Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Upside of the National Nuclear Fall-out

There is one thing I could think of that is positive about the fiasco that Obama created to get elected then got caught in, and that is that the black people of this nation and the world will not be able to blame white folks for the national demise any longer. They will have to look at one of their own when the nation depopulates and their numbers decrease and they will know that the abortuaries funded by a black man did them in.
That could be a turning point in the long run for a nation h--- bent on destruction. When the blacks realize they are in danger of extinction in the U.S. from the deeds of a black man,they will do something about it. I know I have personally talked on, written on, created websites and blogs on, this topic for 17 years when I began in the State of GA opposing abortion there, and continued the battle of words to Colorado in 2002-present. The black people as a general rule think that the way to fame and fortune is by killing off black folks. Prolifers do not accept that theory however, and I am 100% prolife when talking about the right to life of the innocents. I do acknowledge that GOD in the Holy Bible said for the city leaders to punish the wicked and sometime that was what we as a nation call 'capital punishment' for crimes that caused death, maiming or kidnapping intentionally.
I do not see the golden calf of rescuing Wall St, as my Saviour, nor do I see that so-called 'economic stimulus' as being anything but a con-man game, from a con-man, in his effort to appear to be doing something, however destructive it is, to the nation's fools. The idea of propping up so-called homeowners who never paid a cent on their so-called mortgages is not merely ludicrous but foolish. It is throwing good money after bad. There is an entire fraudulent mortgage underbelly industry that should be in prison not being handed mega bucks from those who want the kickbacks and bribes to continue. That criminal business that advertises for its suckers in the Denver Daily News as having to pay nothing down, prove no income, make no payments etc,etc,etc is still in business and still advertising for suckers. Pumping up the wicked destroyers does not help this nation a tiny bit. Put the criminals, fraudsters, money-launderers, crooks, embezzlers, Ponzi-schemers in prison for a long long time and then you would see smiles on the faces of the general population and see a turn-about in this nation of the attitudes and hopes of decent people that would astound you.
Update at 5:47 pm, MT:
My knowledge of what has happened since that evil Bill Clinton lifted the ban on fetal research,indicates that it was always a fiasco. Also, I would guess that the so-called 'TARP" funds and
bail-out#2 went to the phony medical research labs that grind up human babies for a living, because the U.S senators and Supreme Court was so heavily invested in them;and did not want to lose their so-called 'investments'; because this news in the following article was made known to them years ago:
Fetal Stem Cells produce brain tumor :;_ylt=Akry0wLHoOzKn_nN53smyKGs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTFkb2VlMWJwBHBvcwMxNDIEc2VjA2FjY29yZGlvbl9oZWFsdGgEc2xrA3JlcG9ydGZldGFscw--
5:43 PM 2/18/2009
Article by Lauran Neergaard, AP Medical Writer
signed gloria poole, RN, artist, etc, Denver CO 80203


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