Friday, July 24, 2009

Put all cocaine addicts in prison for long time!

I read the headlines in the Washington Post that implies that the next big thing for Obama is his drug-addict-enabling-plan-to-'modify'-sentences for cocaine addicts. I did not intend to have married a drug addict in 2002 since I thought words had meanings and he said he did not do drugs anymore, [but I am divorced from him now and thank GOD for that!] but I discovered weeks into the marriage after his first violent attack against me that he was into that so-called "recreation" deeply-- so deeply in fact that when he was using and coming down off his drug-induced-psychosis he was a wild man. Cocaine is a killer and it is lethal to many and those who do that should be in prison for the sake of the public. Add my testimony of permanent injuries caused to me by a cocaine-addict named Dana Ben Pappas to the hoopla in D.C. on this topic and put all cocaine addicts in prison for the sake of public safety.

And on the topic of communist takeover of health care of Obama: IF Obama had actually hired or appointed anyone in his administration that had ever worked in health care to any position he'd have a better handle on the issues. The government has already ruined health care when they took over the rules for providing health care to anyone years ago [decades ago] and decided whom they would pay and whom they wouldn't. They jacked up all prices when they underpaid and tried to force providers to accept a fraction of their usual and customary fees and the providers fought back by tripling their fees and then the poor consumers got stuck with the larger bills for what Medicare or disability does not pay for, and the mess is entirely the doing of the socialists.

Vote not to Sotomayer for her unconstitutional agenda and not to Obamacare takeover of health care dollars from citizens.
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203 @ 9:43AM, Friday 24-July-2009


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