Monday, February 02, 2009

Tabloid says 8 Secrets of Obama to bring down US

Of course, let me begin this by writing that I am opposed to the Obama-Planned Parenthood killing scheme, as always. I read somewhere earlier today that Obama planned to restore the $100 MILLION USD to Planned Parenthood for the purpose of killing Africans and Arabics in the womb. I hate that, don't you hate that? Killing off the tiniest,most vulnerable humans in the world all in the pretense of giving what is euphemistically labeled 'HIV prevention'? Marie Stopes with HQ in the UK is not a health care facility of any kind but a killing center, and the world should wake up to the truth about it. That killing center and the other operating under the world's radar through deliberate lies, false labels, and wicked deeds should lose all of its money. And so should Planned Parenthood and their PAC that is Centre for Reproductive Killing though they call it 'rights' BUT GOD calls it WRONG. The worst terrorist organizations in the world are those three because their victims cannot even speak up for themselves! Their victims i.e. the preborn humans are targeted by nations like the United States and the United Kingdom, and it is appalling. Obama while wanting to protect those defined as terrorists who are grown able bodied men, and give them a more pampered existence in prison, is the same bad guy who wants to slaughter without mercy those in the womb. Remember this, GOD is not mocked, according to Galatians 6:7 as written, 'be not deceived. GOD is not mocked; whatsoever a man [or nation for that matter] soweth that shall he also reap."

Also while I was doing my errands earlier I saw a popular tabloid that said there are eight secrets of Obama's that will destroy the US. Do you know what they are? The one that he is muslim is not so secret anymore. Also it was never a secret that he was in the pocket of Planned Parenthood and Centre for killing who has billions since they pay no taxes through a charity fraud and charge for everything they do, several times over, charging the governments upfront and then charging the women victims too. So that leaves six 'secrets' . Do you know what they are?

signed gloria poole, R.N. Denver CO 80203.
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