Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama's KGB Censoring Google is prob w Gmail

Google and Gmailers, the problem with google is named Obama, who has actively tried to suppress any comments that disagree with his agenda of King for America. He is in collusion with that same evil duo of demoncrats as has hacked my computer repeatedly since 2003, the demonic Hillary and Bill Clinton, the demonic demoncrats who want to kill off the entire world while in the womb. He and his cohort Bill Gates who controls the Microsoft "kill" any application that criticizes the demoncrats on many computers is the problem. The team at work is the same hack-into-the-computers-of-Republicans socialist team of censorship that enabled/empowered the Hewlett Packard spying fiasco in 2004-2005-2006 with that Fiorini {??spelling] woman in charge of spying on Republicans and that Hillary team of hackers that tried to destroy my blog at http://lifemedia-publishing.us in the 2006-2007 for criticizing Hillary. IF Google was down it was because of an attack by their competition and rivals BECAUSE Google allows freedom of press and speech and religious expression of speech also. The enemies of GOD hate that! Catch a clue, America. The suppression of the First Amendment was the intention and the attack was intended to hit the means of journalists who use their phones to communicate the news in any way.
Don't be naive about what is going on in this nation. And don't fall for Obama's attempt to distance himself from the 28 fleet of helicopters-- 11 BILLION dollar armada-- he wanted. There was no mention of that in any news when Bush was President so he cannot now say it was a Bush idea. It was an idea of the same man who ordered a new limo for his inauguration and who took a $10 MILLION 3 week vacation in Hawaii before even starting the job. And it is a job, not a coronation.
And my entry from late yesterday:
Twenty-eight helicopters at cost of $11.2 BILLION dollars for King Obama? IF that is not excessive what is? From a man eager to rob the poor to give big perqs to the rich.
And don't forget how he is going to pay for it, by borrowing money from
China and Saudi Arabia. And don't forget how he had to have a new
limo just for him? Article at:
7:59 PM 2/23/2009
And now suddenly since the U S realized that the US citizens do not
want terrorists released into their communities, Guantanamo has
become respectable. Read that article at:
When it was Obama's rallying cry to get elected it was terrible, and
what changed? The report!
++++Also, FYI. The ONLY mailing address for words that WORK, LLP since June 2007 is
PO Box 61513,Denver CO 80206 and it is the same mailing address for Life Media &
Publishing LLP. This notice is necessary because a con-man tried to steal my name and identity and has been stealing my US mail since about 2004. I am trying to get
my identity and my US mail back! Also remember my name is Gloria Poole not Pappas!
update as of 12:45 PM The Obama KGB is still censoring any email/blocking it totally for my paid for services and they are doing that by hacking into my privately owned computer. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh I have made Obama and company MAD. They are pulling out all stops to try to prevent me from signing into my paid emails for my works that I have paid for FIVE years, and they are trying to prevent me having any info about my paid for accounts. The hewlett packard spies and the Microsoft kill switch is their modus operandi. The moral of this story is don't ever, ever, ever buy a hewlett packard computer or Microsoft software if you don't want a communist approach to your life. The Obama hackers treat Denver CO 80203 as if it were in China. They are too stupid to know the difference.
signed gloriapoole, R.N. , artist, [Gloria Poole] of Denver CO 80203


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