Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a pity that killing of Blacks is illegal [intended to provoke]

I read an composite of letters today in the NY Times lamenting the killing of the abortionist in Kansas. And it infuriates me that the NY Times would post letters promoting the right to kill innocents and the so-called special rights of women to kill their offspring when they are the most tiny and the most innocents. Abortion is evil personified and so is promoting it as a right. And yet a newspaper with the history of the NY Times promotes killing as a so-called right often. When will they repent? When GOD raises up a nation from afar to bomb their headquarters? Then will life take on meaning for them beyond the wicked creed of killing as mantra? And tell me why does the US seek and destroy those schools in foreign nations that teach jihad while the public schools in the U S teach the premeditated killing of the most innocent the most vulnerable as a so-called right every school day in every class and every textbook. The big time propaganda of the Roe v Wade killing machinery rolls on 24/7/365 with taxpayers' money and churches that have forsaken GOD's teaching altogether to get the blood money from abortionists and corrupt, wicked politicians who sold their souls to the devil.

I put a title on this to intentionally provoke and to have the same effect of provoking blacks since there is a black President, the effect that the NY Times intended to create in the minds of the people when they promote the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb in their news and op-ed pieces. And I intend to provoke the black races who seem to be the future of the world to realize that when they create false and evil laws to say it is all right to kill, then they are also likely to be killed by one of their own? Have the black races come so far from their slavery ancestry that they have forgotten that black men do not own GOD's world, and in fact,black men are the MOST VIOLENT group of men there is according to statistics. They think nothing of beating up their women or killing them or abandoning them or impregnating them then denying it; or going into a court room and saying " I am black and therefore I should not be punished' nonsense. Gates should have been arrested it seems to me and Obama should have stayed out of the Policeman's job and Gates should have had the usual punishment for white people who broke that law about civil disruption and disobeying law enforcement. Black men are without morals AS A CLASS of people. IF you want to label me, go ahead I do not care.I have painted paintings to try to make the world think of black men [and all people] as being noble [you may see the paintings I painted in that topic called ethnic paintings at and click the name of each and it should open. That is a repository site and it should be safe but I cannot guarantee it since I have had some of my photos of my paintings I painted stolen intermittently from repository and display sites.]
The point is the Obamas and the Gates do not run the world. GOD does. And GOD is not mocked. It would be the greatest irony of all if the first black President would be recorded in history as being the President that destroyed America since the blacks never acknowledged the people who did help them or who did hide slaves or who did promote life for them also; and they never acknowledged the Civil War the nation endured to set them free. I believe according to scripture that IF Obama and his voodoo krewe continue to pay for abortions and the chopping/slicing,dicing of human flesh and blood that GOD will destroy this nation as thoroughly as HE destroyed Germany for tolerating Hitler's killing,and Russia for tolerating the murders of their Czar and his family. GOD is not mocked. And the NY Times is not an impenetrable fortress to GOD.
/s/ Gloria Poole @ Denver Colorado 80203 @ 7:40 AM 30-July-2009
Update at 10:28 AM same day:
Was the phony medal of freedom to the worst citizen of the U S [Ted Kennedy] part of the deal Obama made with the devil? And tell me please what Ted Kennedy who was not ever in the military and never as far as I know fought for anybody's freedom, has to do with deserving a 'medal of freedom"? Or how about Billie Jean King who played tennis? Must Obama make a mockery of every U S constitutional idea [liberty] and the military at the same time? What did Billie Jean liberate? the tennis ball? And what did evil Ted Kennedy liberate ? Martha whom he killed from her life on earth? Desmond Tutu makes some sense; but reading that devil Ted Kennedy's name on that news made me know instantly it is a politically motivated trick. Ted Kennedy's bill to provide cheap or free drugs to the elderly for the use by medical doctors to kill them off has bankrupted all forms of government so-called health care, and it has resulted in the likes of a Dr killer of Michael Jackson [or more than one of them], with the government's loosey-goosey defintion of the duties of medical doctors.IF any other person not as famous as Michael Jackson had been killed by their medical doctor with drugs it would not be investigated, or questioned* and the coroner would put on the death certificate that they died of their diseases instead of the chemically induced deaths [of zyklon B nerve gas] AS WAS DONE in NAZI Germany when the Jews were gassed for their age and /or lack of stellar health.
Another example by Obama of the lack of education of Harvard University who defines liberty as playing tennis and killing humans.

* Millions have died via the use of medically prescribed drugs in that horrible from hell hospice program paid for by U S taxpayers.

Update @ 11:31 am after reading the news about coroner delaying the medical report that Michael Jackson was killed with LEGAL drugs by a medical doctor [supposedly]. I smell a skunk in that decision.It is politically motivated delay because they know the public will know that is the 'new deal'that Obama-killer-krewe is trying to ramrod of socialized medicine for the purpose of killing off the citizens with drugs.


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