Friday, August 28, 2009

Demonic Democrats Strike Again from their darkness

I wrote the other day that I had recieved a notice per telephone that I was to be 'thrown out onto the street' for basically protesting the abortuaries and the President. No reason given except that I did not provide them with my bank statement.The written letter sent by certified mail that a DHA staffer signed for, said it was because I refused to give them my bank statement. I am not giving them my bank statement for several reasons:
1) it is violation of the Fourth Amendment to be free of unreasonable searchs of private info by the federal government.I am not on any sort of 'hand-out' program and subsist on money received back from disability insurance taxes paid into the U S 'system' for 25 yrs. And on that topic it is not much money for those of you working your behinds off in nursing for decades--when you need that money the state you live in will try to find some way to transfer as much of it to them as possible, by denying you other benefits that the poor get so that you have to subsist. DeGette is afraid that after she used treachery and deceit to take away food stamps from me after I was injured,and to take away Colorado A.N.D. funds and to take away SSI money that illegal aliens from Mexico get on the rationale as told to me that was because I am a U S citizen, and to take away by not enforcing three Judges' orders for my second exhusband to pay me restitution, that they have left me with the money to afford internet services, and therefore oppose Obama, DeGette, and Clinton via internet. And they are afraid that I will campaign in some way for the passage of the personhood amendment and they are right--I will..

2)I went to the Denver Housing Authority and met with the Greek-named lawyer. I found out that the effort to throw me out is politically motivated. So then I asked myself why and by whom? And I knew the answer. Congresswoman from hell D DeGette is big time in the killing business and is one of Planned Unparenthood's and BIG ABORTION INDUSTRIES most loyal supporters. Her plan to depopulate the nation and send all the "human material" to fake research labs for chopping,dicing, slicing, is told often by her own self in photo-ops provided by the Denver Post. I oppose her for reasons that killing is immoral and a sin against GOD as written in the Commandments of GOD ,"thou shalt not kill'. [Exodus 20:13,KJV} . That opposition is no secret. She abused her Congressional power to get my bank statements in 2006 when my mail was to be sent to the first PO Box I had in Denver at 46017 and then she after she got the internet account numbers, she took down or caused to be taken down through lies and treachery my websites that opposed her by name. She is trying that evil again. I am opposed to corrupt Congress people.[ Also I moved my PO box to 61513,Denver Colorado 80206 in June 2007 to try to get control of my US mail from thieves and congress-people.
3) Colorado is gathering signatures to put on the ballot this November the 'personhood amendment' and I am in favor of that for every state. Congresswoman-from-hell-DeGette is opposed to it because it would dry up her source of illicit money, bribes and kickbacks. Congresswoman DeGette and her cronies of Jezebel Hillary and Baby-Killer-Barack are trying their worst evil to force on the nation a plan to kill more babies in the womb, sell their flesh to fake research labs, chop,dice and shred them and then send the money to H Clinton, Obama, DeGette, John Lewis, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer and many others in that corrupt Congress who made their fortunes off human flesh and blood. I am opposed to corrupt legislators at every level.
4) I am also opposed to Congresswoman-from-hell-DeGette abusing authority to interfere into my accounts and I am also opposed to Congresswoman-from-hell-Pelosi pretending to visit the catholic run charity clinic to see what it is about, while gathering information she has no right too,about the people who went there [ meaning me in this case, when I went there in hysterics from injuries, pain, abandonment, attempts by my then-husband to kill me only to be told by them that [since he is catholic and I am not] they stuck a label that is not true on me in an effort to tamp down my testimony in Court. But they did NOTHING for the pneumonia I had or for the swelling and purplish condition of my injured leg and ankle. I am opposed to federal interference into my private matters and the Constitution does not allow that. I am opposed to legislators who think the U S Constitution does not apply to them.

I asked for a hearing before a Constitutional Judge on the matter of whether they could evict me for NOT giving them my bank statement. Since they have already the proof of my income and they have ways to verify what my exhusband did not pay, [Family Services of Colorado provides a very convenient way to do that and all agencies know of it.] It is harrassment intended to force me out of the only place I could afford on my income in an effort to intimidate me into silence and squelch my First Amendment liberties to protest the government. I intend to push the matter for the sake of all humans that find themselves injured by violent cocaine-whacked husbands [I am divorced from that second husband and thank GOD], and left crippled and disoriented to die, but didn't and found a place to live. The wicked always count on the humiliation and embarrassment of those injured to create a total silence, to protect the wicked; but I am overcoming that humiliation and embarassment since I did not do anything wrong; except survive catatrosphic [?sp} injuries to me, and find a place to live and am now trying to create sources that are reliable and trustworthy [putting my paintings on line trying to build up a market to increase my income from below poverty level.] I don't think it was wrong for me to survive but the enemies of GOD, do, and those who kill for money, and those who profit from a organized crime of killing of innocents in the womb, also do.
/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N.,and artist Denver Colorado 80203; @ 10:30 AM, 28-Aug-2009


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