Friday, February 27, 2009

Still Choosing Barabbas??

The Bible in the book of Matthew tells of how Pontius Pilate,the Governor tried to release JESUS according to verse 18 of chapter 27, 'for he knew that for envy they had delivered him" [JESUS to be tried on trumped up charges for spreading the gospel.] Here's the thing, has the nature and character of humans changed one iota in the past 2009 years ? Is not the US via Obama and his assortment of Jewish so-called experts and "Pharisees' of organized religion still choosing Barabbas over JESUS? The nation has put its lack of integrity on display month after month, year after year as they 'bail out' embezzlers, offer 'deals' to drug-addicts if only they will harm those opposed to drugs and killing, and allow prolifers to be hauled into court after court on fake charges in effort to impoverish them, embarrass them, ruin them? I attest that is true since I have been summoned to court in two counties and in a federal court because my exhusband is a criminal, but they did not want to do anything about his crimes; their goal it seems was to ruin me. I told how he and his pervert 'partner' drove off with truck loads of my possessions and they did nothing. I told how he harmed me, threatened to kill me repeatedly terrorized me and was told in several courts that their 'venue' was not appropriate to discuss that though that is contrary to the state of Colorado laws about domestic violence; and I was made to make $30-40 photocopies of my documents for the courts for the purpose of gathering info on my bank accounts and my financial matters; and then when I asked several times for them to uphold the state laws and help me, the innocent victim of crimes, they [all but one Court] had the attitude "if you want help first pay a lawyer $5000" [an essential coerced payment into a corrupt system is the 'gateway' for enforcement of the state laws of Colorado. Then, when the corrupt Littleton Colorado court in April 2006,where I was falsely summoned too and made to provide informationo, the info that they demanded about my bank accounts in 2006 when my then husband had violated a contract [that I was not a party on, and had nothing whatsoever to do with me, and I am not talking about my prolife and gospel missions on line,]the government used the info to close my then accounts x 2 because I told them I used them to pay for my online missions works. BUT if I had been an ardent killer of human babies, the Court would have 'protected my assets' by giving me money for bail-outs, and allowing me a fake 'bankruptcy' proceeding to protect my so-called wealth. And IF I had been a violent cocaine-whacked drug addict the entire state of Colorado would be about erecting defenses to 'protect' my 'right to use cocaine and harm others' as they see it. I say there is no such right as the right to kill oneself's in any way and particularly with that vile drug, nor to kill or harm others except in self-defense. And certainly in a "civilized" nation [though who could call the US civilized?--the number one killer of human babies in the world?] there is no such right as the 'right' to kill,maim, destroy either the lives of others or their property. When I asked for an emergency hearing in the City of Denver Courts in early March 2007 or maybe end of February to ask for Judge to make my then-husband pay the rent in Aurora, Co since he had the money and he was on the lease, not me,[because I never wanted to move there,and Judge had told him to move out,stay away from me, not harm me; and I said I was leaving the state, and said I would not assume responsibility for expenses to live with a then husband who threatened to kill me every time I wanted to visit my family, or see my two daughters,or tell what harm he did to me; and who tried to kill me on several occasions,and on the line for the rent, the Judge denied my request. And the Judge in Denver city divorce court refused an emergency hearing though my situation met the criteria for one,[ I was healing from injuries, not hireable and had NO money except one dollar in an account I could not get too to get because my then husband had stolen, plundered, looted almost everything I had of value; and though my survival was at risk, and though he knew or should have known of my then husband's attempts to kill me since the first time he was arrested was in the city of Denver.
Now compare that situation over the time period of 2003-2007 when he finally moved out to his 'male partner's' house with the scene in Washington DC. Look at what institutions the Congress has rewarded with HUGE unfathomable amounts of money to the average citizen. Look at the liberty of that biggest fraudster of all time, Bernie Madoff who made-off with $50 BILLION dollars of other folks' money and his punishment is as far as I could tell from the news, so far, to give up three of his five houses. Oh, gee what a hardship on him. And look at the crooks on Wall Street -they ruined their companies and they got rewards from Congress. And not penney candy rewards either--but BILLIONS of dollars. Still choosing Barabbas the thief over the gospel message of the love of GOD, seems to be the intent of the nation. I publish the gospel on line in many ways, and the court systems in Colorado tried to destroy me because of it. They summoned me to Court no less than 15 times in 2 years not because of anything I did but because of what my then-husband did, and when I told what I was cautiously afraid of telling, then did nothing to help me, but used the info to help my then-husband continue his cocaine habit and his abuse/violence against me by giving him a wink-wink and a pretend punishment that consisted of being forced to attend a weekly session with other felons and drug addicts and talk about himself. Oh, gee what a hardship it created on him. The one person he loves to talk about most is himself and they gave him an audience. But for me, who is prolife [probably the real problem in their baby-killing hearts] they allowed the theft of my belongings, the violence against my person [except Arapahoe County one Court and one very good deputy who intervened for me], and the plundering, looting of my dwelling regularly, and the illegal interference into my singly owned bank accounts to close them, and denied me the full protections of the laws of the US and the State of Colorado by refusing to follow the written laws about domestic violence and subsequent arrests after a deferred judgement for felony, refused to arrest him when he admitted to cocaine use to seven people in Sheridan in 2004, refused to arrest him for domestic violence while he was still on probation from the first event of domestic violence and probation for possession of cocaine and tried to push me out the window facing backwards; refused to arrest him when I wrote Judges about other events of domestic violence after that, refused to punish him or correct him in any meaningful way. And why? I think it is because he was intent on destroying me and that served the purpose of the demoncrats who kill human babies for a living and for kickbacks, rewards, perqs from Congress, 'dividend's from abortuaries, 'dividends" from the phony 'research labs' that 'process' dead human babies sort of like the Nazis did when they processed the dead Jews for their gold teeth and skin, and raided their bank accounts rather than allow their bona-fide children to have them.
Yea, the depression America feels or at least the good people feel is the recognition that America is in decline and that no matter what trick Obama comes up with the try to fool all the people all the time, he cannot fool those who know the Bible.
And what prompted this entry was reading the article in Reuters today about Obama and company's latest scheme to fool America.If the US gov't cannot fund health care for 44 millions that have already paid into the system and are owed something back, =Americans NOT in nursing
homes or on dialysis, what makes them think
they would succeed if Obamites put in national health insurance
to cover 300 million people?
Read article at Reuters today, about giving a 1.1 % increase to
pay medical doctors for when a sick person on the Medicare 'plan'
visits a doctor for medical treatment:
7:38 AM 2/27/2009.
This is news about Obama wanting 'national health insurance" for all while at the same time, paying practically nothing on some existing legitimate claims against the already existing health care 'insurance' of Medicare, is another fraud on the public. Don't believe those who believe that killing human babies in the womb with premeditation and deliberation, then harvesting their body parts, ovaries, gonads, brains, cells ,tissues for phony research is a so-called 'right'. It is a WRONG always and that is from the mouth of GOD not just me.Read Commandments at Exodus chapter 20 or at Killers are not people of integrity and they lie as easily as they kill,maim or destroy because they are of the devil according to John 10:10 King James Holy Bible and John 8:32-47. AND such deeds as the abortuaries killing centers funneling dead human babies to the phony research labs are similar to the cattle cars used to transport the Jews for gassing then to the 'processing' plants for extracting gold from teeth, and their bank account info, and they violate the Nuremberg Code of Laws that were generally accepted by the entire world after Hitler and his band of thugs and killers were tried for crimes against humanity. In other nations, crimes against humanity are being prosecuted but in the US they are being rewarded with billions of dollars, and if you doubt that then look at the prestigious position of Hillary Clinton, and Obama,and Bill Clinton, three of the prime promoters and beneficiaries of crimes against humanity.
Also I forgot to add this:
Turkish Airlines Sabotaged??
Airplanes and many cars are run by computer and there were many
problems around the world with computers on the day of that
crash,including a massive attack against Google. Did the US Pentagon 'jam' the computers as they have done before to make it crash and if so, why? Who was on board that knows a lot about the Clintons or the Kennedys or the Obamas
and by what method they ascended to power? That would be
the questions I'd be asking if I were the inspectors of that flight
crash and also the one recently too, that dived into a
10:18 AM 2/27/2009
Update at 11:30 am, same day:
Obama making hospitals killing fields article at:
in the Washington Post written by Rob Stein, about Obama reversing
the conscience clauses for health care providers to NOT allow them to
refuse to participate in medical killing. Obama is an evil man,
a Hitler and don't be fooled by him. When a nation starts attacking an
entire class of citizens [the preborn in this case of article] then
it is not long before the other classes [the elderly, the sick, the
handicapped, then the politically 'unwanted'] are also targeted.
That targeting the elderly happened years ago with the invention
of the killing hospice centers that start a death IV on their victims
when they walk in.
Also according to Concerned Women of America, Obama and Krewe of voodoo is giving
$95 MILLION to Planned Unparenthood killing centers worldwide in his trick to transfer money from US Treasury paid in by citizens for supposed benefits when needed for treatment of disease for those on Medicare/SSDI to killing the innocents in the womb, around the world as 'job duty' of
MD's and RN's. The end result will be that the good people who obey the Commandments of GOD will flee those jobs--
quit, or be fired--and the hospitals will become the Nazi-type killing places where the ungodly "reign" with discreet killing methods. it is the beginning of the end of the United States, making the nation more divided than at any time in its history, and according to JESUS in Matthew 12:25-26 a house or kingdom divided against itself cannot stand/endure.
signed gloria poole, R.N. Licensed in Colorado, living in Denver CO 80203.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama, those on Medicare did pay taxes

I read an article in the NY Times today that is trying to boost Obama's popularity and it quoted him as saying that IF the nation wants Medicare then he will have to raise taxes. Here's a new flash for him and the NY Times. To get Medicare or SSDI a citizen has to have paid taxes into the system, correct? Or is that now considered an entitlement for Mexicans, and terrorists too? Some people paid taxes into the US system for more than 40-50-60 years. I paid taxes as an Registered Nurse into the system for 25 years.Then I acquired a disability because the State of Colorado would not enforce the mandatory restraining order against my then-husband [second one, now divorced and thank GOD!] who had been violent to me on more than one occasion, and he injured me seriously, and I required an open reduction of multiple fractures, and placement of eleven pieces of metal [screws, nails, and a plate] to put the bones together again but anatomic restoration was not possible; and have a wobbly gait and a limp, and the metal in my fibula, and ankle. Then I got pneumonia as result of lessened mobility,[had no walker but orthopedic boot on leg with crutches and 28 steps to navigate], no food in house, no money, no car, no phone [that my then husband created situation to attempt to destroy me through neglect since his active efforts to strangle me, push me out window, crash my bicycle, crash me down stairs by throwing his jacket on steps as I was coming down stairs behind him,etc, had failed.All of those events were after he tried to kidnap me in the Arapahoe County Courthouse in May 2006 telling me he'd cut my throat and ran for my life and a A.C. deputy saw him grab me from behind and arrested him. That is public record of his second arrest for domestic violence but there three other events that they refused to arrest him for, because the A.C. District Attorney Carol Chambers said she did not want to interrupt his cocaine-use 'progress'. I said all of that to get to this point,in this past month I had to go back to my MD and he said I had an obstructed airway, and was making very strange noises [ I think as a RN it is called laryngospasm] and he sent me for a chest xray. Then a few weeks later he sent me a bill saying he had billed me for $161 for spirometry, examination,intervention, and Medicare paid $25 of that according to MD's bill to me, and I am now expected to pay $136. So is that the 'new' plan Obamites have in mind? Steal the money from Medicare funding for buying Obama a fleet of helicopters? Or is to fund rich criminals? I would like to know for what purpose they seem to have confiscated the tax money I paid into the system for 25 years for? And I would also like to know why i am not considered 'poor' enough to get food stamps and the Colorado A.N.D funds simply because I am a US Citizen who paid taxes? It seems to me that the food stamps and A.N.D. funds of Colorado are reserved for illegal immigrants and what is wrong with that picture? I am not necessarily asking for food stamps, I prefer to be living honorably but I think US citizens should know what and who they are funding, and by what authority. Before I applied for the disability I actually had more money that I could actually spend [that was not siphoned off in rent for a 'subsidized unit' for just being poor, than I get now for being disabled and reaping supposedly the tax money I paid into the system. It sort of humiliates me to have to tell all of this and I am sure that is what the state agencies count on to keep the poor docile and compliant. I am not docile and never will be. I am not taking their recommended mind-altering drugs because I want to have a clear mind some of the time. By that I mean, at times my brain seems sort of fogged when exhausted and under stress and I am told that is related to the several events of trauma and a calamitous crash down stairs a second time in 2006, and hitting windshield of car 20 years ago when trying to swerve to miss a high school student who pulled out in front of me and it was swerve or plough over him.
I have these questions for the US citizens: do you know that all your taxes you are paying into a system thinking you are providing yourself some security in your disabled state or old age, is manipulated by Congress, and in some cases is not nearly enough to live on? There is a U.S veteran who lives across the hallway in my same building and what he said he gets as a pension for disability from the US Military is shocking to me, and I wonder how in the world does he live off that? And do you know that Medicare is already seeming defunct program if it pays $25 of a $161bill leaving you the rest after you paid into the so-called 'insurance plan' of the government? And do you know that Obama is shifting billions of dollars from programs that have promised for years to provide for you, into a new limo, a armored fleet of helicopters, paying legal debts for crooks, criminals, embezzlers, and shysters? [Wall St and the push to allow bankruptcy for people who never paid on their mortgage and defrauded banks and mortgage companies].
I am trying to rebuild my life, by painting with oils and acrylics, putting up websites to promote them in an effort to create a market for my art I paint and sketch and draw; and I work diligently on my missions works for the LIVING GOD. [That is work I support, and have since 1991, not work that pays me. I am the creator and instigator-thinker up of it in 1991, and financier of it.] I am also not a quitter, and I will NEVER quit GOD's work as long as I live on this earth, and then when I get to heaven, I am going to sing GOD's praises there with the heavenly host.
The events of my life nearly destroyed me but they didn't .If you want to read more on this topic then read, these
"I'm telling Someone' at, or may be on the Praise GOD site, and "The Nightmare Returns' at
and "GOD wins!" at,
and the entire website of Praise GOD anyway, at
/s/ gloriapoole, R.N. and artist in oils and acrylics, Denver CO 80203. Oh, yea to see the paintings I am referring to visit these sites of mine, and click, or double-click the name of the painting for it to open, not to worry, always safe and decent images:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama's KGB Censoring Google is prob w Gmail

Google and Gmailers, the problem with google is named Obama, who has actively tried to suppress any comments that disagree with his agenda of King for America. He is in collusion with that same evil duo of demoncrats as has hacked my computer repeatedly since 2003, the demonic Hillary and Bill Clinton, the demonic demoncrats who want to kill off the entire world while in the womb. He and his cohort Bill Gates who controls the Microsoft "kill" any application that criticizes the demoncrats on many computers is the problem. The team at work is the same hack-into-the-computers-of-Republicans socialist team of censorship that enabled/empowered the Hewlett Packard spying fiasco in 2004-2005-2006 with that Fiorini {??spelling] woman in charge of spying on Republicans and that Hillary team of hackers that tried to destroy my blog at in the 2006-2007 for criticizing Hillary. IF Google was down it was because of an attack by their competition and rivals BECAUSE Google allows freedom of press and speech and religious expression of speech also. The enemies of GOD hate that! Catch a clue, America. The suppression of the First Amendment was the intention and the attack was intended to hit the means of journalists who use their phones to communicate the news in any way.
Don't be naive about what is going on in this nation. And don't fall for Obama's attempt to distance himself from the 28 fleet of helicopters-- 11 BILLION dollar armada-- he wanted. There was no mention of that in any news when Bush was President so he cannot now say it was a Bush idea. It was an idea of the same man who ordered a new limo for his inauguration and who took a $10 MILLION 3 week vacation in Hawaii before even starting the job. And it is a job, not a coronation.
And my entry from late yesterday:
Twenty-eight helicopters at cost of $11.2 BILLION dollars for King Obama? IF that is not excessive what is? From a man eager to rob the poor to give big perqs to the rich.
And don't forget how he is going to pay for it, by borrowing money from
China and Saudi Arabia. And don't forget how he had to have a new
limo just for him? Article at:
7:59 PM 2/23/2009
And now suddenly since the U S realized that the US citizens do not
want terrorists released into their communities, Guantanamo has
become respectable. Read that article at:
When it was Obama's rallying cry to get elected it was terrible, and
what changed? The report!
++++Also, FYI. The ONLY mailing address for words that WORK, LLP since June 2007 is
PO Box 61513,Denver CO 80206 and it is the same mailing address for Life Media &
Publishing LLP. This notice is necessary because a con-man tried to steal my name and identity and has been stealing my US mail since about 2004. I am trying to get
my identity and my US mail back! Also remember my name is Gloria Poole not Pappas!
update as of 12:45 PM The Obama KGB is still censoring any email/blocking it totally for my paid for services and they are doing that by hacking into my privately owned computer. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh I have made Obama and company MAD. They are pulling out all stops to try to prevent me from signing into my paid emails for my works that I have paid for FIVE years, and they are trying to prevent me having any info about my paid for accounts. The hewlett packard spies and the Microsoft kill switch is their modus operandi. The moral of this story is don't ever, ever, ever buy a hewlett packard computer or Microsoft software if you don't want a communist approach to your life. The Obama hackers treat Denver CO 80203 as if it were in China. They are too stupid to know the difference.
signed gloriapoole, R.N. , artist, [Gloria Poole] of Denver CO 80203

Monday, February 23, 2009

King Obama & His Armada [Fleet of Choppers]

Twenty-eight helicopters at cost of $11.2 BILLION dollars for King Obama? IF that is not excessive what is? From a man eager to rob the poor to give big perqs to the rich.
And don't forget how he is going to pay for it, by borrowing money from
China and Saudi Arabia. And don't forget how he had to have a new
limo just for him? Article at:
7:59 PM 2/23/2009
And now suddenly since the U S realized that the US citizens do not
want terrorists released into their communities, Guantanamo has
become respectable. Read that article at:
When it was Obama's rallying cry to get elected it was terrible, and
what changed? The report!
++++Also, FYI. The ONLY mailing address for words that WORK, LLP since June 2007 is
PO Box 61513,Denver CO 80206 and it is the same mailing address for Life Media &
Publishing LLP. This notice is necessary because a con-man tried to steal my name and identity and has been stealing my US mail since about 2004. I am trying to get
my identity and my US mail back! Also remember my name is Gloria Poole not Pappas!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Upside of the National Nuclear Fall-out

There is one thing I could think of that is positive about the fiasco that Obama created to get elected then got caught in, and that is that the black people of this nation and the world will not be able to blame white folks for the national demise any longer. They will have to look at one of their own when the nation depopulates and their numbers decrease and they will know that the abortuaries funded by a black man did them in.
That could be a turning point in the long run for a nation h--- bent on destruction. When the blacks realize they are in danger of extinction in the U.S. from the deeds of a black man,they will do something about it. I know I have personally talked on, written on, created websites and blogs on, this topic for 17 years when I began in the State of GA opposing abortion there, and continued the battle of words to Colorado in 2002-present. The black people as a general rule think that the way to fame and fortune is by killing off black folks. Prolifers do not accept that theory however, and I am 100% prolife when talking about the right to life of the innocents. I do acknowledge that GOD in the Holy Bible said for the city leaders to punish the wicked and sometime that was what we as a nation call 'capital punishment' for crimes that caused death, maiming or kidnapping intentionally.
I do not see the golden calf of rescuing Wall St, as my Saviour, nor do I see that so-called 'economic stimulus' as being anything but a con-man game, from a con-man, in his effort to appear to be doing something, however destructive it is, to the nation's fools. The idea of propping up so-called homeowners who never paid a cent on their so-called mortgages is not merely ludicrous but foolish. It is throwing good money after bad. There is an entire fraudulent mortgage underbelly industry that should be in prison not being handed mega bucks from those who want the kickbacks and bribes to continue. That criminal business that advertises for its suckers in the Denver Daily News as having to pay nothing down, prove no income, make no payments etc,etc,etc is still in business and still advertising for suckers. Pumping up the wicked destroyers does not help this nation a tiny bit. Put the criminals, fraudsters, money-launderers, crooks, embezzlers, Ponzi-schemers in prison for a long long time and then you would see smiles on the faces of the general population and see a turn-about in this nation of the attitudes and hopes of decent people that would astound you.
Update at 5:47 pm, MT:
My knowledge of what has happened since that evil Bill Clinton lifted the ban on fetal research,indicates that it was always a fiasco. Also, I would guess that the so-called 'TARP" funds and
bail-out#2 went to the phony medical research labs that grind up human babies for a living, because the U.S senators and Supreme Court was so heavily invested in them;and did not want to lose their so-called 'investments'; because this news in the following article was made known to them years ago:
Fetal Stem Cells produce brain tumor :;_ylt=Akry0wLHoOzKn_nN53smyKGs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTFkb2VlMWJwBHBvcwMxNDIEc2VjA2FjY29yZGlvbl9oZWFsdGgEc2xrA3JlcG9ydGZldGFscw--
5:43 PM 2/18/2009
Article by Lauran Neergaard, AP Medical Writer
signed gloria poole, RN, artist, etc, Denver CO 80203

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Buying Votes,suppressing speech not "victory'

I am writing this to disagree with the Washington Post propaganda piece in the news today. Obama's scheme offering all democrats a free ride via fraudulent bankruptcy proceedings while simultaneously suppressing the speech of those who oppose corruption by hacking into their computers, does not qualify in my mind as a 'victory' for Obama. Obama and hackers who are no doubt on the same team as Hillary's hackers of the past 5 years hacked into my computer I am reasonably sure the same way they hacked into Sarah Palin's yahoo account. But since she was Republican the Washington Post was pretty much silent about that but hey if it had been a Nixon Republican hacking into private emails he would be impeached. The double-standards abound. It seems the so-called 'change" Obama brought is: Breaking into private computers=ok for democrats, hacking into private computers=ok for democrats,spying on private citizens=ok for democrats, not paying taxes=ok for democrats, not paying the hired staff or paying into their SS fund, =ok for democrats, flying around the country showing off, and influencing judges=ok for democrats, soliticing =ok for Democrats Hillary, Bill and Obama. But let a Republican break and enter a private computer that would be splashed over every newspaper in the world,immediately before the ink dried on the newspapers.
It appalls me how wicked the democrats are, and how they never change. There are more democrats who violated ethics laws than Republicans but the public schools only talk against republicans.The public schools are what the main stream news would call training fields for terrorists in the US. They teach a lack of respect for the laws, they reward a lack of respect for the laws, they bail chronic law-breakers, they pull political strings like why was that Robert Blagojevich silenced BEFORE his co-hort was 'approved' by Congress? Don't you smell a skunk there. because I do. I am disgusted by that whole entire dog and pony show for Congress about how this 'bail out' was going to be so different from the 'bail-out' for Bush, and how this bail-out was going to be the saviour of the world. Don't you want to barf? They make me sick. If the entire Congress was fired and the building shut down and the people voted honestly from a computer on what laws we wanted,then we as a nation would have the 'democracy' that they always say we have while they are raking in the millions in bribes and kickback illegally, and the legal perqs and benefits of being a republic. Fraudsters,criminals and con-men and women is the norm there in Congress.
And is anyone deceived about why the news of the bribe offer to the replacement for Obama was 'leaked' to the news after the briber was put in Congress, and after the next bail-out was spun through? If so, get a grip on reality. Shake yourself out of that drug-induced coma and see the hand-writing on the wall.The Concerned women of America said this bail-out is about limiting the health care /rationing it not improving it. Ever notice how when the socialists are trying to take over, they call it 'reform" or a 'new deal' made with the throw of the dice, or 'stimulus'. Well, here is some common sense for you nitwits there in Congress, you cannot spend yourself out of debt. The US is in trillions of debt. The owners of this nation are the Arabs, the Chinese, the Japanese, not the Americans. How many of those mortgages the Congress crooks were using to promote their evil socialism are due payable to Arabic nations or the Chinese, or the Japanese? Borrowing another $800 BILLION from those countries took sending sales marketing manager Hillary calling on them, begging. There was a day in this nation when the worlds' leaders came calling on the US President not the other way around. To see how far America has fallen, see what the so-called Secretary of State of US is doing --see where Obama is, not at home, doing his job; but out pimping his cause of more borrowed money for more crooked democrats.
Update at 1:46 pm, the Google news listed the names of those in that plane crash in Buffalo and this name and career:"Mary Pettys, of West Seneca, N.Y., software director for an insurance firm" [from that article in Google news] . I want to know WHAT software company? IS it Hewlett Packard that downloads surreptious code on the privte computers of Republicans if they oppose Obama? And that was instrumental in throwing the election to Obama through that democrat Carla Fioni or whatever her name is that was the hewlett-packard corrupt person from 2002-04 caught by Congress supposedly, for spying on Republicans, then emplyed by the democrats to defeat Republicans, of course on the sly. They did not know she is really a democrat because they did not ask the right questions. IS it Microsoft that controls nearly every computer in the US with its monopoly on computer software? And what insurance company--the one that found out that the new so-called stimulus plan was going to redefine health care as socialistic, or who struck that deal with the devil and knows too much, or was it the one that knew that Obama's grandmother did not die of natural causes? Is this another prevent-talking-by-the-enemies-of-Clintons-Kennedys-Obamas event of killed opponents like in Arkansas times two,since the Demons convened in Denver; and also at the beginning of B Clinton's term in office when another crash far away silenced the enemy of B Clinton who knew how he got elected? Ask the right questions. Plane crashes are becoming the norm for getting rid of certain political opponents it seems to me.
signed gloria poole, Denver CO 80203 @1:26pm, MT

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Demons' Values on Display Around World

Well, I never liked Obama and it has nothing to do with his skin color but with his all-out war on the preborn and those who oppose killing of innocents in the womb. I read a book about 15 years ago entitled The Nazi Doctors by Robert Jay Lifton, MD who is a practicing MD, and I had my eyes opened to what is going on in America, with the world of 'choice' killing. Since then I have opposed the premeditated killing of the most tiny, the most innocent and the most vulnerable and that is those
humans in the womb. I have created websites to teach the medical facts about their
development and some of those are: and also Also a site to encourage you to think, with your brain and reject the propaganda pumped into you by the public schools that use Planned Unparenthood as their raison d'etre and that site is And the reasons why abortion violates the Amendments supposedly offering protection to the innocents at; and some of the scriptures about human life at I spoke on this topic on TV until John Kerry ran for office and hijacked the Denver public TV studios for his campaign office. I lobbied as a citizen in Washington DC and was told by the wicked Kennedys and Clintons that they don't talk to prolifers.
Now today the so-called news is how Michelle Obama is on Vogue that bastion of baby-killing propaganda, as their newest icon, and how in Denver the legislators are concerned with banning plastic bags for groceries. I am sure I am mired in reality having endured four years of h--- married to the most wicked demoncrat of all but now divorced by the everlasting mercies of the ALMIGHTY GOD who redeemed me from that devil. [More on that at, the website of my born with name, and my name again after second divorce.] The US' lack of integrity, lack of foundation in the Word of GOD, and rejection of GOD as the cornerstone of government, has brought the US the Great Depression that started after November 08 election when the good people of this nation realized that those entrenched in power in this nation are NOT good people. Obama's cabinet consists of tax-evaders, law-breakers, corrupt people like the Clintons some of the most ungodly people in the world who sell human flesh and blood for dollars, and the Salazar man from Colorado who seemed to have had a hand in the theft of my US mail while John Kerry was running for office, who when I complained about my then-husband stealing my US mail from my POB that never belonged to him, took advantge of the opportunity to raid it also to gather info on prolife activities in Colorado. Obama's cabinet is sort of like the group of thugs Hitler assembled to advise him. If you did not see that movie about Hitler, you probably should because it is a portrayal of how they lived well at the expense of those they were killling off, and how glib they all were about that, and how a woman thought nothing of poisoning her children as her duty to the government.
I am not intending to glorify evil but to bring it out of the shadows and make you look at it. The Commandments of GOD define how a civil society should live and they were first written in stone.In the US a Bible-believing Judge was removed from office in Alabama by outside intervention because he posted the Ten Commandments in his Courtroom. Now we have atheists running the country--the devils' own are in charge and that is the most depressing thought I have ever had in my life.I cannot accept that as the final outcome however as GOD promises that HE WINS HIS BATTLES; and HE said HE will fight against those who fight against the servants of GOD ALMIGHTY. Therefore I know I will overcome and GOD's work will continue through me. I have much work on the web where I am categorizing the Scriptures into topics to make them easier to find quickly and I am putting the entire King James Holy Bible on the web at Go to Table of Contents and click the links to the name of each book to read it. I am adding in Numbers at present.
This Great Depression is precisely because the nation has watched as the U S Congress rewarded criminal behaviour of embezzlement, theft, graft, corruption in elections, fraud, greed,evil, lying, deceit and treachery by bailing Wall St crooks; and then ripping off taxpayers for billions to prop up the same crooks again so they "can do" more evil--kill off more humans, rob more banks, plunder and loot more societies, set up more killing centers [abortuaries, and places like Darfur],spy on political opponents through Microsoft and hewlett-packard and Apple in every school in the nation. The reality of how horrible America has become is sickening --how even the churches are pretense for the most part. A few months ago a leader in a local church in Denver told me that she did not believe the Bible was the word of GOD! A Church leader!
This has really been brought home to me in the sense that I had to endure those evil 'values' for a period of four years after having married a man in Dec 2002 whom I was deceived into believing was Christian but was not. I am divorced from him now and thank GOD; but the lesson I learned is written in the Bible. It says when the wicked rule the people mourn and that describes what is happening for America-the nation is mourning the loss of the goodness of the nation. I quote that scripture,
'when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice; but when the wicked rule, the people mourn." Proverbs 29:2. The governments including in many states have become so corrupt, so evil, so self-serving that they are destroying the nation.
signed gloria poole, R.N. and artist in oils,and photographer,etc;Denver CO 80203

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Obama & Co--this article for you too

I am posting this on this blog because Obama & Co have the same agenda as the
Pharoah had in the ancient days written about in Exodus chapter one, when the
King [Pharoah] decided to try to kill off the Jewish and Arabic descendants of
Abraham. Obama has sent Hillary out to promote the killing of Jews and Arabs as
duty of all nations and has selected to his advisers those who believe killing is a so-called 'right' when it was always a WRONG, according to GOD's commandment of
'thou shalt not kill'* that GOD wrote in stone with HIS OWN HAND according to scripture when HE gave to Moses the stone tablet with the words written on them.
Read this article in the BBC about what is coming to the U.S soon with the election
of a man [Obama] who believes that government is more powerful than GOD,and could undo what GOD is doing by throwing $$$$$$ at the 'crisis' that is entirely rooted in the failure of the US government to acknowledge the words of GOD; and who is
trying to make $$$$$ the solution to the crumbled foundation of moral authority in
the U.S.

English Mothers-in-Progress, maybe the moral of the study is to
learn how to deliver your baby at home with a neighbor's help??
Read article in BBC, "Maternity Units 'shut to mothers' in article
that reports that the maternity sections of English hospitals shut
down 533 times in 2008! A shocking number I think, as a Registered
Nurse. Even Emergency department staff should be able to deliver
babies, yet it seems the hospitals were not admitting the women at
all but sending them miles away to other hospitals. Maybe for a first
delivery a long trip to another hospital might not pose a substantial
hardship but after the first baby, the others come more quickly and
easily through the birth canal. The labor and delivery is usually
much shorter and more precipitous.
What is the message England is sending by doing this? That they
don't want the nation to continue? No room at the inn for pregnant
women, who might be poor, while 'saving' resources for old geezers
who are more likely to have wealth of some kind? Or what?
Remember in the Bible where it is written in Exodus chapter one
verses 8-21 how the King of Egypt, fearing that the Hebrews were
multiplying and would take over, told the midwives to kill any sons
delivered but to deliver alive the female babies? [verse 16]; but it said
the 'midwives feared GOD and did not as the King of Egypt commanded
them, but saved the men children alive'. [verse 18] and also,
'therefore GOD dealt well with the midwives, and the people
multiplied and waxed very mighty, and it came to pass, because
the midwives feared GOD,that HE made them houses." verses 20-21].
Learn the lessons from the Bible, { I prefer the King James Holy Bible}.
and deliver babies alive when presented with that situation.
/s/ gloriapoole, R.N., licensed in Colorado, and previously also
licensed in the UK.;Denver CO 80203;
Read the Commandments of GOD at
8:33 AM 2/8/2009

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Put US Money where your mouth is Obama

This quote supposedly from Obama, "There is no God who condones
taking the life of an innocent human being. This much we know."
at the prayer breakfast this am according to the USA Today at
7:43 AM 2/5/2009.
But if he really believes that,why did he give millions to the
premeditated killing of innocents in the womb by giving $100
million to those groups who kill humans in the womb? His
deeds and his words do not match; but of course he went to
Harvard where they teach that humans should not reproduce
themselves and should vacate the planet for the animals. I am
not believing his words as long as he signs what is called 'executive
orders' to kill millions of truly innocent humans in the wombs of their
mothers. He is a deceitful man as is the norm for democrats.
And while I am on the subject of that not good President Obama if
he wants to focus on the laws of any nation, he should start with
enforcing the laws of the US as they are written, not as spin-meisters
wish them to be. There is almost no law in Colorado that is enforced.
Maybe he could start with enforcing the laws in Colorado protecting
the innocents like the JonBenet Ramsey's and the kids at Columbine,
and the women who had the misfortune of marrying a bad/violent man, and
then suffering for years because of it. There are domestic violence
laws in Colorado but from having been a victim of a wife-abuser for
four years, I attest that the laws are mostly to make the State legislature
feel good like they did something, and to line the pockets of lawyers.
They are of almost no help to injured women. Maybe Obama could
focus on helping women who give birth to living children since women who produce
living children are the only hope for a future for any nation and should have rewards of government protection, and tangible help, not empty promises of protective
orders from Judges that cannot enforce the simplest order,and not government
harassment and persecution.

But instead Obama is focused on how the terrorists of other nations are treated.He should send those terrorists back to their own countries and let them deal with them. Their punishment there would solve
the problem for the US too--because they would execute them if
found guilty. If found guilty in the US, they would get a slap on the wrist;
and an 'you naughty boy,you'[though he may be 50 yrs old],laughingly and told to attend a once a weekly 'class' on why they need to hurt people.
The State of Colorado deserves the terrorists in their 'supermax prison'* because they turn them loose on women all the time.

Also I wanted to add this:
What I have learned from living in Colorado for six years and having been married too, and now divorced from [ and THANK YOU, JESUS], a violent man who is sponsored by the State of Colorado House of Representatives' Jerry Frangas who not coincidentally trades refrigerators for certain select women living in public housing [Halcion House in lo-do Denver] in exchange for campaign 'contributions' and then who 'vouches'for violent men to help them avoid punishment. Also the Denver Archdiocese allows violent men to pay 'indulgences' or have s*x with their priests and they write them a letter vouching for them too, covering up their crimes, but the world knows that by now.
Women, if you are in a violent marriage in Colorado here are my observations:
1) get a concealed weapon permit and the first time he injures you give him a warning with the gun in his face because those sort of men only understand force.But don't shoot him-- just tell him you will the next time he hurts you.Those sort of men are bullies and they don't like women who fight back, so fight, kick,scream, bite, pull his hair or his wig off [toupee/ wig] kick his groin,let him know you do not intend to be his 'victim' willingly.
2) Do not be deceived by the so-called 'victims' advocate'. They are not really there to help you but to give the appearance of helping you all the while really helping the violent man. Their plan is for you to flee for your life and abandon everything you to the violent abuser, and then they get their high of feeling like they helped 'victims' . Well, their advice is of no practical use to any woman who has a career, any sort of meaningful existence or any property. They assume that all women are prostitutes and don't care where they live or how, and that fleeing for your life and abandoning your property won't cause you any hardship. Don't listen to them, because they also take bribes according to my exhusband. Also,the Arapahoe County 'victim's advocate' told me several times when I reported to her as told too her that my then -husband was violating the restraining order against him, that the program is 'not designed to punish offenders". So there it is, the truth in a nutshell. What it does seem to be designed to do is siphon off State funds for paying staff in courthouses.
3) Remember that lawyers cannot read very well and do not like to read [what my exhusband's lawyer said yesterday when he was explaining why he tried to steal my identity for the purpose of my exhusband. They assume that any person that comes to them or asks them for advice is a bad person, and they are of no real use to you either. Research the laws for yourself but be prepared because many courts in the Denver /Arapahoe County metro area have an attitude of contempt for women in the first place,and in the second place will tell you in so many words that they will not even read what you write because you are not represented by a lawyer, and after all that is the intent of the D.V laws--to enrich lawyers in Colorado. If you decide to fight back legally be prepared mentally and emotionally and ask your church to pray because the Courts in Denver are atheistic and hostile to christians. Think of it as doing something good for women and children in general because it may not help you very much. They are a hardened bunch in Denver accustomed to hard-core p*norgraphy, drug-addicts, murderers,abortionists, wife-abusers and to them all people with lots of money are 'equal' and there is no such thing as honor,duty or laws. They make up the rules as they go along and do not follow the written laws. To fight back takes courage, perserverance, and determination to overcome evil that is entrenched in Colorado's court system and 'law enforcement' and general public's attitudes. The Judge yesterday criticized me for writing my religious beliefs and made fun of me for 'hating' the man who abused me and injured me over four years time,but said nothing about his hatred of me when he was physically hurting me. The 'hate' laws are to protect the wicked not the innocent. They are always directed at the person who was hurt not the person who did the hurting. Sort of a 'how dare you dislike this rich man?" attitude, and a 'the duty of the Courts is to protect only those charged with a felony or a crime'. It is disgusting perversion of the US Constitution but it is prevalent.
4) If you really want to win, tell them you own a house somewhere even if it your 'shack up's'house [what my exhusband did] and tell them you are 'self-employed' even when you meet all IRS conditions of employment and tell them that you have no way to prove your income but prove you have it by paying $3000-12000, to a lawyer. [Also what my exhusband did on several occasions saying that as long as the state thinks he has no income they will not make him pay any restitution or any taxes, or for anything but allow him to get fraudulent services and steal whatever he wants from anybody,sort of like that Bernie Made-off with the money of others usual method of doing business in crime rings.] Because you see, according to the Judge yesterday Congress tells local judges to 'get it done' when dealing with a homeowner but has a who cares attitude about those who only pay rent to the rich and the democrats.They don't call that a lie,in fact they don't care and whatever you write down on your papers according to my exhusband is what they accept as long as you give intimate massages to certain people in high places in Denver. { I am hesitant to add this because I don't want to promote lying. You will notice I prefaced this with 'if you really want to win..' because lying is wrong, but my point was that some of the Courts in Colorado not only do not care if you lie, but expect you too, and hassle if you if you don't.
5) Tell the judge,the law clerk and the Probation officer when there is a restraining order against your husband that IF he comes through the door again, you will smash in his head with whatever is handy. When I finally did that after years of being hurt, cursed at, hated, then they relayed the message to him and he quit breaking into my dwelling to steal food,supplies, toilet paper etc.He cannot buy food because he spends his money on cocaine, he said,in July 2007 in open court to make sure others knew he is able to flaunt the laws, as his reason for why he should not be punished for violating a whole lot of Colorado laws.Remember that the drug business supports the Court system in this state and every state and pays a whole lot of salaries and that there is no incentive to stop it but to milk it. Therefore, you cannot rely upon the laws about drug use--they are written only to help fund the Governor's slush fund and the county and state courts. So base your arguments upon the injuries and get copies of every document before you leave the premises if you have to get medical attention. I learned the hard way that violent men intimidate health care people and suddenly they become very willing to delete your entire medical record or alter it so as not to incur the violence of your violent demonic husband. Therefore get copies of everything at the time.
6) If you are summoned to give testimony against your husband, do it. And ask the Judge what he believes to be your relationship to the man in question. I only learned two years later that the man who was my husband and who was a felon and a drug addict and a habitual law-breaker told them he was not married to me and they believed it because according to one Denver Police officer marriages are not recorded in Colorado for anyone, and therefore the tendency is to believe that there was not a marriage. After months of trying to get a divorce by not contesting it, it dawned on me that they must not know he was married to me and I asked that question and they asked me if I had any proof of marriage. I did; and now I have proof of divorce from him too, and it is certified. That is the other thing, get a certified by the Court copy of your divorce decree before you leave the state for good.
7) See if you could find a safe secure place to live while doing what you could do to protect your name and reputation. The tendency of Colorado to consider women prostitutes is only explainable to me because it is a lively trade in Denver and they know it and they run 'massage parlors' aka brothels and 'back rooms' to make sure of it.
8) To sum up, your only protection is you and GOD. No one else will help you or protect you. If your abuser has money they will help him avoid prosecution. That is how they make money. They take bribes and kickbacks. They are not trust-worthy and I am sad to say that being naive still I believed in the 'system' for four years before finally admitting it was corrupt.
This is intended to help others avoid physical injury.
Update at 12noon after realizing there is more I could and should tell the public. I have the proof of what I write here, and it was submitted to courts and to the Victim's comp program in Arapahoe County Colorado. It was also submitted to the US federal court judge yesterday and several times but each time the corrupt lawyer moved to get it not allowed into evidence. That is one way the wicked 'win' their case, by not allowing bona-fide evidence that proves the opponent's case into evidence. Some of the courts don't want you to provide them with facts since they make up their mind how they are going to rule based upon a person's perceived status in the community or their country club or their massage parlor. Also, the Arapahoe County District Attorney Carol Chambers was told in writing that my then husband was violating the restraining order against him,and was on cocaine as was reported to me by the victim's advocate who did not report that to the D.A. but to me, and when I asked her why was he then not in prison since that is supposedly a federal crime even in Colorado, that was when she told me the purpose of probation and the 'program' is not to punish the offenders. Carol Chambers' written reply to me was that her staff was 'handling' his cocaine use meaning covering it up, concealing it from Judges, and the licensing board that licenses massage so-called therapists;** and that she did not want to interfere with 'his progress'. Never mind me the woman injured repeatedly was their attitude --their focus was protecting the man who injured me, and who tried to kidnap me in the Arapahoe County Parking lot of the justice building while court was on recess for lunch,and who tried to back me backwards out the window before that, and about 4-5 times other times that I documented in court papers.But for divine intervention several times by the very hand of GOD HIMSELF, I'd be dead now. Carol Chambers sent me a letter acknowledging that I told her he was violating the restraining order and that he was on cocaine and she did nothing about it.NOTHING. Except to write me a letter which I submitted as evidence to the federal Judge that she had received the letter I wrote. But she did lie. Because I was living at 13686 #E 14th Ave, Aurora Co at the time, and she knew it because I had told them repeatedly, and she mailed her letter to the previous address in Sheridan Co at 3373 S Alcott St but it was forwarded to me and I did finally receive it in Aurora. And in her letter instead of asking the Aurora PD or the Aurora 911 if I had contacted them or my then husband's probation officers x 2 if I had contacted them, she asked the people from where I had moved the previous year. And I wrote the Magistrate in Littleton Colorado and told him some of this and his response and also the Judge in Denver divorce court and the first judge in Arapahoe County also, was that civil court is not where to address domestic violence issues but that was also the attitude in the criminal courts where I was summoned to testify. I wrote my testimony in many cases, but then my then-husband used the fake catholic clinics to try to say I was involved in abuse also when I defended myself against him only,not letting him back me out the window or kidnap me. Read more about these events in "I'm Telling Someone' on the prose tab of this website of mine at about praising GOD in spite of your situation to overcome it,and also the entry 'The Nightmare [named Dana] returns" on this site of mine: I do have recurring nightmares about those four years and all the horrible things he did to me,and the injuries and the pain and the fact that I cannot tolerate pain meds so have to endure it. This is also a way of telling since the Judge yesterday tried to enter into the record that my writing was what did he call it 'confused' or 'rambling' yet other labels to try to prevent having my testimony entered into court records. So this is a way of telling! And defying evil.
There was a conspiracy to deny me the equal protection of the laws of both Colorado and the US Constitution. I was denied due process by being denied the provisions of all the domestic violence laws [quite a few of them, since a third injury after two arrests is supposed to result in prison for the abuser and he is at large since I saw him in court yesterday trying to bankrupt out of the 'deal' he made to pay me an income of a pittance to avoid jail.
* What the RMN called it in an article.
** Cocaine use by a person in a hands-on position of 'care' is against the laws of most states. It is apparent to me that Colorado does also not enforce that law since my exhusband is still 'practicing' his trade of intimate massages, certainly a hands-on position. And I attest now that his strength is powerful enough to dislocate/fracture*** bones if they were already subjected to the stress of a crash down the stairs several times. He knew what he was doing and he purposely hurt me again by twisting my ankle like trying to twist it off.
*** They were broken whether by the crash down the stairs or his twisting my foot while holding my leg still or a combination of both, I suffered a terrible crippling injury that needed surgery, nails, screws and metal plate to repair.
signed gloriapoole,R.N., artist in oils and acrylics, writer,photographer,etc;Denver CO 80203;

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Another Ark Confidante of Bill and Hillary's ??

Read this article:
about the Arkansas Medical Director who suffered in what seems like a car bomb attack. Let's see,that is Clinton accomplice number two from Arkansas on the hit list, correct? Remember the guy in the Democratic Party last summer who was shot by a hired gun because he had secrets about Bill and Hillary Clinton?
Those two thugs ,[Bill and Hillary Clinton] should be tried in an international court of law and hanged for crimes against humanity and the deaths of MILLIONS of innocents in the womb.
signed gloria poole,R.N. Denver CO 80203; 4-Feb-2009 at 10:20am, M.T.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Notice to Public of Cell Telephone Thieves

I am posting this here to notify the public that T_Mobile supplied me with the name of the couple that were stealing my phone minutes and trying to slam my cell phone. Since the phone in question is the same number I put on many of my 'contact' phone numbers and since it was always my number and since it was NEVER a shared account,I am posting their names here so the public will know that they are in NO way associated with me nor with any of my LLP ministries of Life Media & Publishing LLP and words that WORK LLP that were both updated to my maiden name in spring 2008 and registered to me in the State of Colorado.

The names of the thieves are: Neomi and Alfonso Galvan, and they put the address of 1056 S Hazel Ct Denver CO 80219 on their attempt to slam my cell phone. This couple are not in my family, and have no association whatsoever with any of my life's works or paintings, or LLP's, and are not known to me. The possibility of course is that the 'Alfonso Galvan' is yet another alias of my criminal exhusband [second exhusband] and his latest victim; however that does not influence my decision. I do not want that criminal exhusband nor the criminals Alfonso and Neomi Galvan stealing my phone number or attempting to steal the ministry works that it is the contact number of.
T-Mobile is supposed to remove them from having my phone number since the number was always billed me to me,it is a new acct after second divorce, a new SIM card and a billed account that is paid by my credit card. There is no doubt that it is my account. How they got on my account could only have been through fraud, stolen documents and impersonation or stealing it via an online account.
A public notice that these people of the Galvans are NOT in any way associated with any of the "Gloria Poole" [gloriapoole as trade name] works/poems/paintings/photos/writings/websites, nor of Life Media & Publishing LLP, nor of words that WORK LLP, so do not loan them money, or allow them to open any sort of account in the names of me personally [Gloria Poole with or without my middle initial, or name] nor in the names of my LLP's. I purposely did not renew Tapestry of LIFE TV,LLP in 2008 because it is a defunct TV program and studio that did not serve the purposes of my life's goals anymore. This is intended to be a legal disclaimer that Neomi and Alphonso Galvan do not represent me or work for me, are not agents of mine, nor of my LLP's,nor of my original paintings I paint, nor are they authorized on any account of mine personally nor for the LLP's of Life Media & Publishing, LLP nor words that WORK LLP as registered in the State of Colorado to me. Words that WORK was also registered to me in the State of GA as an LLC for the years of 1993-1999.
Today's date is Tuesday Feb 3, 2009;signed Gloria Poole, R.N. and only registered agent and only so-called executive and only 'publisher' of these entities and only person authorized to sign my name or use my name. Denver CO 80203 at 7:38pm, MT

Monday, February 02, 2009

Tabloid says 8 Secrets of Obama to bring down US

Of course, let me begin this by writing that I am opposed to the Obama-Planned Parenthood killing scheme, as always. I read somewhere earlier today that Obama planned to restore the $100 MILLION USD to Planned Parenthood for the purpose of killing Africans and Arabics in the womb. I hate that, don't you hate that? Killing off the tiniest,most vulnerable humans in the world all in the pretense of giving what is euphemistically labeled 'HIV prevention'? Marie Stopes with HQ in the UK is not a health care facility of any kind but a killing center, and the world should wake up to the truth about it. That killing center and the other operating under the world's radar through deliberate lies, false labels, and wicked deeds should lose all of its money. And so should Planned Parenthood and their PAC that is Centre for Reproductive Killing though they call it 'rights' BUT GOD calls it WRONG. The worst terrorist organizations in the world are those three because their victims cannot even speak up for themselves! Their victims i.e. the preborn humans are targeted by nations like the United States and the United Kingdom, and it is appalling. Obama while wanting to protect those defined as terrorists who are grown able bodied men, and give them a more pampered existence in prison, is the same bad guy who wants to slaughter without mercy those in the womb. Remember this, GOD is not mocked, according to Galatians 6:7 as written, 'be not deceived. GOD is not mocked; whatsoever a man [or nation for that matter] soweth that shall he also reap."

Also while I was doing my errands earlier I saw a popular tabloid that said there are eight secrets of Obama's that will destroy the US. Do you know what they are? The one that he is muslim is not so secret anymore. Also it was never a secret that he was in the pocket of Planned Parenthood and Centre for killing who has billions since they pay no taxes through a charity fraud and charge for everything they do, several times over, charging the governments upfront and then charging the women victims too. So that leaves six 'secrets' . Do you know what they are?

signed gloria poole, R.N. Denver CO 80203.
PS Also see my newest blog at