Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just vote NO Government takeover of Banks, Health Care

Government Takeover of more banks is planned:
According to Bloomberg News today the feds have taken

over 81 banks and are setting up 111 more for takeover,

and the FDIC is broke, and borrowing money to do that.

And according to MarketWatch there are 416 'troubled'

banks in the U S.
Read the Bloomberg article at:


Also read please an article in the NY Times written by
Nicholas Kristof entitled "health care fit for animals"

I have disagreed with Mr Kristof on many occasions but

this article in on target or as the Brits would say 'on

spot' about the goals of the insurance industry. I have

always said that their goal is to make money not heal the

sick. And there are many others that also remind people

of that including Professors at the University of Georgia

in the 80s. I have survived some traumatic events but it

was not government run health care that resolved them,but

private care given by good doctors from the goodness of

their hearts. Government run programs often have nurse

practitioners or Physician's Assistants {P.A.s] instead

of real doctors to save money. Remember this: a nurse has

3-4 years of schooling, and an advanced practice nurse

usually has from 18-24 months more training on top of

that. A Physician's Assistant has 2 years more of

schooling on top of a varied assortment of degrees

including education, so may only have 2 years of

education and experience in health care industry by the

time they are given government's permissions to write a

Rx for legal medicines. Then compare that 2 year

knowledge base to a real M.D. who has 4 years premed with

specialized courses, 4 years medical school, then

internship, then residency training. For some specialities
the residency training period is from 8-16 years e.g.
plastic surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, thoracic surgeons.
The focus ObamaCare has is not about quality of services
at all but in not giving any meaningful help except to those
deemed to be important to society and not giving any meaningful
help to those considered 'old' or 'disabled', or 'non-productive'
or 'in the womb' or 'politically disadvantageous to the democrats' .
I am opposed to the takeover of the banks and for a lot of reasons.
The Congress and the federal government has already proved itself inept
at running businesses. Consider Fannie May, Freddie Mac, and also
consider the so-called regulatory agencies of the FEC, SEC, FDIC,
[which after all must have failed tremendously if banks have no reserves
to cover their own losses] and the FCC that allowed Microsoft to gain
total control of nearly every computer in America with its so-called
Microsoft advantage program which they use to 'lock' you out of you own
bought and paid for computer if they don't like what you write on blogs or
I am also opposed to the government takeover of health care as an industry
and of the money to pay for it. Vote NO to Obama's plan to divert real life-giving
attention from the sick, elderly, handicapped, in the womb persons, to the organizations that
kill such as Planned Parenthood abortuary,and hospice from hell.
/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N. and artist, Denver Colorado 80203, ! 11:02 AM, 27-Aug-2009
Update few minutes later after realizing I could add more info to this:
I had a paid position in nursing as a medical peer review nurse and in the process
of that, I had to read medical records [often research diagnoses and treatments] and
then apply a set of government issued 'rules and regs' to the situation. Those rules
and regs are called 'protocols' for who gets health care. I had that position in the
80's and I learned a tremendous amount in every area of medical knowledge. I also learned
how the government dispenses health care including how they control privately paid for insurance by setting the rules that apply to all, when they decide them for Medicare and Medicaid.
Remember that the monies paid out for the Medicare and Medicaid already existent programs
are funneled through private insurers in most cases, so they get their cut off the top.
Also remember that hospice --the killing arm the government pays for--has the goal to do away with the sick, elderly,'terminal' [everyone in this life is on a "collision course" with that same destiny as eternal life is NOT on this earth,meaning that every day you live you move closer to dying,but living long life is GOD's plan. See Psalms 91:16, KJV] They get paid by 'blocks' of time spent and they get paid by what was called HCFA [health care financing administration] code when I worked for them but now called CMMS I think. Name changed but not sure of to what? The code is designed as a one size fits all. It pays for certain diseases but not other diseases, so the unscrupulous [and often inner city hospitals ] make sure every record has the disease the government pays for it on it. That is why there was a sudden increase in 'diabetes' since the government pays hospitals for that diagnosis and apparently also pays pharmacies for supplies and drugs for it. So the rules in themselves encourage the fraud if a person has no integrity and believe me the numbers of people in the health care industry who are mercenaries [there only because it pays well compared to other jobs] is legend. Hospice gets paid to deliver health care as they so loosely define for a six month block of time all at once [or they did not sure if changed but I don't think so.] Now this is a no brainer. If you were an evil person and you know you are going to get paid for six months regardless of what you do for a person and if that person requires a lot of attention, and hands-on care and lifting, and bathing, and spoon-feeding, and 24/7/365 intense attention, how much incentive is a six months block of time to you to get paid if you know the way to kill the person with legal drugs? I mean if they kill the person within 24 hours with drugs, they still get paid the six months of time for 'services'. I saw that almost happen but I intervened and stopped it but I learned how it is done, and I was and am appalled at hospice existence for that reason.It puts vulnerable and very sick people into the hands of the immoral and gives the immoral the 'legal authority' to kill them off. If you don't think so, how do you explain the death of Michael Jackson? He was not on hospice but his doctor felt no compunction about giving him whopping doses of many drugs to 'ease his discomfort' or "relieve his pain", the buzz words of the past few administrations particularly the democratic administrations to wink-wink at killing with drugs. When doctors kill,and there is no punishment for it, watch out, because Nazi Medicine is knocking at the door.

Oops I forgot the footnote so adding it:
* Microsoft Advantage as it is called is supposed to protect the rightful owner of the Microsoft software but I am the rightful owner of about 4 computers with Microsoft on them. One of them I bought from Wal-Mart years ago brand new in 2003, one I bought from a thrift store in 2007 in pretty good condition, and one I bought from Office Depot afterwards, all loaded with Microsoft software. I registered the new ones with them -->>BIG MISTAKE! They know me to be prolife and opposed to the Democrats agenda for the world of depopulation, government takeover of everything,abortion and sodomy. Being politically correct and wanting to stay in the good graces of those who hand-out billions from Congress, Microsoft locked me out of my computer repeatedly for years! I had to totally disable my Vista software on my Office Depot computer to be able to get ANYTHING on my computer except a blank white screen with a small note at the bottom telling me the $600 computer I bought from Office Depot had stolen software on it! I had the Microsoft seal of authenticity, the disk they gave me at purchase of the software and fool that I was I bought an extended 2 yr warranty for an additional $90. Microsoft did nothing to replace it or make it right. I sent it back to the Office Depot via their courier and they supposedly repaired it and they KEPT the disk belonging to me and refused to send it back when I called to remind them, and then the next time I rebooted it said, it has stolen Microsoft software on it again, and so either Office Depot, or Microsoft or the Microsoft certfied repair shops that Gateway runs are lying or all of the merchants are. OR the other possibility which I think is more likely considering that if Office Depot continued to sell stolen merchandize they would lose customers and/or get arrested ..Microsoft does not mess around with theft of their 'software' that seems to remain theirs even after you spend $600 to get it. On the other hand, Google goes the extra mile to help people tryiong to find a way to raise themselves out of poverty and they offer many services for free, and for their paid for premium services of google apps they guarantee they will work for you 99% of the time. Microsoft guarantees you that IF they don't like you, the money you spend on their products will be in vain.
I had lunch and while thinking on this decided to write some that might help the public analyze the situation as it is not as they wish it were. I am presently writing on a computer that was a freebie to me since after Microsoft 'killed' my computers that I spent $859 for in 2003, and $600 plus tax for in 2007, and while I was trying to teach myself enough computer programming to rewrite the code of them so they were usuable again, I discovered that Microsoft was controlling my computer network yesterday even though I never signed up for, and have another isp that I pay for. I am reasonably sure that all the so-called 'viruses' and 'worms' are the doing of the propaganda teams of computer professionals like Carla Fioni who worked for hewlett-packard at the time I bought a hewlett packard in 2003 and was even then opposing abortion. But she is a Planned Parenthood column of activity and she used her inside knowledge gained by spying with microsoft software to disable my computer and when I reported that to the authorities she was somehow chastised supposedly for hewlett-packard spying. They send a new one every time the prolifers figure out how to bypass the old one or defeat it. After all Planned Parenthood though misnamed [since it is Planned Unparenthood at government expense, via Dept of Justice, Dept of Defense, etc, and usually labeled AIDS prevention, or 'health care' or 'reproductive services' or 'womens services' or ' blah, blah blah' but it always has billions of USD attached to it] is a BILLION dollar evil industry of killing, chopping and dicing humans. If I were a betting woman [but I am not and never was] I would bet that the so-called TARP funds included money to Planned Parenthood and to the fake biotech industries, and to the wireless, wi-fi, and computer companies such as Microsoft and hp that are determined to force socialism on the nation as they consider themselves 'agents of change' [remember Obama's slogan of propaganda, groupthink?].


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