Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Demons' Values on Display Around World

Well, I never liked Obama and it has nothing to do with his skin color but with his all-out war on the preborn and those who oppose killing of innocents in the womb. I read a book about 15 years ago entitled The Nazi Doctors by Robert Jay Lifton, MD who is a practicing MD, and I had my eyes opened to what is going on in America, with the world of 'choice' killing. Since then I have opposed the premeditated killing of the most tiny, the most innocent and the most vulnerable and that is those
humans in the womb. I have created websites to teach the medical facts about their
development and some of those are: and also Also a site to encourage you to think, with your brain and reject the propaganda pumped into you by the public schools that use Planned Unparenthood as their raison d'etre and that site is And the reasons why abortion violates the Amendments supposedly offering protection to the innocents at; and some of the scriptures about human life at I spoke on this topic on TV until John Kerry ran for office and hijacked the Denver public TV studios for his campaign office. I lobbied as a citizen in Washington DC and was told by the wicked Kennedys and Clintons that they don't talk to prolifers.
Now today the so-called news is how Michelle Obama is on Vogue that bastion of baby-killing propaganda, as their newest icon, and how in Denver the legislators are concerned with banning plastic bags for groceries. I am sure I am mired in reality having endured four years of h--- married to the most wicked demoncrat of all but now divorced by the everlasting mercies of the ALMIGHTY GOD who redeemed me from that devil. [More on that at, the website of my born with name, and my name again after second divorce.] The US' lack of integrity, lack of foundation in the Word of GOD, and rejection of GOD as the cornerstone of government, has brought the US the Great Depression that started after November 08 election when the good people of this nation realized that those entrenched in power in this nation are NOT good people. Obama's cabinet consists of tax-evaders, law-breakers, corrupt people like the Clintons some of the most ungodly people in the world who sell human flesh and blood for dollars, and the Salazar man from Colorado who seemed to have had a hand in the theft of my US mail while John Kerry was running for office, who when I complained about my then-husband stealing my US mail from my POB that never belonged to him, took advantge of the opportunity to raid it also to gather info on prolife activities in Colorado. Obama's cabinet is sort of like the group of thugs Hitler assembled to advise him. If you did not see that movie about Hitler, you probably should because it is a portrayal of how they lived well at the expense of those they were killling off, and how glib they all were about that, and how a woman thought nothing of poisoning her children as her duty to the government.
I am not intending to glorify evil but to bring it out of the shadows and make you look at it. The Commandments of GOD define how a civil society should live and they were first written in stone.In the US a Bible-believing Judge was removed from office in Alabama by outside intervention because he posted the Ten Commandments in his Courtroom. Now we have atheists running the country--the devils' own are in charge and that is the most depressing thought I have ever had in my life.I cannot accept that as the final outcome however as GOD promises that HE WINS HIS BATTLES; and HE said HE will fight against those who fight against the servants of GOD ALMIGHTY. Therefore I know I will overcome and GOD's work will continue through me. I have much work on the web where I am categorizing the Scriptures into topics to make them easier to find quickly and I am putting the entire King James Holy Bible on the web at Go to Table of Contents and click the links to the name of each book to read it. I am adding in Numbers at present.
This Great Depression is precisely because the nation has watched as the U S Congress rewarded criminal behaviour of embezzlement, theft, graft, corruption in elections, fraud, greed,evil, lying, deceit and treachery by bailing Wall St crooks; and then ripping off taxpayers for billions to prop up the same crooks again so they "can do" more evil--kill off more humans, rob more banks, plunder and loot more societies, set up more killing centers [abortuaries, and places like Darfur],spy on political opponents through Microsoft and hewlett-packard and Apple in every school in the nation. The reality of how horrible America has become is sickening --how even the churches are pretense for the most part. A few months ago a leader in a local church in Denver told me that she did not believe the Bible was the word of GOD! A Church leader!
This has really been brought home to me in the sense that I had to endure those evil 'values' for a period of four years after having married a man in Dec 2002 whom I was deceived into believing was Christian but was not. I am divorced from him now and thank GOD; but the lesson I learned is written in the Bible. It says when the wicked rule the people mourn and that describes what is happening for America-the nation is mourning the loss of the goodness of the nation. I quote that scripture,
'when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice; but when the wicked rule, the people mourn." Proverbs 29:2. The governments including in many states have become so corrupt, so evil, so self-serving that they are destroying the nation.
signed gloria poole, R.N. and artist in oils,and photographer,etc;Denver CO 80203


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