Saturday, January 24, 2009

Terrorists:Obama,CFR,P.P. on Unborn/Preborn

Here are the terrorists that the U.S. should most worry about: Obama, the Center for Reproductive Killing and the Planned [Un]parenthood mockery of taxpayers and fraud*, and their killing centers. Obama being true to his pledge to give as much US taxpayer money as possible to Africa and Muslim countries lifted the ban on the killing of the innocent unborn/preborn of those nations in order to kill off more of their populations, putting the U.S. into the realm of the worst form of imperialism. I refer specifically to the horrors that The Bible wrote about in King Herod's time when he ordered the slaughter of all male children two years and younger to eliminate competitition for King.
All you who thought Obama was the saviour open your eyes, and read the handwriting on the wall. Even as this nation has supposedly suffered a 'financial meltdown' Obama is shifting MILLIONS of dollars overseas to kill innocent humans. Does that not turn your stomach? It nauseates me to think of the U.S. as having that evil a President.

* Fraud since the IRS has a definition of who qualifies for tax-exempt status and since killing with premeditation is certainly NOT a charity, Planned Unparenthood and Center for Reproductive killing in NY are not charities and should not have tax exempt status. Does it not upset you that the two biggest organizations promoting the killing of the innocents are based in the U.S. and on N.Y. soil? Where is the moral outrage against those twin evils?
Also update as of Sunday 25-Jan-2009:
I have captured a phishing url address and it seems to indicate the 44th President spying on me, and/or trying to capture my computer files:
and I have reported it as a phishing site so beware of it. It tries to steal your information.
Also see for today's entry for more on why Obama would be spying on me. I hate liars, thieves and reprobates! And wicked Presidents too.
Update at 8:06 pm:
"The Christian Medical Association, Catholic Medical Association,
and American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and
Gynecologists, represented by the two pro-life
law firms, are asking to be allowed to defend the [conscience clause] law." quote from
article in Life News today; about efforts to combat Obama's efforts
to force abortion on the world.
7:51 PM 1/25/2009
Alveda King becoming champion for the unborn/preborn:
7:54 PM 1/25/2009
Republicans opposing Obama's plan to sign freedom to kill innocents {FOCA} bill:
"Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA), Conference Chairman Mike
Pence (R-IN), Policy Committee Chairman Thaddeus McCotter
(R-MI), Conference Vice-Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers
(R-WA), and others formally sent the letter [of protest] to Obama today."
Article in Life news today. My prayer is that if that evil Obama signs
that evil bill, authorizing killing that the first children killed are his and not somebody else's.
If GOD decided to punish the wicked in Washington the way HE decided to punish
the firstborn of the country of Egypt in biblical times that refused to listen to GOD, how many of the firstborn of heathen prodeathers would die? That idea is from the Bible which says to let the wicked fall into their own trap while the righteous escape.

/s/ gloria poole, R.N. and artist in oils and acrylics, photographer, etc, Denver CO 80203; 24-Jan-2009 at 7:06AM


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