Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cannot be replaced? OH PLease! Get real!

I read a statement in the media pump-up of the death of Ted Kennedy and it is untrue. Everyone could be replaced. Even the President is replaced intermittently. Anyone who quits a job or is fired, is replaced if the job was important. Kennedy did not do anything great for this nation. He ramroded through a plan to transfer MOST of the assets of the Medicare fund to the Pharmaceutical companies. He killed a woman. He was accessory to the deaths of MILLIONS of innocents in the nation. He was a womanizer,liar, cheat, swindler, and he made his millions from the blood and tissues of human beings. He is in the category of a Hitler in my opinion. He could have, should have done something to end the massive slaughter of innocents in the womb, with his power he amassed not through legal means [not with lawful authority] but with cozying up to crooks, con-men, abortionists [murderers], fraudsters. There was nothing honorable about Ted Kennedy or the way he ran his Senate office that I could detect when I went to his Senate office in the 90's to ask him to repent of his support of killing of innocents. He was nothing but a bureaucrat and a very corrupt one. His staff asked me what I had to give to him when I asked to see him.

When I first read the statement in the news that he could not be replaced, I thought of two situations very different. Should Germany have 'replaced' Hitler with another like him? Or was it better NOT to replace that evil? The other situation most different, that I remembered from when I worked in the main OR [operating room] of a county hospital years ago. I was the First Assistant; meaning I held retractors, mopped blood that pooled in the incision, held whatever the surgeon told me to hold as long as he said to hold it, and this was a paid job for me as a Registered Nurse. In the course of that, one day a surgeon that I greatly admired said to me, "Gloria, don't let anyone ever deceive you about the importance to the world of any particular person. [We had been talking about how GOD controls all.] If I during the course of this surgery suddenly dropped dead, the circulator would stick her head out the door of the OR and whistle and say HEY, we need a surgeon in here pronto!. Everyone could be replaced and is replaced at times.' The Bible says GOD raises up another and that HE puts down 'kings' and raises up Kings. So the fact that the media is trying to pump up the awful deeds of Kennedy into something 'royal' as one wrote today in their attempt to make something of a molehill who knew how to put the squeeze on anyone who called on him to do his paid job, means to me paid op-ed pieces by someone. The Kennedy 'legacy' as the limousine liberals like to name it, never was anything. John Kennedy made one significant memorable speech, and then for his philandering and murder of the actress who knew too much, GOD's justice took him down. And Bobby Kennedy did nothing memorable that I could think of except get assassinated for probably being the method or the one who paid for the drowning of Marilyn Monroe. And what legacy does Edward [Ted] Kennedy have that people should remember? He killed a woman then pleaded drunkenness as his excuse. He womanized for decades. He was an alcoholic. He participated actively in the premeditated murders of MILLIONS since that ungodly Roe v Wade usurpation of power by the Supreme Court [usurpation of power because there is NO authority for the Supreme Court to write/ create new public law]. He did not ever call for the impeachment of the Justices after that though the U S Senate has the power to do that. He did not ever champion the cause of the innocents.He did not ever do one honorable thing in nearly 50 years as a U S Senator.He voted against human life for decades, and he ramroded through extortion, corruption bribes, carrot and stick maneuvers plans that have bankrupted this nation as an entity.
It disgusts me when I read paid op-ed pieces glorifying sin, vice and corruption, as somehow worthy of honor or respect. I am grateful that GOD removed Ted Kennedy from the Senate for the sake of the innocents in the womb, and that HE also removed Hillary and Barack too, so they have no voting power. And I am praying that GOD also removes from the U S Senate any who is the champion of killing of innocents including Nancy Pelosi, John Lewis, Charles Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Olympia Snowe, --every one including those not named here, who have methodically, consistently voted against human life time after time, and by doing so, have empowered evil to flourish in this nation. Killing of innocents is always a wrong, never a right. GOD wrote the words in stone, "thou shalt not kill', [Exodus 20:13, KJV] and that is HIS commandment still for all generations and all civilizations. GOD is not mocked. And it is written, 'be not deceived.GOD is not mocked. For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." Ted Kennedy forced through a drug bill to make the taxpayers buy drugs as the 'saviour' of the sick. Those drugs did not save him, nor Michael Jackson, nor the DJ found dead yesterday. Drugs, chemicals, do not save people.There are some good medicines made from the leaves of trees as the Bible says in two places, but those made from aborted babies are deadly,and those made from chemical concoctions are deadly, and those made from horses' urine [womens so -called hormone replacements] are likely to lead to cancer, and those made from humans' tissues is cannabalism and is not pleasing to GOD and is not going to help anyone.Ted Kennedy thought drugs were the saviour of the world and GOD proved him wrong. And he died because of his pagan beliefs and sins against GOD in the manner of defying GOD it seems to me. He continued to hold up a government-controlled 'plan' to be the 'saviour' and it did not save him. He had the best health care money could buy at taxpayers' expense and the most drugs and treatment of anybody in the US. He would not have been treated aggressively for his cancer at his age if he had not been Senator, YET it did not save him. GOD is not mocked.
/s/ Gloria Poole R.N., and artist, Denver Colorado 80203; @ 8:04AM, 29-Aug-2009


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