Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Dead Democrats Politically

I read an article in the NY Times today that is an op-ed piece of propaganda and I am responding to that

article. I wrote four paragraphs and then a trick by Microsoft censorship and or Obamaites' censorship deleted

it so I am rewriting it. I intend to document every time a 'hot key' trick of a certain unknown combinations of

letters on keyboard deletes what I write, and calling it what it is-- censorship of political ideas which is


The article was bashing the Republicans of course since that is the only mission of the NY Times; but it was

disguised as an article in favour of Sotomayer. I am opposed to Sotomayer as I am opposed to all who believe

that they have a so-called right to kill innocents. The article was talking about how the NY Times' perceive

Sotomayer as representing the future of America. If that is true then the Mexican or Spanish or Vatican flag

will soon be flying over the untied states of America.

Sotomayer is of a false religion-- one that is polytheistic, and that prays to the dead, not to THE GOD. And

the US Supreme Court already has five of that flavor on the Court; and the others are Jews. There should be

some Southern Baptists and some Protestants on the Supreme Court since it is supposed to be representational of

the population and protestants are the in the greatest numbers across America. Why are there no Protestants on

the U S Supreme Court? Could that explain why they do not want the Commandments of GOD posted but instead the

catholic catchism handed out in parish schools disguised as public schools?

The fact that every article of the NY Times pumps up the democratic party and bashes the Republican Party is no

secret to anyone who knows the differences in the party platforms and has ever read the NY Times for a week.

The fact of the matter is that there are differences in the Republican principles; and the communist -socialist

principles of the 'democrats'. Communism and socialism are varying degrees on a continuum of gradations with

communism being the most oppressive form and about a ten on that scale and socialism being about an eight on

that scale. The true liberties that republicans believe in are the liberty to worship GOD and talk about GOD

reventially in public places, townhalls and Congress, and or anywhere; and post the commandments of GOD in

public,and live by adhere to the words of GOD; and to have living children, and to be allowed to prosper from

one's hard work, initiative and ambition without government skewing all the results when they pump up the

fraudsters-crooks-embezzlers and create laws to persecute the successful. Think of the U S Dept of No-Justice

attacking Google with anti-trust lawsuits for being successful and allowing first amendment libertis of the

people, while at the same time giving billions to criminals on Wall Street who fleeced thousands.

Obama is a wicked man and liar. He is wicked because he believes in killing innocents in the womb to gain

political power. He is not GOD. And neither are the corrupt Kennedys or the corrupt Clintons. They are peas in

the same pod following the devil. And any religion that teaches sodomy as a right or killing innocents as a

right is a false religion since GOD said both of those are sins and GOD called sodomy an 'abomination' in

Leviticus 18:22. Obama has dissed 99% of the U S population [those opposed to sodomy] in exchange for an op-ed

photo with sodomites. And he has dismissed GOD's laws as relevant when he and his voodoo krewe took down my

Christian websites opposing him for his approval of heinous deeds including manipulating the banking system to

capture them, and rigging elections via computers, and crashing computers of the Metro train in D.C. and

promoting abortion and sodomy as false rights. Do not be decieved by smooth talking Obama. In Psalms 55:21 it

is written, 'the words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart; his words were softer

than oil yet were they drawn swords'.

All con-men and con-women are smooth talking liars, who lie so naturally that their body movements are synched

with their lies, and the usual red-flag warnings do not engage. Do you remember the Obama lies about how he was

going to close Abu Gharib in Cuba to help those "persecuted" [he said because they were removed from society

for their penchant for killing innocents] to gain political traction with the sodomites, killers of innocents,

and those in America who want smooth as butter talkers but not national defense? And what was his plan when he

was actually expected to do what he said--send them to OTHER nations not to the U S? Con-man lies--oh they are

so "innocent" he said; but he does not want them on U S soil. Could you spell hypocrite?

And do you remember how he took over the auto industry and the banks and the Press, and the trains, and planes

and the hijacked the First Amendment when he used Microsoft technology to interfere with privately owned

computers to try to prevent criticism of him or his killing agenda ?

Sotomayer was selected by Obama because she is hispanic and for no other reason, and will help him gain those

votes of those not legally allowed to vote [he thinks]--those who come across from Mexico and the Latin

American countries without being allowed to cross borders legally. And she is catholic in keeping with his deal

with the devil. Is that a good reason to put her on the Supreme Court? I don't think so since I am opposed to

rule by communist and false gods or the devil.

The fact of the matter is that the U S Congress is not supposed to be a billion dollar a year rubber stamp to

anything Obama wants, but is supposed to be the system of 'checks and balances' to do what is best for the

nation not what is best for despot Obama. The Republicans there should vote their conscience and not be

deceived by the usual demoncratic trick of side-stepping or evasive { I cannot answer in abstract".} Well the

Republicans asked the wrong questions for certain. They should have read each word of the U S Constitution into

the Federal Register and then asked her if she believes the U S Constitution to be the will of the people who

after all ratified it and then read the Amendments to it and asked if she believes those written documents of

Constitution and Amendments to be 'settled law' since they were also ratified by the people of the U S? I am

Republican but the Republicans have to do better and that includes educating the people of the U S in what the

Republican party actually believes and lives by and what the true republican form of government as defined by

the written U S Constitution means. Also the Republicans have to realize how the demoncrats utilize computers

to distort, crash and burn those opposing them and learn to counter that. And they have to learn how to start

paying for op-ed pieces in the 'news' that support and pump up the Republicans. The demoncrats perfected

propaganda--look at Goebbels in Nazi Germany, but the Republicans have to utilize the techniques of mass media

and capture of public education and media/press to work in their favor.

The U S Supreme Court should have some real "diversity' their buzz word; by putting a Southern Baptist on it,

and a person who actually believes there is a GOD and that THE GOD is not Obama.
/s/ Gloria Poole @ Denver Colorado 80203 @ 8:13 AM -Sunday 19-July-2009
P S I wrote this on my computer and copied it to here to avoid the con-man trick censorhip of Obama and his voodoo krewe. That is why it looks wierd but they are my words.
Update at 7:48PM after the U S Pentagon tried to fry my computer this afternoon and did send enough 'radaremissions' to reset my computer clock back hours and the year back to 2000. But I figured out a way to stop them from frying my computer. Here is the update:
In the NY Times article by Robert Pear and Adam Liptak at: the discussion is
the REAL reason Obamites are having a hissy fit to socialize health care in the biggest takeover of health dollars yet since the Hillary-plan-to-increase-abortions-of-that-evil-decade. Obama could care less about the children of this nation since he makes his millions killing them off and his kickbacks from planned unparenthood. His real agenda is to siphon off taxpayers' money to give to BIG ABORTION Industry and BIG _Killed_baby-processing-industries so he gets his kickbacks and dividends from the devil.
Those of you who believe there is a GOD and ONLY ONE [Christians remember the words of JESUS in John 10:30, KJV] pray because if the Obamite communist plan gets approval from those with their hands in the pocket of planned unparenthood, we believers may all have to emigrate from the U S to somewhere where the Commandments of GOD are held Holy.


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