Saturday, February 14, 2009

Buying Votes,suppressing speech not "victory'

I am writing this to disagree with the Washington Post propaganda piece in the news today. Obama's scheme offering all democrats a free ride via fraudulent bankruptcy proceedings while simultaneously suppressing the speech of those who oppose corruption by hacking into their computers, does not qualify in my mind as a 'victory' for Obama. Obama and hackers who are no doubt on the same team as Hillary's hackers of the past 5 years hacked into my computer I am reasonably sure the same way they hacked into Sarah Palin's yahoo account. But since she was Republican the Washington Post was pretty much silent about that but hey if it had been a Nixon Republican hacking into private emails he would be impeached. The double-standards abound. It seems the so-called 'change" Obama brought is: Breaking into private computers=ok for democrats, hacking into private computers=ok for democrats,spying on private citizens=ok for democrats, not paying taxes=ok for democrats, not paying the hired staff or paying into their SS fund, =ok for democrats, flying around the country showing off, and influencing judges=ok for democrats, soliticing =ok for Democrats Hillary, Bill and Obama. But let a Republican break and enter a private computer that would be splashed over every newspaper in the world,immediately before the ink dried on the newspapers.
It appalls me how wicked the democrats are, and how they never change. There are more democrats who violated ethics laws than Republicans but the public schools only talk against republicans.The public schools are what the main stream news would call training fields for terrorists in the US. They teach a lack of respect for the laws, they reward a lack of respect for the laws, they bail chronic law-breakers, they pull political strings like why was that Robert Blagojevich silenced BEFORE his co-hort was 'approved' by Congress? Don't you smell a skunk there. because I do. I am disgusted by that whole entire dog and pony show for Congress about how this 'bail out' was going to be so different from the 'bail-out' for Bush, and how this bail-out was going to be the saviour of the world. Don't you want to barf? They make me sick. If the entire Congress was fired and the building shut down and the people voted honestly from a computer on what laws we wanted,then we as a nation would have the 'democracy' that they always say we have while they are raking in the millions in bribes and kickback illegally, and the legal perqs and benefits of being a republic. Fraudsters,criminals and con-men and women is the norm there in Congress.
And is anyone deceived about why the news of the bribe offer to the replacement for Obama was 'leaked' to the news after the briber was put in Congress, and after the next bail-out was spun through? If so, get a grip on reality. Shake yourself out of that drug-induced coma and see the hand-writing on the wall.The Concerned women of America said this bail-out is about limiting the health care /rationing it not improving it. Ever notice how when the socialists are trying to take over, they call it 'reform" or a 'new deal' made with the throw of the dice, or 'stimulus'. Well, here is some common sense for you nitwits there in Congress, you cannot spend yourself out of debt. The US is in trillions of debt. The owners of this nation are the Arabs, the Chinese, the Japanese, not the Americans. How many of those mortgages the Congress crooks were using to promote their evil socialism are due payable to Arabic nations or the Chinese, or the Japanese? Borrowing another $800 BILLION from those countries took sending sales marketing manager Hillary calling on them, begging. There was a day in this nation when the worlds' leaders came calling on the US President not the other way around. To see how far America has fallen, see what the so-called Secretary of State of US is doing --see where Obama is, not at home, doing his job; but out pimping his cause of more borrowed money for more crooked democrats.
Update at 1:46 pm, the Google news listed the names of those in that plane crash in Buffalo and this name and career:"Mary Pettys, of West Seneca, N.Y., software director for an insurance firm" [from that article in Google news] . I want to know WHAT software company? IS it Hewlett Packard that downloads surreptious code on the privte computers of Republicans if they oppose Obama? And that was instrumental in throwing the election to Obama through that democrat Carla Fioni or whatever her name is that was the hewlett-packard corrupt person from 2002-04 caught by Congress supposedly, for spying on Republicans, then emplyed by the democrats to defeat Republicans, of course on the sly. They did not know she is really a democrat because they did not ask the right questions. IS it Microsoft that controls nearly every computer in the US with its monopoly on computer software? And what insurance company--the one that found out that the new so-called stimulus plan was going to redefine health care as socialistic, or who struck that deal with the devil and knows too much, or was it the one that knew that Obama's grandmother did not die of natural causes? Is this another prevent-talking-by-the-enemies-of-Clintons-Kennedys-Obamas event of killed opponents like in Arkansas times two,since the Demons convened in Denver; and also at the beginning of B Clinton's term in office when another crash far away silenced the enemy of B Clinton who knew how he got elected? Ask the right questions. Plane crashes are becoming the norm for getting rid of certain political opponents it seems to me.
signed gloria poole, Denver CO 80203 @1:26pm, MT


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