Sunday, July 12, 2009

Revenge of the Alamo-Sotomayer

I wrote an entry here today and blogspot deleted it. I guess the Untied States of Obama has captured Google via the fake anti-trust dept of the fake Justice dept ??

I wrote that the revenge of the Alamo is Sotomayer since she has made it plain she intends to represent the illegal aliens and those who fought to destroy Texas in the Alamo. And she has made it plain she intends to favor hispanics instead of following the written laws of the U S Constitution.

I visited the Alamo years ago and I read the history of it of how Texas fought for liberty from the conquistadores of Mexico and that men there died for what seemed like nothing. But a century later Sotomayer is supposed to be their champion.

I despise all who favor the killing of the innocents and those who kill and maim others as a way of getting political power. The idolator catholic church teaches false doctrine. I survived a violent second marriage to an evil catholic man who set out to kill me because I said that GOD had always protected me, and who told me that the catholics believe a man could sin as much as he wanted as long as he paid the priest the indulgences. I am divorced from that devil now and thank GOD! I learned from him just how evil catholics are and how ungodly they are. I lived in Colorado since Oct 2002 and in that time I had a lot of Mexicans and hispanics forced upon me since Colorado is becoming a territory of Mexico. The Untied states of America do not need any more catholics in high places. We do not need another Alamo event in the making. We as a nation do not need any more idolators or violent men or women in any office. The Untied States are just that-- not United,but untied, in disagreement over everything.
The problems with America are not the economy but the wicked in high places who abandoned the Commandments of GOD and do their own thing. Those false religions that teach that sinners could go on sinning as long as they made lots of money doing it, are hell-bound, and we as a nation do not need any more of them in any office.
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Update at 10:22 AM, 12-July-2009 after reading the Denver Post news article about the FBI allowing a man to resign [as his punishment??] from the Denver Police desk after they caught him using cocaine. Now I understand better all those times I called the Denver Police for intervention and they sent goons to make me show ID and harass me and ask me if I "took my medication" { I do not take any medication], as their way of fielding/deflecting my request for help while they were protecting their source of cocaine who must have ben my second exhusband that you could read more about at: second entry down about who killed Sean May based upon what the Denver Post wrote and I what i know to be true from having experienced the violent man i wrote about that everyone in Denver says is so mellow because he is always high on cocaine. I think that same cocaine addict killed District Attorney Sean May in 2008. I think in the name of Justice which I know is totally a foreign concept in Colorado, the FBI should investigate my second exhusband for his MANY MANY crimes and I am willing to testify against him.


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