Friday, July 31, 2009

Summing Up Obama-Gates Hijacking Justice & Swilling

I read a lot of the news articles today and I thought about what I learned about Obama as a result of what happened in the Crowley-Gates-Obama dust-up. Here are the observations about Obama that linger after that and that have further lowered my opinion of Obama:
- he is quick to interfere in the local level of politics. Police and their Chiefs are usually politically selected. It is not the job of the President to interfere in local level decisions.
- he is biased toward his own race and immediately assumes the black person in the situation is right. That makes him unfit for President since there are many races of people in the U S, not just black people.
- he does not bother to get the facts before he makes up his mind, as he stated publicly.
- he makes his decisions while drinking alcohol. Does the U S really need a President with HUGE war-making powers to have a trigger finger and a alcohol-numbed brain?
- he used the Office of President to have a beer-drinking party on the lawn setting a terrible example for the world.
- he sided with a man who was wrong on every point and who should not have had his charges dismissed and who should have been required to obey the same laws as everyone in Cambridge Massachusetts and for that matter the entire nation.
I was opposed to Obama from the get-go because it was published that he was funded by Planned Parenthood and sponsored by them to do their bidding. And he voted for infanticide and after that nothing would have persuaded me to promote him in any way or vote for him or any of his policies.A man who believes in killing children or infants is not of a moral quality to make any other decision.
And already today in the BBC news is an article about how the mother of convicted computer hacker Gary McKinnon is making a very public appeal to Obama saying she knows Obama would not want her son to be punished for hacking into the U S Military computers and the Pentagon's computers. The effect of that 'intervention'of beer drinking-oh-its-no-big-deal-to-deliberately-break-the-laws, of Obama was heard around the world. You know I am big on the concept of equal JUSTICE for all, and if something is illegal for a white person it is also illegal for a black person, or an Asian or hispanic, or Arabic or Jewish person. The US is seeking to extradite McKinnon to prosecute him for cybercrimes against the United States and was the reaction of Obama a set-up to tamp down that effort and was it a way of making light of crimes? It seems that way to me and apparently it seems that way to Gary McKinnon and his mother of the U.K.
Also, on the topic of health care reform, I am a Registered Nurse since 1971 and I have worked many years in hands-on health care and also in supervisory positions. I would not trust any plan of Obama's to rewrite the health care rules since he believes in infanticide, and premeditated killing of innocents in the womb; and since he wants to help the black races more than he wants justice, and because his idea of justice is skewing the issues and preventing the debates by the people. And clearly he believes as President he could attempt to prevent police officers from doing their job, so why would he hesitate to stop nurses and doctors from doing theirs or from trying to rewrite what their job is. Obama tried to rewrite the rules for Police Officers in Cambridge to mean that black men could not be arrested.
Do not let Obama rewrite health care into the delivery of death. I did read the article last night that said an amendment to prevent abortion from being covered by any 'reform' of 'health care' was included as of yesterday,and that is good news if that is really what it does and that was not a decoy? But the lives of all Americans are at stake when a man who makes his decisions based on skin color and after drinking alcohol is involved in the decision-making process. In Psalms 1:1 it is written, 'blessed is the man that walketh NOT in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of [along with] sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful [of GOD]. " Do not ever take advice from anyone who does not obey the laws GOD defined what constitutes justice] and commandments of GOD.
/s/ Gloria Poole,R,N.@ home= Denver Colorado 80203 @ 7:38AM-31-July-2009;
Update at 2:53 Pm after reading that the Washington Post called those of us who question Obama's right to President as 'nuts' and another name earlier today:
It is the Washington Post that doesn't get it.They don't even read what the people of this nation think but take their print-outs from the wire services from the White House that tells them what to print and what to write. They are typical of big city newspapers but especially Washington DC. I do not know whether Obama was born in Hawaii or not. I know that Colorado does NOT accept birth certificates as proof of birth and it is probably because there are dozens of places that sell identities to the Mexicans who come up from Mexico daily on that bus from Mexico that parks close to the catholic run Stout St Clinic that then helps them 'claim' benefits and pockets some of the money. The Washington Post is a beltway-insider P.C bunch and there was proof of that when their publisher was going to sell the journalists' skills for the price set by publisher at a 'private ' dinner. Those of us who question Obama and I am one of them question his parentage since he said on national TV that his father was born in Kenya. That makes him a citizen of Kenya by law since that is the law of the US . Of course where would the Washington Post be without all those government grants and free offices at the Capitol and the free telephones provided by the GAO? The Washinton Post is the equivalent of a state-run newspaper but they like to pretend they are independent. They are a bunch of hooey most of the time.
Here's my advice to the Washington Post 'journalists": look up the real as written laws about emigration and see what they say and then rewrite your so-called article on this topic. You could start by reading the info I provided a few entries earlier on this topic.


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