Monday, July 27, 2009

About NY Times,Racism, Gov't Spying

This is a motley assortment of topics and it can't be helped. I have spent a good bit of my week-end trying to get control of my computer after my ISP acct was attacked/ flooded with scripts through that open Microsoft door to hackers. Microsoft doing its part for the Socialist party I suppose allowing the 'room with a view' open port to the computers of those opposed to socialized medicine and to those opposed to the premeditated killing of innocents. Which brings me to the topic I want most to write about today. That article yesterday in the NY Times that seemed to me to be trying to portray Tiller the Killer as some sort of righteous man when he was far from that. Any one who kills innocent babies with premeditation and planning is no saint. And it is a mockery of GOD for that article or for the Reformation Lutheran to pretend he was a good Christian. He was NOT. He was an evil man killing thousands for money. It offends my sensibilities and my conscience for the NY Times or any other news paper to write a defense of such wicked people in the name of op-ed pieces. Those sort of articles are nothing but propaganda if they portray those who deliberately kill innocents as being in any way a help to society or moral. And for the NY Times to attempt to portray prolifers as being unjust in any way is slander and it is character assassination. Prolifers are by definition OPPOSED to the taking of innocent human life. I am glad Tiller the Killer is dead and I wish every abortionist was! Those who pray upon the innocents deserve to reap what they sow. And they will according to Scripture in Galatians 6:7 which is written 'be not deceived. GOD is not mocked.For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. " Those who sow physical destruction and death to others, will also reap. Another verse says those who take up the sword will die by the sword. { Or a modern paraphrase those who live by violence will die by it.] And what is the matter with Kansas is that it seems that the so-called Christian churches there do not KNOW what the word Christian means and have no concept of the real Bible. Because the NY Times' article made the point that Tiller the Killer regularly attended "Bible study'. Well, my question is, what bible was he studying? Surely not THE Bible that has the Commandments of GOD written as plain as could be in Exodus and Deuteronomy, and the words of JESUS who said, 'even so it is not the will of your FATHER which is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish." {Matthew 18:14]. Maybe he was studying one of those ungodly rewritten loosey-goosey versions of it? Because those who really study The Words of THE GOD do not kill innocents with premeditation, deliberation and purpose [intent]. Because it is a sin that will send anyone that does that to hell. So why do the churches in Kansas NOT teach the actual words of GOD's commandments in order to prevent a Tiller from springing up? And why does the U S government seek and destroy those in Afghanistan that murder innocents but not those in the U S that murder innocents? Why does the U S not send smart bombs and drones to seek and destroy abortion clinics in the U S? And when will that heinous grievous ungodly illegal immoral deed of usurpation of power by the US Supreme Court named Roe v Wade end? When?
And my second topic I want to write about is that manufactured crisis of the Harvard nincompoop Professor being furious that the Police did their job they are paid to do by taxpayers. A report was made according to the news by someone who had no ulterior motive that she saw two men breaking into a house. She had no way of knowing and neither did the Police when they arrived on the scene if the men were lawfully permitted to be there so the Police asked for identifying documents according to the news but they didn't ask for his checkbook according to the news [as happened to me in Denver Colorado]. It seems to me that what ruffled the feathers of that Harvard trained seal [I firmly believe after decades of witnessing the outcomes of Harvard that the education Harvard produces is brainwashing toward socialism] of Prof Gates was that the local Police did not recognize him on sight. Could you recognize vanity, arrogance, pride,self-aggandizement in that attempt by Gates to make a national event of a Police Officer doing his job? If on the other hand, those who broke in were illegal as was reported to the Police as a suspicion and the Police went there and found them inside the broken into house' and they said 'I see by your appearance that you must be the owners of this house and go about your business' then Gates and blacks would have been crying that the Police did not protect their property. I do not know what Gates and Obama think the Police should have done when a suspected breaking into a home was witnessed and reported and the Police responded promptly and it seems to me appropriately.Maybe if Gates had climbed down off his Harvard snooty "I'm the King of the World' hooey, and behaved appropriately with respect to Police men doing their job he would not have been arrested? Gates should remember that if he had lived in a poor section of town or had a handicap the Police might have assumed even if he produced the proof of his identity that it was not his house but some other person's house that he was living in as a charity. [As also has happened to me on more than one occasion though I pay my rent here.] Massachusetts is the state of fools it seems to me.And he should also remember that the Harvard campus as are all campuses of U S Universities is a microcosm of socialism where the 'elite' make and rule those who are there on someone else's money; while the ruling class [professors, administrators, Comptrollers, Univ President's are drawing unheard of salaries in any other sector of the U S economy except Wall Street. Harvard U socialism is not yet the model for the U S though the Obamas and Gates' are doing their best to promote that cause to socialise America and redirect the wealth to themselves. Remember Obama's ten MILLION dollar vacation of two weeks while he was telling America how bad off 'we are " . Did you ever take a ten MILLION dollar two week vacation in a U S State? For ten Million dollars I could have traveled the world for a decade most likely! The lack of values that those who kill innocents have is on world display--the "spend millions of taxpayers dollars on yourself and keep the blood money flowing to yourself"-the goals of Harvard and its heinous false research built on human blood and cells and the premeditated destruction and horrors of abortion. Massachusetts embryonic stem-cell research is the Auschwitz of America.
And for the record, I installed a new security on my computer and guess what group it said was spying on me and trying to prevent me from signing into my accounts? The U S Supreme Court! Is that because I protest Obama, and his socialist selection for a "Justice" or because I said the Dept of No-Justice or for what reason does the U S government spy on me a citizen who uses WORDS to protest the government --a First Amendment liberty?
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203 @ 8:00 27_July-2009
Update: I thought on this some more and I want to add these remarks also.IF I were the Harvard President I would fire Prof Gates for making a mockery of Harvard University and making a fool of himself while representing himself as being the Prof Gates of Harvard. If he is the best and brightest of this nation, this nation is in very deep trouble with no end in sight. If the fools of Harvard are running the nation, they are running it in the ground. An 'educated fool' my daddy would have called them--earning useless degrees to teach nobody while trying salaries in the hundreds of thousands categories and having a plush office to fool people and doing nothing.Almost no professor in any University in America actually teaches students anymore and it is that way since the 1980's maybe before.
But of course there is that communist-party trick called "tenure" that is the invention of obselete unions and socialist-communists who think that they are 'entitled' to the world's wealth because someone somewhere did them or their ancestors wrong or because they were docile enough to not make any waves while being 'evaluated' for tenure. A whole lot of people have done me wrong in my life and many of them in Colorado--one of the more socialist-leaning states also run by the idolatrous catholic church,but I do not believe myself to be the Queen of the World nor do I think I am 'entitled' to as much money as I could steal, loot, plunder or manipulate to get. That attitude that 'somebody owes me" is prevalent among those who grew up with someone other than other father supporting them, and it is prevalent among those who were educated 'for free' because of their skin color.


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