Monday, August 03, 2009

Obama-Gate breaks into your computer with sniffer

I am MAD! I spent from 4:02 pm until 5:26 PM trying to do a simple five minute task on my own computer. Finally after three reboots I decided to look at the WINDOWS files. In my computer-> Windows->Help-> I found a file named 'sniffpol.dll" !!!! A sniffer file is a bad thing that phi-shers and con-men use to get things like passwords and credit card info. Who put it there and how I do not know but I suspect Obama and his voodoo krewe since I oppose them most of the time for their scheme to depopulate, impoverish and ruin America. I really hate being spied on by anyone but especially through a Microsoft file or any file on a computer that is part of a recognized and supposedly honorable system. The warnings in the book 1984 are here in the year 2009 that as you watch your computer, your computer will be watching you. BIG BROTHER government ! I remember when Nixon was ousted from the White House for his staff breaking and entering a single building. Yet Obama and his high-tech millionaire computer-people [paid staffers] routinely break into computers and routinely try to prevent those who oppose them from being able to get on line or write to oppose them.

I despise con-men, liars theives and reprobates! They are all hell-bound for destruction but they are NOT taking my computer or me with them!
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203/80206 @ 5:31PM 3-Aug-2009


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