Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama, those on Medicare did pay taxes

I read an article in the NY Times today that is trying to boost Obama's popularity and it quoted him as saying that IF the nation wants Medicare then he will have to raise taxes. Here's a new flash for him and the NY Times. To get Medicare or SSDI a citizen has to have paid taxes into the system, correct? Or is that now considered an entitlement for Mexicans, and terrorists too? Some people paid taxes into the US system for more than 40-50-60 years. I paid taxes as an Registered Nurse into the system for 25 years.Then I acquired a disability because the State of Colorado would not enforce the mandatory restraining order against my then-husband [second one, now divorced and thank GOD!] who had been violent to me on more than one occasion, and he injured me seriously, and I required an open reduction of multiple fractures, and placement of eleven pieces of metal [screws, nails, and a plate] to put the bones together again but anatomic restoration was not possible; and have a wobbly gait and a limp, and the metal in my fibula, and ankle. Then I got pneumonia as result of lessened mobility,[had no walker but orthopedic boot on leg with crutches and 28 steps to navigate], no food in house, no money, no car, no phone [that my then husband created situation to attempt to destroy me through neglect since his active efforts to strangle me, push me out window, crash my bicycle, crash me down stairs by throwing his jacket on steps as I was coming down stairs behind him,etc, had failed.All of those events were after he tried to kidnap me in the Arapahoe County Courthouse in May 2006 telling me he'd cut my throat and ran for my life and a A.C. deputy saw him grab me from behind and arrested him. That is public record of his second arrest for domestic violence but there three other events that they refused to arrest him for, because the A.C. District Attorney Carol Chambers said she did not want to interrupt his cocaine-use 'progress'. I said all of that to get to this point,in this past month I had to go back to my MD and he said I had an obstructed airway, and was making very strange noises [ I think as a RN it is called laryngospasm] and he sent me for a chest xray. Then a few weeks later he sent me a bill saying he had billed me for $161 for spirometry, examination,intervention, and Medicare paid $25 of that according to MD's bill to me, and I am now expected to pay $136. So is that the 'new' plan Obamites have in mind? Steal the money from Medicare funding for buying Obama a fleet of helicopters? Or is to fund rich criminals? I would like to know for what purpose they seem to have confiscated the tax money I paid into the system for 25 years for? And I would also like to know why i am not considered 'poor' enough to get food stamps and the Colorado A.N.D funds simply because I am a US Citizen who paid taxes? It seems to me that the food stamps and A.N.D. funds of Colorado are reserved for illegal immigrants and what is wrong with that picture? I am not necessarily asking for food stamps, I prefer to be living honorably but I think US citizens should know what and who they are funding, and by what authority. Before I applied for the disability I actually had more money that I could actually spend [that was not siphoned off in rent for a 'subsidized unit' for just being poor, than I get now for being disabled and reaping supposedly the tax money I paid into the system. It sort of humiliates me to have to tell all of this and I am sure that is what the state agencies count on to keep the poor docile and compliant. I am not docile and never will be. I am not taking their recommended mind-altering drugs because I want to have a clear mind some of the time. By that I mean, at times my brain seems sort of fogged when exhausted and under stress and I am told that is related to the several events of trauma and a calamitous crash down stairs a second time in 2006, and hitting windshield of car 20 years ago when trying to swerve to miss a high school student who pulled out in front of me and it was swerve or plough over him.
I have these questions for the US citizens: do you know that all your taxes you are paying into a system thinking you are providing yourself some security in your disabled state or old age, is manipulated by Congress, and in some cases is not nearly enough to live on? There is a U.S veteran who lives across the hallway in my same building and what he said he gets as a pension for disability from the US Military is shocking to me, and I wonder how in the world does he live off that? And do you know that Medicare is already seeming defunct program if it pays $25 of a $161bill leaving you the rest after you paid into the so-called 'insurance plan' of the government? And do you know that Obama is shifting billions of dollars from programs that have promised for years to provide for you, into a new limo, a armored fleet of helicopters, paying legal debts for crooks, criminals, embezzlers, and shysters? [Wall St and the push to allow bankruptcy for people who never paid on their mortgage and defrauded banks and mortgage companies].
I am trying to rebuild my life, by painting with oils and acrylics, putting up websites to promote them in an effort to create a market for my art I paint and sketch and draw; and I work diligently on my missions works for the LIVING GOD. [That is work I support, and have since 1991, not work that pays me. I am the creator and instigator-thinker up of it in 1991, and financier of it.] I am also not a quitter, and I will NEVER quit GOD's work as long as I live on this earth, and then when I get to heaven, I am going to sing GOD's praises there with the heavenly host.
The events of my life nearly destroyed me but they didn't .If you want to read more on this topic then read, these
"I'm telling Someone' at, or may be on the Praise GOD site, and "The Nightmare Returns' at
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and the entire website of Praise GOD anyway, at
/s/ gloriapoole, R.N. and artist in oils and acrylics, Denver CO 80203. Oh, yea to see the paintings I am referring to visit these sites of mine, and click, or double-click the name of the painting for it to open, not to worry, always safe and decent images:


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