DHA or the U S Constitution. It amounts to government invasion of privacy-- a violation of the Amendments to the U S Constitution-- and it amounts to coercion to not be allowed to use the washer dryer if I want to hold onto my meager income.And it amounts to extortion, and it amounts to violation of civil liberties to be threatened with eviction for protesting the catholic Kennedys. /s/ Gloria Poole, @ my home, Denver Colorado 80203 @ 4:35PM same day.


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