Friday, July 31, 2009

Summing Up Obama-Gates Hijacking Justice & Swilling

I read a lot of the news articles today and I thought about what I learned about Obama as a result of what happened in the Crowley-Gates-Obama dust-up. Here are the observations about Obama that linger after that and that have further lowered my opinion of Obama:
- he is quick to interfere in the local level of politics. Police and their Chiefs are usually politically selected. It is not the job of the President to interfere in local level decisions.
- he is biased toward his own race and immediately assumes the black person in the situation is right. That makes him unfit for President since there are many races of people in the U S, not just black people.
- he does not bother to get the facts before he makes up his mind, as he stated publicly.
- he makes his decisions while drinking alcohol. Does the U S really need a President with HUGE war-making powers to have a trigger finger and a alcohol-numbed brain?
- he used the Office of President to have a beer-drinking party on the lawn setting a terrible example for the world.
- he sided with a man who was wrong on every point and who should not have had his charges dismissed and who should have been required to obey the same laws as everyone in Cambridge Massachusetts and for that matter the entire nation.
I was opposed to Obama from the get-go because it was published that he was funded by Planned Parenthood and sponsored by them to do their bidding. And he voted for infanticide and after that nothing would have persuaded me to promote him in any way or vote for him or any of his policies.A man who believes in killing children or infants is not of a moral quality to make any other decision.
And already today in the BBC news is an article about how the mother of convicted computer hacker Gary McKinnon is making a very public appeal to Obama saying she knows Obama would not want her son to be punished for hacking into the U S Military computers and the Pentagon's computers. The effect of that 'intervention'of beer drinking-oh-its-no-big-deal-to-deliberately-break-the-laws, of Obama was heard around the world. You know I am big on the concept of equal JUSTICE for all, and if something is illegal for a white person it is also illegal for a black person, or an Asian or hispanic, or Arabic or Jewish person. The US is seeking to extradite McKinnon to prosecute him for cybercrimes against the United States and was the reaction of Obama a set-up to tamp down that effort and was it a way of making light of crimes? It seems that way to me and apparently it seems that way to Gary McKinnon and his mother of the U.K.
Also, on the topic of health care reform, I am a Registered Nurse since 1971 and I have worked many years in hands-on health care and also in supervisory positions. I would not trust any plan of Obama's to rewrite the health care rules since he believes in infanticide, and premeditated killing of innocents in the womb; and since he wants to help the black races more than he wants justice, and because his idea of justice is skewing the issues and preventing the debates by the people. And clearly he believes as President he could attempt to prevent police officers from doing their job, so why would he hesitate to stop nurses and doctors from doing theirs or from trying to rewrite what their job is. Obama tried to rewrite the rules for Police Officers in Cambridge to mean that black men could not be arrested.
Do not let Obama rewrite health care into the delivery of death. I did read the article last night that said an amendment to prevent abortion from being covered by any 'reform' of 'health care' was included as of yesterday,and that is good news if that is really what it does and that was not a decoy? But the lives of all Americans are at stake when a man who makes his decisions based on skin color and after drinking alcohol is involved in the decision-making process. In Psalms 1:1 it is written, 'blessed is the man that walketh NOT in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of [along with] sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful [of GOD]. " Do not ever take advice from anyone who does not obey the laws GOD defined what constitutes justice] and commandments of GOD.
/s/ Gloria Poole,R,N.@ home= Denver Colorado 80203 @ 7:38AM-31-July-2009;
Update at 2:53 Pm after reading that the Washington Post called those of us who question Obama's right to President as 'nuts' and another name earlier today:
It is the Washington Post that doesn't get it.They don't even read what the people of this nation think but take their print-outs from the wire services from the White House that tells them what to print and what to write. They are typical of big city newspapers but especially Washington DC. I do not know whether Obama was born in Hawaii or not. I know that Colorado does NOT accept birth certificates as proof of birth and it is probably because there are dozens of places that sell identities to the Mexicans who come up from Mexico daily on that bus from Mexico that parks close to the catholic run Stout St Clinic that then helps them 'claim' benefits and pockets some of the money. The Washington Post is a beltway-insider P.C bunch and there was proof of that when their publisher was going to sell the journalists' skills for the price set by publisher at a 'private ' dinner. Those of us who question Obama and I am one of them question his parentage since he said on national TV that his father was born in Kenya. That makes him a citizen of Kenya by law since that is the law of the US . Of course where would the Washington Post be without all those government grants and free offices at the Capitol and the free telephones provided by the GAO? The Washinton Post is the equivalent of a state-run newspaper but they like to pretend they are independent. They are a bunch of hooey most of the time.
Here's my advice to the Washington Post 'journalists": look up the real as written laws about emigration and see what they say and then rewrite your so-called article on this topic. You could start by reading the info I provided a few entries earlier on this topic.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a pity that killing of Blacks is illegal [intended to provoke]

I read an composite of letters today in the NY Times lamenting the killing of the abortionist in Kansas. And it infuriates me that the NY Times would post letters promoting the right to kill innocents and the so-called special rights of women to kill their offspring when they are the most tiny and the most innocents. Abortion is evil personified and so is promoting it as a right. And yet a newspaper with the history of the NY Times promotes killing as a so-called right often. When will they repent? When GOD raises up a nation from afar to bomb their headquarters? Then will life take on meaning for them beyond the wicked creed of killing as mantra? And tell me why does the US seek and destroy those schools in foreign nations that teach jihad while the public schools in the U S teach the premeditated killing of the most innocent the most vulnerable as a so-called right every school day in every class and every textbook. The big time propaganda of the Roe v Wade killing machinery rolls on 24/7/365 with taxpayers' money and churches that have forsaken GOD's teaching altogether to get the blood money from abortionists and corrupt, wicked politicians who sold their souls to the devil.

I put a title on this to intentionally provoke and to have the same effect of provoking blacks since there is a black President, the effect that the NY Times intended to create in the minds of the people when they promote the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb in their news and op-ed pieces. And I intend to provoke the black races who seem to be the future of the world to realize that when they create false and evil laws to say it is all right to kill, then they are also likely to be killed by one of their own? Have the black races come so far from their slavery ancestry that they have forgotten that black men do not own GOD's world, and in fact,black men are the MOST VIOLENT group of men there is according to statistics. They think nothing of beating up their women or killing them or abandoning them or impregnating them then denying it; or going into a court room and saying " I am black and therefore I should not be punished' nonsense. Gates should have been arrested it seems to me and Obama should have stayed out of the Policeman's job and Gates should have had the usual punishment for white people who broke that law about civil disruption and disobeying law enforcement. Black men are without morals AS A CLASS of people. IF you want to label me, go ahead I do not care.I have painted paintings to try to make the world think of black men [and all people] as being noble [you may see the paintings I painted in that topic called ethnic paintings at and click the name of each and it should open. That is a repository site and it should be safe but I cannot guarantee it since I have had some of my photos of my paintings I painted stolen intermittently from repository and display sites.]
The point is the Obamas and the Gates do not run the world. GOD does. And GOD is not mocked. It would be the greatest irony of all if the first black President would be recorded in history as being the President that destroyed America since the blacks never acknowledged the people who did help them or who did hide slaves or who did promote life for them also; and they never acknowledged the Civil War the nation endured to set them free. I believe according to scripture that IF Obama and his voodoo krewe continue to pay for abortions and the chopping/slicing,dicing of human flesh and blood that GOD will destroy this nation as thoroughly as HE destroyed Germany for tolerating Hitler's killing,and Russia for tolerating the murders of their Czar and his family. GOD is not mocked. And the NY Times is not an impenetrable fortress to GOD.
/s/ Gloria Poole @ Denver Colorado 80203 @ 7:40 AM 30-July-2009
Update at 10:28 AM same day:
Was the phony medal of freedom to the worst citizen of the U S [Ted Kennedy] part of the deal Obama made with the devil? And tell me please what Ted Kennedy who was not ever in the military and never as far as I know fought for anybody's freedom, has to do with deserving a 'medal of freedom"? Or how about Billie Jean King who played tennis? Must Obama make a mockery of every U S constitutional idea [liberty] and the military at the same time? What did Billie Jean liberate? the tennis ball? And what did evil Ted Kennedy liberate ? Martha whom he killed from her life on earth? Desmond Tutu makes some sense; but reading that devil Ted Kennedy's name on that news made me know instantly it is a politically motivated trick. Ted Kennedy's bill to provide cheap or free drugs to the elderly for the use by medical doctors to kill them off has bankrupted all forms of government so-called health care, and it has resulted in the likes of a Dr killer of Michael Jackson [or more than one of them], with the government's loosey-goosey defintion of the duties of medical doctors.IF any other person not as famous as Michael Jackson had been killed by their medical doctor with drugs it would not be investigated, or questioned* and the coroner would put on the death certificate that they died of their diseases instead of the chemically induced deaths [of zyklon B nerve gas] AS WAS DONE in NAZI Germany when the Jews were gassed for their age and /or lack of stellar health.
Another example by Obama of the lack of education of Harvard University who defines liberty as playing tennis and killing humans.

* Millions have died via the use of medically prescribed drugs in that horrible from hell hospice program paid for by U S taxpayers.

Update @ 11:31 am after reading the news about coroner delaying the medical report that Michael Jackson was killed with LEGAL drugs by a medical doctor [supposedly]. I smell a skunk in that decision.It is politically motivated delay because they know the public will know that is the 'new deal'that Obama-killer-krewe is trying to ramrod of socialized medicine for the purpose of killing off the citizens with drugs.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

3:27 PM Update :NYTimes Article "Power...:Thanks David Brooks

Today I read in the NY Times an article entitled "Power of Posterity" an op-ed piece written by David Brooks. It is a thought provoking set of words because of course the imaginary world of his article in which the half of the world is sterilized [reproductively] by the sun, is a reality in a different way. Millions of women around the world have been sterilized by abortion and millions of men have been sterilized by their decisions to have surgical clipping of their vas deferens, the tubes from the testicles that deliver sperm to the uterus via ejaculation. David Brooks ' article makes the point that future generations are the engine that drives almost all deeds, and thoughts that endure over time. Those who think they have no future self-destruct one way or the other. But those who have children and who love them, plan for them, work for them, encourage them, live for them, [yes believers live for GOD first and foremost but then for their families and children], spend for them, pray for them, hope, cry with them, rejoice with them, agonize at times over them. There is almost no self-centered motives in good parents and good grand-parents, and good great-grand-parents--> generation to generation the blood lines and family ties that bind one's soul to her or his own flesh and blood , own's progeny.
That article by David Brooks is the most life encouraging article that I have read in the NY Times and I have read the NY Times intermittently for years. It encourages life by making one think about what life would be like by making one think of the grimness of no future generations. I am a prolifer from the get-go and that is so because of GOD's words as written,'thou shalt not kill' in Exodus 20:13. Humans in the womb are human and indeed they could be nothing but human since they are directly produced by the very bodies of humans: human sperm and human oocyte [egg].
The U S and the so-called first world countries are in danger of extinction and depopulation. And that is so because of the evil Roe v Wade immoral attempt to authorize premeditated killing of innocents by the U S Supreme Court,and because of the massive propaganda effort for decades by those who profited from that killing. If the RICO ACT did what it was intended to do, abortionists, Center for [Reproductive Killing ] "Rights' and Planned [un]Parenthood would all be prosecuted for crimes against humanity and profiting off the human flesh and blood of innocents.
/s/ Gloria Poole,R.N. @ Denver Co 80203 @ 7:26AM, 28-July-2009
Oh yea, I almost forgot .The other news that upsets me is the publicized event of alcohol drinking as a way of 'easing tensions' for Harvard University nitwit. The Obama next bad influence on the youth of America is teaching them to drink alcohol to resolve their problems. Of course their problems won't be solved by drinking alcohol but they will forget about the need to solve them and learn drinking and drugging as a way of life. I dislike Obama for many reasons and that is one of the most foremost reasons. Teaching by example consuming alcohol is BAD.
And I saw a totally disgusting stomach turning photo in the BBC news today on a poster, of men kissing men in a passionate way and it is a photo I would not like to ever see again! It is repulsive, and abomination according to Leviticus 18:22.
Update after reading more of the news today :
The news that the U S Congress tried to legitimize Obama is too much! I have always doubted his citizenship because there are laws of generations regarding when a child born to a citizen and a non-citizen becomes a citizen. For the record the resolution by the Congress does not change the laws of citizenship or the rules of emigration. To change the definition of a U S citizen would require that the Constitution be amended and neither house of Congress could do that all by itself. Here is the info I gleaned from the article in visalawQuote from article in 'visalaw":"In 1940, Congress passed a law making illegitimate children born abroad to US citizen women citizens if the mother had resided in the US. HOWEVER, under this law, if the child was legitimated by the foreign national father before his or her eighteenth birthday, the child would not be considered a citizen. In 1998, the Supreme Court issued an opinion upholding the requirement that a child born out of wedlock to a US citizen woman be legitimated before his or her eighteenth birthday. The decision was reaffirmed in the 2001 US Supreme Court decision Nguyen v. INS which held that differing requirements for out-of-wedlock children of US citizen men versus US citizen women are constitutions."[ end quote]. As I remember from the news Obama was legitimated by his KENYAN born father way before his 18th birthday correct? So Obama is a citizen of Kenya not the U S.
Article at:
8:27 AM 7/28/2009
Update at 11: 05 AM after researching some. How is it possible that in the U S a man whose citizenship is Kenyan is President and a woman whose citizenship is Puerto Rican 'approved' by that bunch of criminals on the Judiciary Committee to be a judge in any courtroom? When is the U S public going to vote out the scoundrels who disobey and ignore the true laws of the U S? I searched some for public laws regarding citizenship having studied them some at the University of Georgia when a student [and yes I graduated ] . There is NO such law as citizenship for Puerto Ricans [Sotomayer] that I could find nor is there any law that grants citizenship to a man born to a Kenyan National father. And here's the clincher: the U S House of Representatives KNOWS that Obama is not a citizen and they knew it in January of this year when Rep Elton Gallegy introduced H R 126 IH to amend the immigration laws of the US into the U S House docket. But that Resolution went nowhere that is publicly recorded. If it is being discussed, it is being discussed secretly behind closed doors which in itself is unconstitutional. You may read about that U S House of Representatives Resolution [not a bill yet] at:
And here's the thing. They cannot amend the definition of a U S Citizenship without amending the U S Constitution and they would be fools to approve that Resolution since it would 'import' by fiat millions of illegitimate children into the U S immediately [from service men abroad, and immoral men everywhere] and it would swell the ranks of the public welfare and health care rolls by millions immediately. Is that HR hidden in Obama's fanatic pushing of ruinous changes to health care ? Is that a secretive amendment to that bill to grant citizenship to Obama but here's the other thing, laws are not retroactive in the U S and there is a clause that says that no member of any current administration could directly benefit from laws they pass or similar words but they are about remunation but isn't is about remuneration since Obama is paid a salary by taxpayers and so is Sotomayer? That is why that sneaky Congress tried to write a 'sense of Congress' hooey which has no legal binding whatsoever in the law to try to sneak past the public the fact that Obama is NOT a US Citizen but a Kenyan since his father is Kenyan and the laws of progeny of the U S as they stand [are written] mean that since his father acknowledged him before the age of eighteen he is a Kenyan citizen not a U S citizen because he was born illegimately and those rules apply. I am mad and I pray that every US citizen is mad at being hoodwinked by Obama and Sotomayer. And about Sotomayer, I know the so-called news reports that the U S has territories and that the people there are citizens but that is not true. They do not have voting privileges and they do not pay taxes and they are not classified as born in the USA citizens since Puerto Rico is not a state in the U S.
Update at 3:27 PM and after the ???? U S gov't and or Microsoft tried to fry my harddrive AGAIN!
But they didn't because I have learned to recognize that before it fries my harddrive. Here is what I wanted to add to this entry. I read in the news [AP] and shame on you Associated Press for writing it the way you did, that the Senate Judiciary 'approved ' Sotomayer. That is not so. They could only make a recommendation to the entire Senate and the entire Senate has to vote on her confirmation. It is not over yet! Why did you try to deceive the American public? Is it to 'push' the results --skew them--to the socialist goals? The Judiciary Committee only prescreens for the whole Senate--they do not approve or confirm; and they do a poor job of prescreening too since they do that based upon their feelings and not the written US Constitution. Since Sotomayer was born in Puerto Rico unless she applied for US citizenship she is not a US Citizen since Puerto Rico is NOT a state.In the U S it is not lawful for a tiny minority [committee] to usurp the power of the entire Senate. By U S Constitution, each Senator is equal to every other Senator meaning they are supposed to have equal weight in the law and each are supposed to vote on ALL bills put before them. Read the Constitution instead of the journalism school brainwashing mush of socialism.
And for the record, Obama is not a U S citizen either since in the U S citizenship is conferred in two ways by birth to citizens on U S soil, or if the father is an American citizen --as far as I know or could find laws about,it is not conferred through the mother only since that would allow any woman to cross the border and give birth in the U S in places like San Diego. Since Obama's father was Kenyan so is Obama and what is on his birth certificate states the circumstances of his birth if it is a real birth certificate and not a bought one from an identity mill.
Update at 4:06PM after reading article about the hooey of Obama-Gates v Officer Crawley [?sp}, and I would like to ask these questions:
when do the black people accept their skin color and not consider it derogatory to state a fact about them?
Should white people refer to black skinned people-- a fact that is observable [like the color of one's hair or eyes but of course the color of one's hair could be altered, but skin color is born with]-- as purple or what--how do you describe a black person AS POLICE officers and Nurses and doctors and other professionals are often required to do? Police officers AND the public have a very real interest in Police files being accurate. And it would be wrong to say Mr Gates is a white person or an Asian person or an Arabic person or a hispanic person because according to his photo in the news, he is a black person. Why is being described as a black person such an insult to black people? And to apply the politically correct misnomer of "African-American' to him is not right either unless he was born in Africa. Was he? I don't know because I did not read his bio. Using that term puts a slant on his nationality yet he obviously does not object to that. Why? I have German and English ancestry but I do not describe myself as German-American or English-American though of course English is my first [and only real language since I am not fluent in any other]. So since it is medical fact that black races have certain types of diseases that white races do not have, and have profound tendencies toward health care problems in much higher ratios than white people, is it wrong for a doctor to make note on medical record of the FACT of a person being black? Because to that medical doctor that would immediately cause him to know to be on the look-out for high blood pressure, and sickle cell disease. And Jews/ Arabics are also prone to certain diseases that are not prevalent in the white populations such as Tay-Sachs.So is it always wrong to make note of the FACT that a person has black skin? I am not insulted when someone calls me white woman, why are black men insulted when someone says they are black men?
And why did the first black President make race the issue? I have been threatened with arrest for talking back and by a Judge once for calling a crooked lawyer a liar, and for asking a police officer who was blocking the main thorough-fare in Athens Ga to move his car. I did not make a national issue of those events. Why did Gates and Obama? They are the worst racists of all.
4:52 PM update: I thought about this some more and it really irks me now when before I thought of it as the arrogance of two Harvard 'educated' men who have superiority complexes of thinking they are superior to whites. Generally I would think 'who cares if they do think that?" But the points of the law are a different matter altogether. After I realized that the Massachusetts Judge dropped the charges not because it was the right thing to do but because the man was a rich black HARVARD professor who took advantage of that fact. If there is an issue here, it is that what passes for justice in America [as a general rule it seems to me] has to bought cash upfront or under the table;and justice has been completely divorced from the actual law.If the state of Massachusetts Legislature and the Cambridge city council or whatever their form of city gov't is, authorizes Police officers to arrest anyone for talking back, shouting at cop, disobeying direct order of a Police officer [called obstruction of law enforcement in some places] and if Gates did those things he should have been arrested and he should have had to answer for them. There should be no defense allowed of "I deserve special treatment BECAUSE I AM BLACK" hooey. That seems to me to be the real issue and the other issue seems to be IS Harvard superior because I don't think so. Their values are abominable if Obama and Gates are examples. Two well 'educated' and well paid and supposedly 'superior' 'elite', Harvard alums 'played the fool' my daddy would have said. And then when one of them was called on it and arrested for disobeying the law about unruly conduct after he was observed breaking into a house [that was not immediately known to be his] pleaded the 'oh I am BLACK ticket' did he not? Did he not exactly make his race the issue? And should the Judge have honored that? When America wants to get past race issues they have to collectively stop allowing race to be a defense, and stop the perqs like free Harvard education FOR BEING BLACK.

Monday, July 27, 2009

About NY Times,Racism, Gov't Spying

This is a motley assortment of topics and it can't be helped. I have spent a good bit of my week-end trying to get control of my computer after my ISP acct was attacked/ flooded with scripts through that open Microsoft door to hackers. Microsoft doing its part for the Socialist party I suppose allowing the 'room with a view' open port to the computers of those opposed to socialized medicine and to those opposed to the premeditated killing of innocents. Which brings me to the topic I want most to write about today. That article yesterday in the NY Times that seemed to me to be trying to portray Tiller the Killer as some sort of righteous man when he was far from that. Any one who kills innocent babies with premeditation and planning is no saint. And it is a mockery of GOD for that article or for the Reformation Lutheran to pretend he was a good Christian. He was NOT. He was an evil man killing thousands for money. It offends my sensibilities and my conscience for the NY Times or any other news paper to write a defense of such wicked people in the name of op-ed pieces. Those sort of articles are nothing but propaganda if they portray those who deliberately kill innocents as being in any way a help to society or moral. And for the NY Times to attempt to portray prolifers as being unjust in any way is slander and it is character assassination. Prolifers are by definition OPPOSED to the taking of innocent human life. I am glad Tiller the Killer is dead and I wish every abortionist was! Those who pray upon the innocents deserve to reap what they sow. And they will according to Scripture in Galatians 6:7 which is written 'be not deceived. GOD is not mocked.For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. " Those who sow physical destruction and death to others, will also reap. Another verse says those who take up the sword will die by the sword. { Or a modern paraphrase those who live by violence will die by it.] And what is the matter with Kansas is that it seems that the so-called Christian churches there do not KNOW what the word Christian means and have no concept of the real Bible. Because the NY Times' article made the point that Tiller the Killer regularly attended "Bible study'. Well, my question is, what bible was he studying? Surely not THE Bible that has the Commandments of GOD written as plain as could be in Exodus and Deuteronomy, and the words of JESUS who said, 'even so it is not the will of your FATHER which is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish." {Matthew 18:14]. Maybe he was studying one of those ungodly rewritten loosey-goosey versions of it? Because those who really study The Words of THE GOD do not kill innocents with premeditation, deliberation and purpose [intent]. Because it is a sin that will send anyone that does that to hell. So why do the churches in Kansas NOT teach the actual words of GOD's commandments in order to prevent a Tiller from springing up? And why does the U S government seek and destroy those in Afghanistan that murder innocents but not those in the U S that murder innocents? Why does the U S not send smart bombs and drones to seek and destroy abortion clinics in the U S? And when will that heinous grievous ungodly illegal immoral deed of usurpation of power by the US Supreme Court named Roe v Wade end? When?
And my second topic I want to write about is that manufactured crisis of the Harvard nincompoop Professor being furious that the Police did their job they are paid to do by taxpayers. A report was made according to the news by someone who had no ulterior motive that she saw two men breaking into a house. She had no way of knowing and neither did the Police when they arrived on the scene if the men were lawfully permitted to be there so the Police asked for identifying documents according to the news but they didn't ask for his checkbook according to the news [as happened to me in Denver Colorado]. It seems to me that what ruffled the feathers of that Harvard trained seal [I firmly believe after decades of witnessing the outcomes of Harvard that the education Harvard produces is brainwashing toward socialism] of Prof Gates was that the local Police did not recognize him on sight. Could you recognize vanity, arrogance, pride,self-aggandizement in that attempt by Gates to make a national event of a Police Officer doing his job? If on the other hand, those who broke in were illegal as was reported to the Police as a suspicion and the Police went there and found them inside the broken into house' and they said 'I see by your appearance that you must be the owners of this house and go about your business' then Gates and blacks would have been crying that the Police did not protect their property. I do not know what Gates and Obama think the Police should have done when a suspected breaking into a home was witnessed and reported and the Police responded promptly and it seems to me appropriately.Maybe if Gates had climbed down off his Harvard snooty "I'm the King of the World' hooey, and behaved appropriately with respect to Police men doing their job he would not have been arrested? Gates should remember that if he had lived in a poor section of town or had a handicap the Police might have assumed even if he produced the proof of his identity that it was not his house but some other person's house that he was living in as a charity. [As also has happened to me on more than one occasion though I pay my rent here.] Massachusetts is the state of fools it seems to me.And he should also remember that the Harvard campus as are all campuses of U S Universities is a microcosm of socialism where the 'elite' make and rule those who are there on someone else's money; while the ruling class [professors, administrators, Comptrollers, Univ President's are drawing unheard of salaries in any other sector of the U S economy except Wall Street. Harvard U socialism is not yet the model for the U S though the Obamas and Gates' are doing their best to promote that cause to socialise America and redirect the wealth to themselves. Remember Obama's ten MILLION dollar vacation of two weeks while he was telling America how bad off 'we are " . Did you ever take a ten MILLION dollar two week vacation in a U S State? For ten Million dollars I could have traveled the world for a decade most likely! The lack of values that those who kill innocents have is on world display--the "spend millions of taxpayers dollars on yourself and keep the blood money flowing to yourself"-the goals of Harvard and its heinous false research built on human blood and cells and the premeditated destruction and horrors of abortion. Massachusetts embryonic stem-cell research is the Auschwitz of America.
And for the record, I installed a new security on my computer and guess what group it said was spying on me and trying to prevent me from signing into my accounts? The U S Supreme Court! Is that because I protest Obama, and his socialist selection for a "Justice" or because I said the Dept of No-Justice or for what reason does the U S government spy on me a citizen who uses WORDS to protest the government --a First Amendment liberty?
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203 @ 8:00 27_July-2009
Update: I thought on this some more and I want to add these remarks also.IF I were the Harvard President I would fire Prof Gates for making a mockery of Harvard University and making a fool of himself while representing himself as being the Prof Gates of Harvard. If he is the best and brightest of this nation, this nation is in very deep trouble with no end in sight. If the fools of Harvard are running the nation, they are running it in the ground. An 'educated fool' my daddy would have called them--earning useless degrees to teach nobody while trying salaries in the hundreds of thousands categories and having a plush office to fool people and doing nothing.Almost no professor in any University in America actually teaches students anymore and it is that way since the 1980's maybe before.
But of course there is that communist-party trick called "tenure" that is the invention of obselete unions and socialist-communists who think that they are 'entitled' to the world's wealth because someone somewhere did them or their ancestors wrong or because they were docile enough to not make any waves while being 'evaluated' for tenure. A whole lot of people have done me wrong in my life and many of them in Colorado--one of the more socialist-leaning states also run by the idolatrous catholic church,but I do not believe myself to be the Queen of the World nor do I think I am 'entitled' to as much money as I could steal, loot, plunder or manipulate to get. That attitude that 'somebody owes me" is prevalent among those who grew up with someone other than other father supporting them, and it is prevalent among those who were educated 'for free' because of their skin color.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Put all cocaine addicts in prison for long time!

I read the headlines in the Washington Post that implies that the next big thing for Obama is his drug-addict-enabling-plan-to-'modify'-sentences for cocaine addicts. I did not intend to have married a drug addict in 2002 since I thought words had meanings and he said he did not do drugs anymore, [but I am divorced from him now and thank GOD for that!] but I discovered weeks into the marriage after his first violent attack against me that he was into that so-called "recreation" deeply-- so deeply in fact that when he was using and coming down off his drug-induced-psychosis he was a wild man. Cocaine is a killer and it is lethal to many and those who do that should be in prison for the sake of the public. Add my testimony of permanent injuries caused to me by a cocaine-addict named Dana Ben Pappas to the hoopla in D.C. on this topic and put all cocaine addicts in prison for the sake of public safety.

And on the topic of communist takeover of health care of Obama: IF Obama had actually hired or appointed anyone in his administration that had ever worked in health care to any position he'd have a better handle on the issues. The government has already ruined health care when they took over the rules for providing health care to anyone years ago [decades ago] and decided whom they would pay and whom they wouldn't. They jacked up all prices when they underpaid and tried to force providers to accept a fraction of their usual and customary fees and the providers fought back by tripling their fees and then the poor consumers got stuck with the larger bills for what Medicare or disability does not pay for, and the mess is entirely the doing of the socialists.

Vote not to Sotomayer for her unconstitutional agenda and not to Obamacare takeover of health care dollars from citizens.
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203 @ 9:43AM, Friday 24-July-2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Dead Democrats Politically

I read an article in the NY Times today that is an op-ed piece of propaganda and I am responding to that

article. I wrote four paragraphs and then a trick by Microsoft censorship and or Obamaites' censorship deleted

it so I am rewriting it. I intend to document every time a 'hot key' trick of a certain unknown combinations of

letters on keyboard deletes what I write, and calling it what it is-- censorship of political ideas which is


The article was bashing the Republicans of course since that is the only mission of the NY Times; but it was

disguised as an article in favour of Sotomayer. I am opposed to Sotomayer as I am opposed to all who believe

that they have a so-called right to kill innocents. The article was talking about how the NY Times' perceive

Sotomayer as representing the future of America. If that is true then the Mexican or Spanish or Vatican flag

will soon be flying over the untied states of America.

Sotomayer is of a false religion-- one that is polytheistic, and that prays to the dead, not to THE GOD. And

the US Supreme Court already has five of that flavor on the Court; and the others are Jews. There should be

some Southern Baptists and some Protestants on the Supreme Court since it is supposed to be representational of

the population and protestants are the in the greatest numbers across America. Why are there no Protestants on

the U S Supreme Court? Could that explain why they do not want the Commandments of GOD posted but instead the

catholic catchism handed out in parish schools disguised as public schools?

The fact that every article of the NY Times pumps up the democratic party and bashes the Republican Party is no

secret to anyone who knows the differences in the party platforms and has ever read the NY Times for a week.

The fact of the matter is that there are differences in the Republican principles; and the communist -socialist

principles of the 'democrats'. Communism and socialism are varying degrees on a continuum of gradations with

communism being the most oppressive form and about a ten on that scale and socialism being about an eight on

that scale. The true liberties that republicans believe in are the liberty to worship GOD and talk about GOD

reventially in public places, townhalls and Congress, and or anywhere; and post the commandments of GOD in

public,and live by adhere to the words of GOD; and to have living children, and to be allowed to prosper from

one's hard work, initiative and ambition without government skewing all the results when they pump up the

fraudsters-crooks-embezzlers and create laws to persecute the successful. Think of the U S Dept of No-Justice

attacking Google with anti-trust lawsuits for being successful and allowing first amendment libertis of the

people, while at the same time giving billions to criminals on Wall Street who fleeced thousands.

Obama is a wicked man and liar. He is wicked because he believes in killing innocents in the womb to gain

political power. He is not GOD. And neither are the corrupt Kennedys or the corrupt Clintons. They are peas in

the same pod following the devil. And any religion that teaches sodomy as a right or killing innocents as a

right is a false religion since GOD said both of those are sins and GOD called sodomy an 'abomination' in

Leviticus 18:22. Obama has dissed 99% of the U S population [those opposed to sodomy] in exchange for an op-ed

photo with sodomites. And he has dismissed GOD's laws as relevant when he and his voodoo krewe took down my

Christian websites opposing him for his approval of heinous deeds including manipulating the banking system to

capture them, and rigging elections via computers, and crashing computers of the Metro train in D.C. and

promoting abortion and sodomy as false rights. Do not be decieved by smooth talking Obama. In Psalms 55:21 it

is written, 'the words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart; his words were softer

than oil yet were they drawn swords'.

All con-men and con-women are smooth talking liars, who lie so naturally that their body movements are synched

with their lies, and the usual red-flag warnings do not engage. Do you remember the Obama lies about how he was

going to close Abu Gharib in Cuba to help those "persecuted" [he said because they were removed from society

for their penchant for killing innocents] to gain political traction with the sodomites, killers of innocents,

and those in America who want smooth as butter talkers but not national defense? And what was his plan when he

was actually expected to do what he said--send them to OTHER nations not to the U S? Con-man lies--oh they are

so "innocent" he said; but he does not want them on U S soil. Could you spell hypocrite?

And do you remember how he took over the auto industry and the banks and the Press, and the trains, and planes

and the hijacked the First Amendment when he used Microsoft technology to interfere with privately owned

computers to try to prevent criticism of him or his killing agenda ?

Sotomayer was selected by Obama because she is hispanic and for no other reason, and will help him gain those

votes of those not legally allowed to vote [he thinks]--those who come across from Mexico and the Latin

American countries without being allowed to cross borders legally. And she is catholic in keeping with his deal

with the devil. Is that a good reason to put her on the Supreme Court? I don't think so since I am opposed to

rule by communist and false gods or the devil.

The fact of the matter is that the U S Congress is not supposed to be a billion dollar a year rubber stamp to

anything Obama wants, but is supposed to be the system of 'checks and balances' to do what is best for the

nation not what is best for despot Obama. The Republicans there should vote their conscience and not be

deceived by the usual demoncratic trick of side-stepping or evasive { I cannot answer in abstract".} Well the

Republicans asked the wrong questions for certain. They should have read each word of the U S Constitution into

the Federal Register and then asked her if she believes the U S Constitution to be the will of the people who

after all ratified it and then read the Amendments to it and asked if she believes those written documents of

Constitution and Amendments to be 'settled law' since they were also ratified by the people of the U S? I am

Republican but the Republicans have to do better and that includes educating the people of the U S in what the

Republican party actually believes and lives by and what the true republican form of government as defined by

the written U S Constitution means. Also the Republicans have to realize how the demoncrats utilize computers

to distort, crash and burn those opposing them and learn to counter that. And they have to learn how to start

paying for op-ed pieces in the 'news' that support and pump up the Republicans. The demoncrats perfected

propaganda--look at Goebbels in Nazi Germany, but the Republicans have to utilize the techniques of mass media

and capture of public education and media/press to work in their favor.

The U S Supreme Court should have some real "diversity' their buzz word; by putting a Southern Baptist on it,

and a person who actually believes there is a GOD and that THE GOD is not Obama.
/s/ Gloria Poole @ Denver Colorado 80203 @ 8:13 AM -Sunday 19-July-2009
P S I wrote this on my computer and copied it to here to avoid the con-man trick censorhip of Obama and his voodoo krewe. That is why it looks wierd but they are my words.
Update at 7:48PM after the U S Pentagon tried to fry my computer this afternoon and did send enough 'radaremissions' to reset my computer clock back hours and the year back to 2000. But I figured out a way to stop them from frying my computer. Here is the update:
In the NY Times article by Robert Pear and Adam Liptak at: the discussion is
the REAL reason Obamites are having a hissy fit to socialize health care in the biggest takeover of health dollars yet since the Hillary-plan-to-increase-abortions-of-that-evil-decade. Obama could care less about the children of this nation since he makes his millions killing them off and his kickbacks from planned unparenthood. His real agenda is to siphon off taxpayers' money to give to BIG ABORTION Industry and BIG _Killed_baby-processing-industries so he gets his kickbacks and dividends from the devil.
Those of you who believe there is a GOD and ONLY ONE [Christians remember the words of JESUS in John 10:30, KJV] pray because if the Obamite communist plan gets approval from those with their hands in the pocket of planned unparenthood, we believers may all have to emigrate from the U S to somewhere where the Commandments of GOD are held Holy.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Barack Dillinger-Raiding U S Funds,Hoodwinking

I am writing this for two reasons:
I read in the NY Times that Sotomayer gave evasive answers to some questions. That is reason enough to eliminate her. If a Judge trained in the law gives evasive questions it is for the purpose of misleading. Remember the infamous Bill Clinton saying it depends on the definition of a word rather than admitting guilt?
My daddy always taught us [I have five siblings] to look him in the eye [make eye contact with all] and to answer straight-forwardly and truthfully. Sotomayer is not honest or she would answer the questions. If her colleague believes her to be proabort then there is a reason for that. People get their impressions from somewhere and if he worked alongside her [the definition of the word colleague] then he would know what cases she was involved. Evasive people are not trust-worthy.
Also here's the questions that the Republicans should ask :
1) what is Ms Sotomayer's connection to Planned Parenthood since the nation knows now that the Planned Parenthood paid many of Obama's fees and supporteed him in his run for the U S Senate and vice versa. And 2) what is Ms Sotomayer's relationship to the Center for Reproductive [killing] Rights in NYC?
and 3) What contributions did she receive from Emily's List or Center for Reproductive [Killing] Rights or Planned Parenthood at any time? The U S has a right to know whose pocket the Judges are in.
And regarding the title to this entry, I read in NY Times that Obama is eyeing the Medicare fund, planning to raid it. AS IF it had money in it. It was plundered long ago by crooks to pay for the Kennedy's and the Clintons and the Obamas to live as kings and queens. Obama is a liar, a con-man on the order of Bernie Madoff. It took my four yrs and 10 months married* to well-trained-by-catholics-swindler to recognize the signs of one but I think I have much better insight into them now. Maybe a white woman who was previously married to a hispanic con-man fraudster abuser of women could make much better decisions than a person who did not have that experience?? The Bernie Madoffs, and the Marc Driers, and the Barack Obamas, and the Sonia Sotomayers are the death bell for America because they with their socialist attitude of take whatever they can get away with, has put America in debt to every nation of the world, where even a few days ago the U S Treasurer was in the Arabic nations trying to find funding. The Obamas with their massive 'rewards programs' for swindlers, crooks, embezzlers, and self-seeking money managers has reduced every office of the federal government to puppets of other nations' money, and to begging for loans. It is a shame, a sham, and a disgrace. I put Dillinger on Barack's name to remind of John Dillinger the infamous public enemy number one decades ago and from his same money-laundering, corrupt politics, neck of the woods.

*Footnote now divorced second time from that devil and divorced since Oct 2007.

/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203 @ 9;27 AM -16-July-2009
Update at 10:12 after reading op-ed piece in the Denver Post by Rosen entitled, "Yes they're Socialists" referring to Obama and his band of criminals.
But I looked up the Commnist Manifesto since GOD put it into my heart in the early
90s to do that and I remembered some features of it and after quickly reading it again I disagree with Rosen and I say they are communists. Here are some of the main points of the Communist Manifesto and quotes have quotation marks on them:
In the "Bourgeoisie and Proletariat" section are the words "class antagonism" created by taxing the rich to give to the poor, and is essentially redistribution of assets but not from family to family or generation to generation but from worker to government to those considered party-approved. In the US there is developing a hatred of the well-to-do, the rich, and the successful and I mean honest people. There should be a hatred of those who defraud, swindle and cheat at any level! And the words, 'bougeoisie [defined as those who are producers of income and wealth] caused 'naked, shameless, direct, brutal exploitation" . In the U S that translates into a hatred of the generous and the wealthy who prospered by obeying GOD's laws especially, but generally of anyone with any means to live well. Destroying the wealth and income and influence of good Medical Doctors is more the reason of Obamacare than dispensing of measures inducing life. It says the systems produces 'enormous cities' and it labels rural life as 'idiocy' . Is that not the precise attitude taught in the U S public schools about farmers and rural life? .It calls the proletariat [working for wages] people a 'dangerous class' and 'social scum' 'without property' and says of the Communist party : "their mission is to destroy all previous securities for and insurance of individual property'. Isn't that exactly what Obama and his communists have done? Used manipulation to destroy the entire Securities and wealth concept in the U S and redirected; channeled control of those to themselves? Has not Obama taken over the auto industry, the banking industry, the communications, the Press, the control of ALL money flowing into or out of the U S? Hasn't he through his series of frauds caused people everywhere to distrust the banks because he is nationalizing communizing them?
"In the "Proletariat and Communist" section it says the aim of the Communists is to form a proletariat class to pit one class against other , to 'overthrow bourgeois" and 'conquest of political power by proletariat' and 'abolition of bourgeois property " . Remember the takeover of private property in Connecticut? And remember that Obamacare is intended to destroy all the wealthy except the Kennedys, Clintons and Obama communists.
To be continued saving as precaution..
It says, 'capital is a social power' and that 'capital is converted into common property', and 'the abolition of bourgeois individuality, bourgeouis independence, and bourgeouis freedom is undoubtedly aimed at" and 'communist abolition of buying and selling' and 'abolition of the family [Aufhebung] and 'the bourgeouis family will vanish" and 'rescue education from the influence of the ruling class', and "the bourgeois clap-trap about the family and education about the hallowed co-relation of parents and child becomes all the more disgusting' and the 'real point aimed at is to do away with the status of women', and 'communism abolishes eternal truths [such as Freedom and Justice in previous paragraph], it abolishes all religion and all morality..." . Ask yourself what is the real effect of the so-called women's movement? Did it help women by creating a situation where they could not count on thier husbands for ANYTHING? Did it help women by making their offspring tools to be be bartered with in Congress? Did it help women to reduce them to beggars when they are pregnant and the laws no longer require husbands to support their wives or exwives they abandoned and mistreated? Is the nation better off because Obama and his band of communists used political power to take down my Christian websites for opposing Obama and the killers of innocents? Is a secular heathen godless nation better ? NOT ! Does any nation that wages war against the unborn preborn have a future?
saving again as precaution, to be continued...
Has it helped America to be 'changed' by Obama to a communist nation where all production is controlled by Obama? Has it helped the nation to have those ngos whose sole purpose is the destruction of human life and therefore family like Planned {un)Parenthood, Center for Reproductive Killing, U N Family depopulation plan called Millenium Plan, to be enriched with taxpayers money through dozens of secretive funds including the defense dept, the NIH budget, the Medicaid budget, the Medicare budget, and nearly EVERY federal budget whether directly or in disguise?
Here is another quote from the Communist Manifesto: goal is to 'centralize all production in the hands of The State". Is that not the stated goal of Obama and his communists?
If you want to educate yourself for the purpose of seeing the truth and how those principles are being sneakily forced on the nation then Google the words "communist manifesto' or read them at the website of If you did not understand that I am OPPOSED to socialism and its more leftist cousin communism, let me be perfectly clear. They will destroy the United States as clearly as they destroyed Russia and I am absolutely opposed to both forms of extremist governments!
/s/ Gloria Poole @ 10:40 -16-July-2009 Denver Colorado 80203

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

NO to Sotomayer--Race is not qualification

I read an op-ed piece in the NY Times a few minutes ago and from a moral or legal standpoint it is propaganda. That quote in it about the 'right to privacy' including Roe v Wade turns my stomach. If the stupid and the wicked in the U S understood that words have meanings and that they are not supposed to be like a piece of elastic stretched to fit whatever. First of all,the words 'right to privacy' do not apppear in the U S Constitution or the Amendments to it. The Fourth Amendment says citizens are to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures of their persons, papers, houses and personal effects but that is a paraphrase. I will look up the actual words and enter it as update. If a medical doctor probing into a woman's most intimate and hidden parts of her body with sharp instruments on a seek and destroy mission is NOT a unreasonable search and seizure then in the NAME of THE MOST HOLY GOD what does constitute an unreasonable search and seizure in the minds of that Congress-from-hell? IF there is any such right as the right to privacy why is it selective? Where is it on April 15th of every year when Americans en masse are expected to reveal almost every detail of their incomes their expenditures, living arrangements etc to the federal and /or state governments? Where is it when a woman like me exactly like me who is living in state subsidized housing because the state refused to uphold it's own laws to protect me from a dangerous felon, is told to submit bank statements because they are afraid they have left her with a penney? { I do not intend to submit bank statements to corrupt politicians or corrupt agency workers based upon the 4th Amendment, FYI.]
In the second place, Roe v Wade had absolutely no precedent in any law in America or in the English common law that is the basis of much law in the U S since the U S began as colonies of emigrants from what it now called the United Kingdom. And it has absolutely NO precedence in the Judeo-Christian-Muslim laws either. There is no such right as the right to kill one's offspring when they are the tiniest and most vulnerable. The facts are that humans in the womb are human. Indeed they cannot be any THING but human beings. They derive from a human man and a human woman and therefore by the law of the species they are human by definition. And they are also human by virtue of human DNA and human brains, and human cells and human blood, and human intellect and human emotions, some with more of those than others depending upon how old in the womb the human is, but humans are human. For the NY Times or the Washington Post to continue the ungodly and evil idea of killing humans because of their age [in the womb or 'elderly', or handicapped etc] or for any reason when they are not guilty of a heinous crime, violates the very essence of American law. IF the law does not protect innocent babies then of what use is it for anyone? If a baby has no protection from the U S government then what sort of government has the U S become? Read the Bible about how the Roman soldiers ran babies through with swords when they were determined to destroy JESUS? And how the Roman so-called leaders ordered midwives to smother Jewish babies when born. Do not be fooled that the 'hispanic' cultures are influenced and controlled by the church of Rome. Read and then understand that the Roman church is not prolife and never was. Italy has one of the lowest if not the lowest birth rates in Europe. Latina women and men tend to see children as commodities to use as bargaining chips. Sotomayer does not have children at what age? That should tell you she is not prolife. And her childhood is not the qualifying factor of whether she is the Judge this nation needs. Her childhood or her lack of a father as a child cannot be the determining factor of her concept of the U S Constitution or rule of law.
I was told by a hispanic person that hispanics consider themselves superior to black people. I know for fact that catholic people and almost all hispanics are catholic; and in their so-called worship, bow down and pray to things made with human tools and pray to the dead and they have their festivals in the cemetary for the day of the dead or something like that. Their religion is not based on a LIVING GOD and they do not even know the Commandments of GOD in most cases. They think they pay their way into heaven with paying money secretly to ungodly and not-called-by- GOD-'priests' . Sodomites are NEVER called by GOD to lead the people of GOD since GOD does not violate HIS own commandments and laws.
The more relevant questions to ask Ms Sotomayer are in what situations do Americans who are not pregnant women have the "right to privacy"? Since the "right to privacy" instead of the actual words of 4th Amendment is the spin liberals use as a code for abortion rights? So do women have a different set of 'right's then men in this nation? And in what situations do Americans who are not hispanic have the right to be secure in their dwellings and their papers, and their personal effects? And in what situations do Americans have the second amendment lawful right to defend themselves from government intrusion if need be with weapons? And in what situation do Americans have the lawful right to be protected from government supported killing factories? And if the U S government allowed murderous felons who were murdering those other than in the womb for example if they were murdering grown and not innocent federal judges would the U S government allow the defense of 'right to privacy' to obstruct the prosecution of a murderer? Does a heinous murderer of innocents have a so-called right to privacy to hide murderdous behaviours? Do the US citizens have a right to be protected from murderers? What is the duty of the U S government and Supreme Court--is it to protect the innocent or the wicked?
And in what situations do innocent babies have the right to be born alive?
/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N., @ Denver Colorado @ 8:33AM 14-July-2009
Update : The Amendments which are ratified by the people of the U S to amend the US Constitution are:

United States Constitution

Bill of Rights
Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Amendment II

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Amendment III

No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Amendment V

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Amendment VI

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.

Amendment VII

In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise reexamined in any court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.

Amendment VIII

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Amendment IX

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Amendment X

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.


Next Amendment there are more amendments but for sake of space I did not include them but search them on Google --educate yourself on fact not on NY Times ' propaganda!

Update at 9:44 AM same day after reading in article that Ms Sotomayer called 'abortion rights' to kill innocents 'settled law" . Well, I say WHITEWASHING a pig does not change it's pig-ness or being. There is no such lawful right as the right to kill innocents. There never was. The U S Supreme Court has had the political-gerry-mandering by Congress of having a selected bunch of Nazi-extremists that spin the law to include the right to kill. And the so-called right to own slaves was 'settled law' in the U S from 1776-1865 and yet it was overturned. Not easily and it costs a lot of lives and money to unroot that catatastrophe but it was done. And so will Roe illegal usurpation of power by those who profited from the blood, guts and cells of humans on the U S Supreme Court, be overturned and probably by a what they call a 'radical' nation like Iran or North Korea or one of those nations that has no respect for the U S because the so-called leaders of the U S are as they are [without concern for human life but trying to fool the public] so it makes it a battle of equally unfit for leadership nations of which country is able to kill the most people 'wins'.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Revenge of the Alamo-Sotomayer

I wrote an entry here today and blogspot deleted it. I guess the Untied States of Obama has captured Google via the fake anti-trust dept of the fake Justice dept ??

I wrote that the revenge of the Alamo is Sotomayer since she has made it plain she intends to represent the illegal aliens and those who fought to destroy Texas in the Alamo. And she has made it plain she intends to favor hispanics instead of following the written laws of the U S Constitution.

I visited the Alamo years ago and I read the history of it of how Texas fought for liberty from the conquistadores of Mexico and that men there died for what seemed like nothing. But a century later Sotomayer is supposed to be their champion.

I despise all who favor the killing of the innocents and those who kill and maim others as a way of getting political power. The idolator catholic church teaches false doctrine. I survived a violent second marriage to an evil catholic man who set out to kill me because I said that GOD had always protected me, and who told me that the catholics believe a man could sin as much as he wanted as long as he paid the priest the indulgences. I am divorced from that devil now and thank GOD! I learned from him just how evil catholics are and how ungodly they are. I lived in Colorado since Oct 2002 and in that time I had a lot of Mexicans and hispanics forced upon me since Colorado is becoming a territory of Mexico. The Untied states of America do not need any more catholics in high places. We do not need another Alamo event in the making. We as a nation do not need any more idolators or violent men or women in any office. The Untied States are just that-- not United,but untied, in disagreement over everything.
The problems with America are not the economy but the wicked in high places who abandoned the Commandments of GOD and do their own thing. Those false religions that teach that sinners could go on sinning as long as they made lots of money doing it, are hell-bound, and we as a nation do not need any more of them in any office.
/s/ Gloria Poole @ Denver Colorado 80203 @ 9:42 AM 12-July-2009;
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Update at 10:22 AM, 12-July-2009 after reading the Denver Post news article about the FBI allowing a man to resign [as his punishment??] from the Denver Police desk after they caught him using cocaine. Now I understand better all those times I called the Denver Police for intervention and they sent goons to make me show ID and harass me and ask me if I "took my medication" { I do not take any medication], as their way of fielding/deflecting my request for help while they were protecting their source of cocaine who must have ben my second exhusband that you could read more about at: second entry down about who killed Sean May based upon what the Denver Post wrote and I what i know to be true from having experienced the violent man i wrote about that everyone in Denver says is so mellow because he is always high on cocaine. I think that same cocaine addict killed District Attorney Sean May in 2008. I think in the name of Justice which I know is totally a foreign concept in Colorado, the FBI should investigate my second exhusband for his MANY MANY crimes and I am willing to testify against him.

Revenge of the Alamo=Sotomayer

Years ago I visited the Alamo in Texas where Mexicans and Texans fought and died for liberty. Then ten years after that 'independence' of Texas from Mexico Texas was annexed by the United States. A reminder that the motives of the U S have been to behave imperially for centuries--it is not a new or sudden adventure for them to try to control and rule the world in other words. I figure nominee Sotomayer is the revenge of the Mexicans for the Alamo. She is a liberal idolator catholic as most "Latina women' are and her focus will be on her self, her 'goals' for America and what is good for the catholic idolator religion and not what is written in the U S Constitution or what is good for the nation collectively. She has made it very clear that she intends to advance the cause of illegal aliens to the US and that she will favor those groups outside the law and who would be outside the boundaries of the US IF they were law-abiding. She has also made it clear she will favor 'hispanic' groups.
When I visited the Alamo and read the history of it again, I was sad for those men who died seemingly without any success to gain independence, but their deaths were not in vain because those left behind were more determined than ever to be free of Mexico and its conquistadores and its heathen idolatry of the Mayans, Incans, and other groups without GOD. So the men there fought and died for a cause. Long ago in Georgia I heard a man that I admired much and still do for his fervent standing-up for the principles of GOD say that if there is nothing you would die to protect then you have nothing to live for.
It seems to me that the United States is untied --not united and that there may be a long long time before it is united again. The issues of this nation have little to do with the economy and everything to do with a nation that abandoned GOD and the Commandments of GOD in pursuit of money and false gods. Those who worship Obama disgust me. And I would feel that way about any worship of any human. Worshipping humans or declaring them the saviour of the world is as it was in JESUS's time on the earth when the rabble-rousers wanted Barabbas the thief instead of JESUS the Messiah. IS there any difference now? The Untied States of America seem [according to some so-called news reports] prefer Barrabas Obama instead of JESUS the Messiah.
Obama's plan to plunder and loot every resource, every fund for the poor and disabled, every household so he could buy power and influence around the world with his billion dollar hand-outs to the rich embezzlers and fraudsters, is as it was when the rabble-rousers demanded Barabbas be saved while JESUS was crucified.
The men of Mexico at the Alamo would be shouting hallejah to their false god for the nomination of Sonia Sotomayer to represent them in their take-over of America.
I have lived in Colorado since Oct 2002 and in that time, I have had forced upon many Mexicans and even more 'hispanics' who do not know GOD in any fashion, and do not know the Commandments of GOD and when they are told them, they scoff at them, and say 'those are not relevant because of baby JESUS who died on the Cross so we could sin" --a total perversion of the true gospel. JESUS did die for our sins at least those who repent of their sins, but not so they could continue killing and maiming and paying bribes to wicked false priests and sodomizing children and raping their minor children and profaning GOD's HOLY NAME with the names of idolators attached to the word Christian which is supposed to mean followers of JESUS in the same breath.
I am living testimony from having survived a violent second marriage in which a catholic man that I was marrried too at that time, set out to kill me because I said 'GOD had always protected me" and in which that same violent catholic man injured me seriously and then paid bribes to the catholic false priest to vouch for him. I am telling you that the Untied States of America do not need any more false priests or any more catholics in high places. Just vote NO MORE CATHOLICS on Supreme Court!
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203; @ 9:30AM 12-July-2009
bX-qfxr50 is human recognition code . I am human and I am republican and YES I am very opposed to Obama's plan to annex Mexico and Ghana on his way to socializing the world and enriching the felons, embezzlers, crooks and cocaine addicts.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Con_Man Obama Spinning his internet take-over??

I read in the news that the latest PR spin from the White House is that they are trying to convince the U S that North Korea 'attacked' the government computers. I say HOGWASH. North Korea made it plain that IF it attacks the U S it will be with missiles not computer viruses. But of course the crashed government computers could be that they fell into their own trap they set for the prolifers?? What say ye? In the Obama-maniac-fervor of fools and prodeathers, who try to censor every word and web site of prolifers and in doing so sent massive computer-jamming electricity to jam the computers of those who would oppose Obama while not realizing that certain elements of the US government while spying illegally on the citizens were connected to the computers of certain citizens and also received the electrical-jamming-to-fry-computers currents sent from Pentagon to fry the computer of Republicans and prolifers. I think that is the real reason if there is an outage of government computers and not North Korea. Of course North Korea could have caught U S government spies spying on them and set up a 'roadblock' on the worldwide web that caught certain elements of U S government computers.
It is no secret that Obama does not like negative press and that he 'jury-rigs' it to make it appear always as if he knows the answers by giving the questions to the planted-in-his-audience-press-and then answering the decided before-hand question. It is also no secret that Obama's goals for the nation is a complete socialist takeover of everything: transportation, communications, internet, manufacturing, health care. And what about his plan to take from the elderly and disabled who depend upon Medicare to give to the abie-bodied and twenty-something wage-earners? His priorities are straight from the Communist Manifesto, which of course is why the Russian people were not very 'enchanted' with him. They know a despot when they see one probably.
In the first 100 days of the Obama machinery the U S has become more indebted to more countries than at any time in its history; it has indebted the future of all generations probably for the next 100 YEARS, and it has not stopped siphoning off the funds from families and households to give more spending money to the Obamas to travel the world for $10 MILLION two week vacations in places like Hawaii. How does a family of four spend $10 million dollars on a two week vacation? I did not think that is possible to do unless they bought one of the islands there. Who could wear $10 million of clothes or eat $10 million in food in two weeks time?
Tax and spend communist 'reform' of government being served up in Congress --don't be fooled by the P R spin .
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203 @ 10:33AM 8-July-2009
Update at 10:48 AM after reading another article that the NY Stock Exchange was also supposedly 'hacked' into. Well that raises another scenario that is very likely. That the US financial "meltdown' that was really one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on the U S public through the NY Stock Exchange and every stock exchange--they are all run by computers-- was funneling money into those Swiss USB bank accounts from all those crooks on Wall Street; and now the good guys sort of figured that out and are trying to get at those billions that Madoff embezzled, and GM embezzled, and Citibank embezzled and the computer-gurus behind that wizardry to take via internet accounts siphoned off, and the crooks figured out that the ocmputer code was going to fry their behinds in Court and they 'fried' their own computers to conceal their crimes. I think that is much more likely the cause than North Korea. I suspect that IF North Korea decided to take out every computer in America they could do it easily and it would be in one fell swoop --that they would not play at it. Why would they? They would have to do it so effectively that no person in the government could communicate with any other person in any government anywhere or with any Press agency. In other words, it would be totally foolish for North Korea to half do a computer attack on the US and on the NY Stock Exchange since that would also hurt them through the ripple effect of the flow of money around the world. Oh no, I am sure that if North Korea decided to attack the US it would be so devastating to the US that it would take decades to recover from. The Bible says in Revelation that GOD will raise up a country from the north where the soldiers are on horse-back and that HE will destroy 1/3 of the world's population through Armageddon. I think if North Korea starts a way in retaliation to that fool Hillary Clinton's provoking them, it will lead to Armageddon.
/s/ Gloria Poole

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Just say NO NO NO Sotomayer!

Congress: it is a no-brainer. Sotomayer has already made it plain she intends to judge by the color of one's skin and the outside-of-U.S.-status of the participants of the cases before her. In other words, she has made it plain that she would not follow the written laws of the US but her emotions and feelings of her past. That is not the basis for any Judge to be on any bench! Get a grip on reality please for the sake of the nation. Judges who decide cases based upon the poverty of one's childhood or the fact that the father abandoned the family [single-parenthood] are social-workers not judges. Judges are supposed to treat all equally in the law.
And don't be deceived by what the American Bar ASSN wants because they are looking out for themselves not the American public. They are one of the most liberal and most selfish group of people in the U.S.

And while you are thinking on this. Remember she was picked by Obama a man who snubbed the President of France so he could sightsee Paris and eat out with his wife. And a man whose wife launched herself onto the Queen of England. Protocol is not big with those Obama people so why trust who he would pick for Supreme Court. Get a selection based upon the knowledge and applications of the written laws not where one grew up or what condition they lived in as children, or what minority they belong too. Picking candidates solely because they are of a particular ethnic group is racism is it not? Or it was when the ethnic group is white; or at least that was the previous Supreme Court decision before the most recent one of allowing skills based testing to decide who is qualified for firefighters. Maybe the tide is turning but I say no Sotomayer! She is not qualified because she has already said repeatedly that she would be ruling based upon her past not upon the written laws of the US Constitution.
/s/ Gloria Poole @ Denver Colorado 80203 @ 7;17pm, 7-July-2009

Friday, July 03, 2009

Shut up those who kill or promote killing!

I read in the Denver Post this am an article that the prolifers in Colorado are going to put forward another Amendment to define personhood. And I say yes! And thank GOD! And this time maybe if the propaganda forces of the killing machinery of Planned Unparenthood is not allowed to hijack the mainstream press of the Colorado newspapers, the people will vote for the right thing to do. The right thing to do is to define personhood as including all humans with human DNA and human cells and human tissues, and human brains, and human emotions, and human bodies or any stage of that development. If we as a nation say collectively to those evil voices demanding killing as a right "SHUT UP" and get out of this country and go back to hell where you belong, then maybe there would be hope for America.
The medical facts about how humans develop in the womb were available to the U S Supreme Court when that evil infamous and deadly sin of Roe v Wade was forced upon the nation by the illegal usurpation of power by the U S Supreme Court. It is shameful to have to say that in America there is a trained ignorance on medical facts also known as brainwashing. Even those studying to be doctors are told nonsense and untruths in the eternal quest by the killing industries for the perfect assassin of innocents--the person licensed by the state and federal governments {medical doctors] and then twisted/perverted to dispense death. IS God mocked? The Bible says not in Galatians 6:7. Even Michael Jackson though not an innocent, was done in by a medical doctor most likely if the news reports are true since only medical doctors have DEA permits to get potentially deadly anesthestics.
Now here's the facts: human beings when they reproduce, reproduce themselves and that would be HUMANS. Human only produce humans when they reproduce and that is also true of any other species and it is called the law of the species. And it is medical fact that a human gamete cell whether from an ovary or from a testicle is alive, and moves about, and ingests nutrients, and excretes waste across the cell membrane even when it's body 'mass' is one cell. There has been a massive brainwashing effort in the U S since that ungodly and evil Roe v Wade usurpation of the rights of the people to amend the U S Constitution and those who do not know the Scriptures or have a relationship with THE LIVING GOD are like sheep to slaughter -they are dumb as wooden planks about human anatomy and how life is created, IF they don't make conscious efforts to get the facts.
The groups in the US that kill with deliberation and premeditation are Planned Unparenthood, Center for Reproductive [Killing] Rights, U N Family Planning, Sex Information and Education Propaganda Machinery of these others aka SIECUS; and these groups are the shadow government in Congress. They have tried to hijack the U S and that evil leader of theirs i.e. Obama is now trying to hijack the internet with his plan to 'protect" the U S so-called leadership from criticism by the citizens. Listen up, it is the attitude in Congress by those in power for 40-50 years that ran this nation into the ground with their false rights and their evil that is the enemy. The U S was begun with good motives but like that python in Florida the evil serpent in the Garden strangled the life out of the true government and bankrupted it by flaunting the laws of GOD in the face of GOD.
This time get it right Colorado, Vote Prolife, rout the devil and send him back to hell where he belongs. Those who kill innocents in the womb or elsewhere are evil. And they have no right to government protection but should be hunted by the government and prosecuted and yes that includes women who kill their offspring.
It is time for a personhood Amendment at the federal level and I am praying that GOD raises up a person with gumption and conviction of The Holy Spirit to keep on keeping on until that Amendment to protect innocent human life is public law.
/s/ Gloria Poole,R.N. and artist in oils, Denver Colorado 80203 @ 8:00 AM , 3-July-2009.
Also see for medical facts of how humans develop in the womb and see for medical illustrations of that.
Update at 10:28 AM after reading some of the news.
Harvard groupthink on display again and again it is a fiasco! The U S has already failed the preborn, the veterans, the elderly and disabled with the federal programs to protect them and provide them for health care. And now since all of those programs are such abysmal failures the stupid and the wicked in Congress and White House want to expand the failures to include all people. They want more people to trick and decieve into thinking they are getting something of real value when they pay their government mandated 'health care premiums [that may not provide anyone any health care but may be only a way of creating new taxes]. And by the way, there is already a system for public health and guess what it is called? U S Dept of Public Health where almost anyone could go to get treatment at least for infectious diseases but which is underutilized and almost unknown in most cities!