Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Prolifers in U S Senate: Strike while the iron is hot;

The news that Ted Kennedy is gone is not sad news for the preborn/unborn, since he was one of their worst enemies. GOD has done great things in removing that man from the Senate and also removing Obama from it, and also removing Hillary from it. The political climate to get prolife legislation passed has never been greater! The three most notorious prodeathers are gone from power to vote on public law, and thank GOD for that.

My daddy who is also dead since 2004 always taught not to speak ill of the dead, but I am not superstitious and I figure Kennedy has 50 years to repent. He was not naive after he got in that Senate as to the evil in the world and the goal of what the Congress was supposed to do. And that was not to annihilate the citizens or future citizens of these States.

Also, I would guess after reading the news that he was sailing at Cape Cod the day he died, that the evil plan he helped devise [hospice] got him. Did he die with a whopping dose of morphine IV to depress his respirations to respiratory arrest, coupled with thyroid pills to stop his heart, and diuretics to deplete his potassium, to make sure his heart stopped? Hospice has devised a killer 'cocktail' and it works immediately, I am sad to say. It killed two of my mother's siblings in the past few years. It is the other organization from hell, with the other other being that killing machine of Planned Parenthood that is misnamed since they do not intend for people to be parents.

Good bye Killer Kennedy! I am sure you went to hell, where those who kill millions go, and you were as guilty as if you had done it personally. Now if GOD would dispatch the rest in the Senate who are the accomplices to mass murders of millions, this nation might have a future after all.

/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203; @ 10:30AM, 26-Aug-2009


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