Friday, February 27, 2009

Still Choosing Barabbas??

The Bible in the book of Matthew tells of how Pontius Pilate,the Governor tried to release JESUS according to verse 18 of chapter 27, 'for he knew that for envy they had delivered him" [JESUS to be tried on trumped up charges for spreading the gospel.] Here's the thing, has the nature and character of humans changed one iota in the past 2009 years ? Is not the US via Obama and his assortment of Jewish so-called experts and "Pharisees' of organized religion still choosing Barabbas over JESUS? The nation has put its lack of integrity on display month after month, year after year as they 'bail out' embezzlers, offer 'deals' to drug-addicts if only they will harm those opposed to drugs and killing, and allow prolifers to be hauled into court after court on fake charges in effort to impoverish them, embarrass them, ruin them? I attest that is true since I have been summoned to court in two counties and in a federal court because my exhusband is a criminal, but they did not want to do anything about his crimes; their goal it seems was to ruin me. I told how he and his pervert 'partner' drove off with truck loads of my possessions and they did nothing. I told how he harmed me, threatened to kill me repeatedly terrorized me and was told in several courts that their 'venue' was not appropriate to discuss that though that is contrary to the state of Colorado laws about domestic violence; and I was made to make $30-40 photocopies of my documents for the courts for the purpose of gathering info on my bank accounts and my financial matters; and then when I asked several times for them to uphold the state laws and help me, the innocent victim of crimes, they [all but one Court] had the attitude "if you want help first pay a lawyer $5000" [an essential coerced payment into a corrupt system is the 'gateway' for enforcement of the state laws of Colorado. Then, when the corrupt Littleton Colorado court in April 2006,where I was falsely summoned too and made to provide informationo, the info that they demanded about my bank accounts in 2006 when my then husband had violated a contract [that I was not a party on, and had nothing whatsoever to do with me, and I am not talking about my prolife and gospel missions on line,]the government used the info to close my then accounts x 2 because I told them I used them to pay for my online missions works. BUT if I had been an ardent killer of human babies, the Court would have 'protected my assets' by giving me money for bail-outs, and allowing me a fake 'bankruptcy' proceeding to protect my so-called wealth. And IF I had been a violent cocaine-whacked drug addict the entire state of Colorado would be about erecting defenses to 'protect' my 'right to use cocaine and harm others' as they see it. I say there is no such right as the right to kill oneself's in any way and particularly with that vile drug, nor to kill or harm others except in self-defense. And certainly in a "civilized" nation [though who could call the US civilized?--the number one killer of human babies in the world?] there is no such right as the 'right' to kill,maim, destroy either the lives of others or their property. When I asked for an emergency hearing in the City of Denver Courts in early March 2007 or maybe end of February to ask for Judge to make my then-husband pay the rent in Aurora, Co since he had the money and he was on the lease, not me,[because I never wanted to move there,and Judge had told him to move out,stay away from me, not harm me; and I said I was leaving the state, and said I would not assume responsibility for expenses to live with a then husband who threatened to kill me every time I wanted to visit my family, or see my two daughters,or tell what harm he did to me; and who tried to kill me on several occasions,and on the line for the rent, the Judge denied my request. And the Judge in Denver city divorce court refused an emergency hearing though my situation met the criteria for one,[ I was healing from injuries, not hireable and had NO money except one dollar in an account I could not get too to get because my then husband had stolen, plundered, looted almost everything I had of value; and though my survival was at risk, and though he knew or should have known of my then husband's attempts to kill me since the first time he was arrested was in the city of Denver.
Now compare that situation over the time period of 2003-2007 when he finally moved out to his 'male partner's' house with the scene in Washington DC. Look at what institutions the Congress has rewarded with HUGE unfathomable amounts of money to the average citizen. Look at the liberty of that biggest fraudster of all time, Bernie Madoff who made-off with $50 BILLION dollars of other folks' money and his punishment is as far as I could tell from the news, so far, to give up three of his five houses. Oh, gee what a hardship on him. And look at the crooks on Wall Street -they ruined their companies and they got rewards from Congress. And not penney candy rewards either--but BILLIONS of dollars. Still choosing Barabbas the thief over the gospel message of the love of GOD, seems to be the intent of the nation. I publish the gospel on line in many ways, and the court systems in Colorado tried to destroy me because of it. They summoned me to Court no less than 15 times in 2 years not because of anything I did but because of what my then-husband did, and when I told what I was cautiously afraid of telling, then did nothing to help me, but used the info to help my then-husband continue his cocaine habit and his abuse/violence against me by giving him a wink-wink and a pretend punishment that consisted of being forced to attend a weekly session with other felons and drug addicts and talk about himself. Oh, gee what a hardship it created on him. The one person he loves to talk about most is himself and they gave him an audience. But for me, who is prolife [probably the real problem in their baby-killing hearts] they allowed the theft of my belongings, the violence against my person [except Arapahoe County one Court and one very good deputy who intervened for me], and the plundering, looting of my dwelling regularly, and the illegal interference into my singly owned bank accounts to close them, and denied me the full protections of the laws of the US and the State of Colorado by refusing to follow the written laws about domestic violence and subsequent arrests after a deferred judgement for felony, refused to arrest him when he admitted to cocaine use to seven people in Sheridan in 2004, refused to arrest him for domestic violence while he was still on probation from the first event of domestic violence and probation for possession of cocaine and tried to push me out the window facing backwards; refused to arrest him when I wrote Judges about other events of domestic violence after that, refused to punish him or correct him in any meaningful way. And why? I think it is because he was intent on destroying me and that served the purpose of the demoncrats who kill human babies for a living and for kickbacks, rewards, perqs from Congress, 'dividend's from abortuaries, 'dividends" from the phony 'research labs' that 'process' dead human babies sort of like the Nazis did when they processed the dead Jews for their gold teeth and skin, and raided their bank accounts rather than allow their bona-fide children to have them.
Yea, the depression America feels or at least the good people feel is the recognition that America is in decline and that no matter what trick Obama comes up with the try to fool all the people all the time, he cannot fool those who know the Bible.
And what prompted this entry was reading the article in Reuters today about Obama and company's latest scheme to fool America.If the US gov't cannot fund health care for 44 millions that have already paid into the system and are owed something back, =Americans NOT in nursing
homes or on dialysis, what makes them think
they would succeed if Obamites put in national health insurance
to cover 300 million people?
Read article at Reuters today, about giving a 1.1 % increase to
pay medical doctors for when a sick person on the Medicare 'plan'
visits a doctor for medical treatment:
7:38 AM 2/27/2009.
This is news about Obama wanting 'national health insurance" for all while at the same time, paying practically nothing on some existing legitimate claims against the already existing health care 'insurance' of Medicare, is another fraud on the public. Don't believe those who believe that killing human babies in the womb with premeditation and deliberation, then harvesting their body parts, ovaries, gonads, brains, cells ,tissues for phony research is a so-called 'right'. It is a WRONG always and that is from the mouth of GOD not just me.Read Commandments at Exodus chapter 20 or at Killers are not people of integrity and they lie as easily as they kill,maim or destroy because they are of the devil according to John 10:10 King James Holy Bible and John 8:32-47. AND such deeds as the abortuaries killing centers funneling dead human babies to the phony research labs are similar to the cattle cars used to transport the Jews for gassing then to the 'processing' plants for extracting gold from teeth, and their bank account info, and they violate the Nuremberg Code of Laws that were generally accepted by the entire world after Hitler and his band of thugs and killers were tried for crimes against humanity. In other nations, crimes against humanity are being prosecuted but in the US they are being rewarded with billions of dollars, and if you doubt that then look at the prestigious position of Hillary Clinton, and Obama,and Bill Clinton, three of the prime promoters and beneficiaries of crimes against humanity.
Also I forgot to add this:
Turkish Airlines Sabotaged??
Airplanes and many cars are run by computer and there were many
problems around the world with computers on the day of that
crash,including a massive attack against Google. Did the US Pentagon 'jam' the computers as they have done before to make it crash and if so, why? Who was on board that knows a lot about the Clintons or the Kennedys or the Obamas
and by what method they ascended to power? That would be
the questions I'd be asking if I were the inspectors of that flight
crash and also the one recently too, that dived into a
10:18 AM 2/27/2009
Update at 11:30 am, same day:
Obama making hospitals killing fields article at:
in the Washington Post written by Rob Stein, about Obama reversing
the conscience clauses for health care providers to NOT allow them to
refuse to participate in medical killing. Obama is an evil man,
a Hitler and don't be fooled by him. When a nation starts attacking an
entire class of citizens [the preborn in this case of article] then
it is not long before the other classes [the elderly, the sick, the
handicapped, then the politically 'unwanted'] are also targeted.
That targeting the elderly happened years ago with the invention
of the killing hospice centers that start a death IV on their victims
when they walk in.
Also according to Concerned Women of America, Obama and Krewe of voodoo is giving
$95 MILLION to Planned Unparenthood killing centers worldwide in his trick to transfer money from US Treasury paid in by citizens for supposed benefits when needed for treatment of disease for those on Medicare/SSDI to killing the innocents in the womb, around the world as 'job duty' of
MD's and RN's. The end result will be that the good people who obey the Commandments of GOD will flee those jobs--
quit, or be fired--and the hospitals will become the Nazi-type killing places where the ungodly "reign" with discreet killing methods. it is the beginning of the end of the United States, making the nation more divided than at any time in its history, and according to JESUS in Matthew 12:25-26 a house or kingdom divided against itself cannot stand/endure.
signed gloria poole, R.N. Licensed in Colorado, living in Denver CO 80203.


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