Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Notice to Public of Cell Telephone Thieves

I am posting this here to notify the public that T_Mobile supplied me with the name of the couple that were stealing my phone minutes and trying to slam my cell phone. Since the phone in question is the same number I put on many of my 'contact' phone numbers and since it was always my number and since it was NEVER a shared account,I am posting their names here so the public will know that they are in NO way associated with me nor with any of my LLP ministries of Life Media & Publishing LLP and words that WORK LLP that were both updated to my maiden name in spring 2008 and registered to me in the State of Colorado.

The names of the thieves are: Neomi and Alfonso Galvan, and they put the address of 1056 S Hazel Ct Denver CO 80219 on their attempt to slam my cell phone. This couple are not in my family, and have no association whatsoever with any of my life's works or paintings, or LLP's, and are not known to me. The possibility of course is that the 'Alfonso Galvan' is yet another alias of my criminal exhusband [second exhusband] and his latest victim; however that does not influence my decision. I do not want that criminal exhusband nor the criminals Alfonso and Neomi Galvan stealing my phone number or attempting to steal the ministry works that it is the contact number of.
T-Mobile is supposed to remove them from having my phone number since the number was always billed me to me,it is a new acct after second divorce, a new SIM card and a billed account that is paid by my credit card. There is no doubt that it is my account. How they got on my account could only have been through fraud, stolen documents and impersonation or stealing it via an online account.
A public notice that these people of the Galvans are NOT in any way associated with any of the "Gloria Poole" [gloriapoole as trade name] works/poems/paintings/photos/writings/websites, nor of Life Media & Publishing LLP, nor of words that WORK LLP, so do not loan them money, or allow them to open any sort of account in the names of me personally [Gloria Poole with or without my middle initial, or name] nor in the names of my LLP's. I purposely did not renew Tapestry of LIFE TV,LLP in 2008 because it is a defunct TV program and studio that did not serve the purposes of my life's goals anymore. This is intended to be a legal disclaimer that Neomi and Alphonso Galvan do not represent me or work for me, are not agents of mine, nor of my LLP's,nor of my original paintings I paint, nor are they authorized on any account of mine personally nor for the LLP's of Life Media & Publishing, LLP nor words that WORK LLP as registered in the State of Colorado to me. Words that WORK was also registered to me in the State of GA as an LLC for the years of 1993-1999.
Today's date is Tuesday Feb 3, 2009;signed Gloria Poole, R.N. and only registered agent and only so-called executive and only 'publisher' of these entities and only person authorized to sign my name or use my name. Denver CO 80203 at 7:38pm, MT


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