Friday, May 01, 2009

Another Gotcha from Obama

I just read the headlines that the 'swine flu may not be as potent' as..blah, blah,blah. What they want to write is that the U.S. was hoodwinked again or at least enough of the fools in Congress were, to fall for yet another propaganda trick of Obama to package/sell his prodeather Sebelius for the HHS job.

I console myself that some day the world will look back at that swindle of truth the same way it does now on how Hitler hoodwinked a nation.

I am going to write it, " I told you so'. I told you before she was hustled into the job in the pretense of being the 'saviour' of Mexico and the world that a pandemic is not 40 cases of flu,and that she knows nothing about health care; and that she is bad for the nation. Any time any human in any nation portrays himself or herself as the Saviour of the world, look out--lies and treachery and tricks are their agenda.

U.S. now you are stuck for 4 years with an incompetent in charge of Health and Human Services and IF she were merely incompetent the nation would be no worse off than before but she is lethal.

signed Gloria Poole,R.N. @ Denver CO 80203


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