Sunday, February 08, 2009

Obama & Co--this article for you too

I am posting this on this blog because Obama & Co have the same agenda as the
Pharoah had in the ancient days written about in Exodus chapter one, when the
King [Pharoah] decided to try to kill off the Jewish and Arabic descendants of
Abraham. Obama has sent Hillary out to promote the killing of Jews and Arabs as
duty of all nations and has selected to his advisers those who believe killing is a so-called 'right' when it was always a WRONG, according to GOD's commandment of
'thou shalt not kill'* that GOD wrote in stone with HIS OWN HAND according to scripture when HE gave to Moses the stone tablet with the words written on them.
Read this article in the BBC about what is coming to the U.S soon with the election
of a man [Obama] who believes that government is more powerful than GOD,and could undo what GOD is doing by throwing $$$$$$ at the 'crisis' that is entirely rooted in the failure of the US government to acknowledge the words of GOD; and who is
trying to make $$$$$ the solution to the crumbled foundation of moral authority in
the U.S.

English Mothers-in-Progress, maybe the moral of the study is to
learn how to deliver your baby at home with a neighbor's help??
Read article in BBC, "Maternity Units 'shut to mothers' in article
that reports that the maternity sections of English hospitals shut
down 533 times in 2008! A shocking number I think, as a Registered
Nurse. Even Emergency department staff should be able to deliver
babies, yet it seems the hospitals were not admitting the women at
all but sending them miles away to other hospitals. Maybe for a first
delivery a long trip to another hospital might not pose a substantial
hardship but after the first baby, the others come more quickly and
easily through the birth canal. The labor and delivery is usually
much shorter and more precipitous.
What is the message England is sending by doing this? That they
don't want the nation to continue? No room at the inn for pregnant
women, who might be poor, while 'saving' resources for old geezers
who are more likely to have wealth of some kind? Or what?
Remember in the Bible where it is written in Exodus chapter one
verses 8-21 how the King of Egypt, fearing that the Hebrews were
multiplying and would take over, told the midwives to kill any sons
delivered but to deliver alive the female babies? [verse 16]; but it said
the 'midwives feared GOD and did not as the King of Egypt commanded
them, but saved the men children alive'. [verse 18] and also,
'therefore GOD dealt well with the midwives, and the people
multiplied and waxed very mighty, and it came to pass, because
the midwives feared GOD,that HE made them houses." verses 20-21].
Learn the lessons from the Bible, { I prefer the King James Holy Bible}.
and deliver babies alive when presented with that situation.
/s/ gloriapoole, R.N., licensed in Colorado, and previously also
licensed in the UK.;Denver CO 80203;
Read the Commandments of GOD at
8:33 AM 2/8/2009


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