Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Classic Example of Paid Propaganda: Fake Science Article

I read the headlines and saw the photo of Michael Jackson above it and read some of the false statements in the so-called science article in the Yahoo news today about how to save the planet and their moron idea was to save the planet for the weeds. Stupid people without brains or ability to think at all, and without consciences are the sort driving the kill-the-children-movement in America. Those who are merely morons are harmless but those that are stupid AND wicked at the same time are very dangerous. If you study how propaganda is accomplished you will see that article is a classic example of propaganda. They stuck a well-known face on the top of it. That is one point of propaganda--name dropping. Association by image sort of, even if the image was a stolen one. And then they state a bunch of lies and put the label of 'science' on it. There is nothing scientific about killing--even the stupidest moron could accomplish that with a full bottle of aspirin or almost any household cleaner. It does not take scientists or geniouses to kill. IN fact geniuses hardly ever kill or none that I know of has ever been accused of that.Think of Dr Albert Einstein or Dr Schweitzer or Mozart, or Beethoven, or Michelango the artist.
Of course that article is intended to be a prodeather article promoting the ungodly and evil idea of abortion as necessary to 'save the planet' for morons and weeds. Those people who think that deserve hell.
Killing off your children [offspring] in the womb is the MOST EVIL idea that ever was and it is a sin against GOD who wrote in stone the commandment "thou shalt not kill'. The idea of abortion is from hell and if you do that,[kill your children] hell is where you will end up on GOD's judgement day if you do not seriously repent before you die, and confess your sins before ALMIGHTY GOD before you die. There is no such place as purgatory and you do not get a second chance. IF you leave this planet without a relationship of the proper sort with GOD ALMIGHTY you will go to hell. There is no second chance after you die. Your eternal residence is decided while you are on the earth--if you forsake GOD HE will forsake you and cast you into the pit.
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203 @ 10:01AM 4-Aug-2009
Update at 2:17PM same day after receiving ANOTHER call from the s-c-am that has the phone number of 12282098325. I know it is a scam for these reasons and I am posting it here so AT & T will hopefully see and block the phone number of 12282098325 a scammer and phi-sher number.
I am sure it is a scam for these reasons:
1) it is an automated call that announces 'credit card services"
2) It regularly occurs on Tuesday's;
3) and is not in any way associated with any legitimate bank services;
4) it alters the incoming signal of telephone services and sometimes internet connection so must be a wifi enabled call;
5) it seems to be trying to see if any one is at home so it might be a setup for robbery .
6) AT& T is in the news as controlling telephones and that is why I ask AT & T to block that number but I do NOT have AT& T for my phone services.
I am posting this here to warn the public and before I wrote this I googled the phrase 'credit card services' and saw that other people have come to the same conclusion but my caller ID captured their phone number so I am telling!
/s/ Gloria Poole @ 2:23 PM 4-Aug-2009 Denver Colorado 80203


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